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History Of Multiple Personality Disorder

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In the 1800s; Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot has discovered a new disease. He called the diseases hydro- epilepsy. By the name, she believed that the two existing mental illnesses; hysteria and epilepsy were combined to make a new disease. Later, Scientists studied more into the diseases and renamed it multiple personality disorder. At first, the symptoms of this disease were fainting, convulsions and conscious. When Charcot first discovered Hydro-epilepsy a lot of people doubted him; especially one of his students; Joseph Babinski. He believed that Charcot made up the diseases and convinced his patients that they had this disorder. Babinski believed that the patients were not having seizures because of epilepsy.

The reason why Babinski thought they were having seizures because of Charcot’s treatment. Even though Hydro-epilepsy was a real disorder; Babinski did prove that some of the patients were convinced of having the diseases. Later on, Babinski and Charcot’s teamed up and made a program for people with hydro-epilepsy. How the program works is the patient gets diagnosed with hydro-eclipses and they go into the ward and the patients with the same symptoms are separated so no one gets hurt. After separating the painets the next step is counter suggestions. Counter suggestions are helping patents a different self-view. Counter suggestions are not welcomed into today’s world due to the fact that they used electro-shock therapy. In Today’s times, no doctor follows by Charcot’s and Babinski’s rules anymore. By Charcot and Babinski’s method they were overdiagnosing people who did not have the disorder.

Stephen E. Buie, M.D. came along and made a guideline for multiple personality disorder so when diagnosing someone they do not play the guessing game with patients. He has noticed the disorder mostly comes out when they are in a therapy session. He figured out how to get each personality to talk to him during the therapy questions; He will start out having very broad questions then start asking specific questions and calling out the different personalities to talk to them one at a time. Some times patients will be convinced that they have the disease and they will be in a room for 24 hours to see if they still have the symptoms and soon therapists will find out if they have the disease or not by the patients getting confused with reality and fantasy.

Therapists found out that most patients with multiple personality disorders will start with two or three personality then they will develop overtime over one hundred. A therapist also found out that personalities can be either gender or any animals. Some people think that multiple personality disorder is a disorder where people switch one from personality to the others and this disorder does no harm. That is far away from the truth. If multiple personality disorder is untreated it can cause damage. When the disorder is not handled properly they can lead the patients to commit suicide, murder, rape, and etc. The reason why they act like this is due to them being separated from reality and their own physical mind. Most multiple personality disorder patients have similar pasts/childhood. ( raped, physical/mental abuse and Ptsd). Having that kind of childhood makes the child break off from reality and make multiple personalities to comfort them.

In 1984, Schafer; a psychiatric observer has discovered an extremely increased in Multiple personality disorder. In South California, there were over 50 million cases of multiple personalities. Often people think that split personality is rare but the disorder is quite often. tHey did psychotherapy on a 7 and a half-year-old little girl. During the day the young girl was bright, nice and sweet but when nightfall comes around she stalks her mom by the bedside, screams and says dreadful things. They decided to use play therapy to help with the young girl. The therapy helped so much that her grades became better and relationships with parents, classmates, and teachers improved.

In 1994 the name “multiple personality disorder” name changed into DID (Dissociative identity disorder). Same disorder but different name. The reason for changing the name is to have a better understanding of the condition. When people hear about multiple personality disorder they think of different personalities like happy, sad, scared, etc. When new therapists named it dissociative identity disorder it helps people understand that this disorder makes it difficult for the person to know the true identity because they have many personalities.

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What is a multiple personality disorder? This disorder makes the patients feel like they are watching themselves from second person view. Multiple personality disorder is when the brain has a disconnection with feeling, memories, and a lack of identity. The showing symptoms of dissociative identity disorder are fainting, contortions and convulsions. The mental symptoms are suicidal trendies, depression, separation from reality and lack of sense of identity.

Gacy’s childhood is a good example. Gacy lived in Illinois, with his two sisters, his mother, and his father. He is named after father. His father is a mechanical repairman and a World War One veteran. Sadly, His father was an abusive alcoholic and abused Gacy basically whenever he felt like it. The reason why he beat Gacy because he wanted Gacy to become a ‘real man’. Gacy’s mother tried her best to protect her child from the father but she failed miserably. By the mother trying to stop the father made the beating even worst. It made the father believed that he was a ‘sissy boy’ for letting the mother stand up for him. Later on, Gacy got sexually molested by a family friend. Later into his teenage years, he developed a heart condition for being overweight and that cause bullies to make fun of him. His father’s abusive behavior did not light up and Gacy decided to move to Las Vegas. Due to his trauma from his childhood, he developed Dissociative identity disorder and lead him to do evil things.

Who is Gacy? Gacy’s fulls name is John Wayne Gacy jr. He was born on March 17, 1942. He was a child entertainer for birthday parties. He would dress up like a clown named Pogo the clown. Soon he earned another name “ Killer clown”. While performing for children he would take ( mostly boys between 12-14) them away and ether rape, kill or torture them. This is what happens when Multiple personality disorder does not get treated. The police went to his house after over 30 reports of missing children and he was the number one victim since he went to jail for sexually assaulting a ten-year-old boy before he started murdering. The police asked questions and later found out that he had 26 bodies in the claw space of his house and 4 of the bodies were thrown into the nearby creek. While in the interrogation room they found out that he had Multiple personality disorder. Gacy said that he had 3 Johns and 1 Jack. Jack did most of the evil things. After three hours of court deciding if was guilty or innocent they choose guilty and sent him to the death penalty.

Can people live a happy life with Multiple personality disorder? They can live happily if they take precautions such as therapy. Psychotherapy Is where you talk about how you were feeling. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) help patients treat their flashbacks and nightmares. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you get through bad habits and patterns. Family therapy is when all the family comes in and they explain what is Multiple personality disorder and how they can help the family member with the disorder. Medication can

help with the symptoms and help people with this disorder to live a decent life. Kim Noble is an amazing example.

Who is Kim Noble? Kim noble is an American Comedian. Noble history was mostly the same as Gacy; she got physically abused. She suffered from mental problems and try to overdose several times. Around In her 20’s fice of her personalities start to show up. # of them were named Hayley, Julie, and Patrica. Patrica was the most dominated one. Noble later got help from Oprah and her Noble’s daughter.

Multiple personality disorder can be a difficult time for people around and for the person who has the disorder. The best anyone can do with someone this disorder is to help them seek help and understand their condition.

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