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History of the United States Essays

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Main Goal of Reconstruction and Its Achievement

The Reconstruction era was a period throughout American history in which lasted about 14 years, the main purpose of the Reconstruction was to help the South become part of the North again. President Lincoln’s plan was to make it easy for the Southern states to rejoin the Union stating that if 10% of the voters in a state supported the Union, then a state could be recommitted, and all he asked was for them to take an oath to the...
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Invention of the Airplane

Wilbur and Orville Wright were American inventors and founders of aviation. Through much trial and error, they were able to achieve the first powered, sustained and controlled airplane flight in 1903, and the first fully practical airplane two years later. The airplane transformed the 20th century, as people were now able to fly, resulting in a change around the world. Women were responsible for many ‘firsts’ in the aviation industry, despite being faced by constant animosity. Arguably, the invention of...
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Influence of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution on the Formation of Modern America

The Declaration of Independence was written because people were escaping King George the Third, who was a tyrant and oppressed his people in Great Britain. The people escaped to what is now America. Later, the DOI was created on July 4, 1776. The hope of these founders was to create a better nation with values and ideals to improve government as opposed to King George’s ruling. The DOI lists all the bad things the tyrant has committed which hurt domestic...
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Influence of Enlightenment Ideology on Struggle of the Americans and the French for Independence

Throughout history, many ideas influenced many nations around the world. Whether it was big or small, civilizations everywhere were swayed by others in which they too wanted to be just as prosperous as their neighbors. One of the biggest influences across the world was that of the works of the Enlightenment ideology. The Enlightenment ideas were those surrounded by freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of religion practices, equality, the list goes on. Many countries used this proposal as a way...
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Imperialism of the United States

After winning independence from Britain and becoming a country of its own, America was determined to remain neutral from the political conflicts of other nations. They were especially motivated to adopt a different foreign policy than that of Great Britain, their former oppressor. America thereafter became an isolationist nation. The war of 1812 however, was a crucial turning point when Britain and France were seizing American ships, forcing the nation to revisit their initial policy. America warned the two countries...
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Hypocrisy of Thomas Jefferson and the Hypothetical Promises of the Declaration of Independence

The statement ‘All men are created equal’ only began to ring true hundreds of years after 1776. The promises of the Declaration of Independence fell short of what was guaranteed at the time and ‘all men’ were merely hypothetical. The words of Thomas Jefferson and his actions greatly contradict themselves, making him a hypocrite. In this free country, African Americans, women, and other marginalized groups were denied liberties they were supposed to have. The Declaration of Independence was a self-indulgent...
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History of Voting in America

Voting is one of the most important things you can do as an American citizen. It is an extremely special thing that we often take for granted. Voting is not just a right that we have. It is an opportunity to make a difference in our country’s politics and perhaps the course of American history. Throughout history, people from all over the world have sacrificed everything in pursuit of obtaining the right to vote. It’s a right that even today,...
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Founding Fathers' Faith in God and Its Reflection in Their Declaration of Independence

It is evident that all of mankind has been deceived into the pleasures of sin, and it is critical to keep in mind that the Founding Fathers were imperfect. However, what set their ideology apart from that of other establishments at the time was their belief in God. Though it is not clear they were all completely devout in their faith, it is overtly obvious they acknowledge God’s existence and instituted America’s most influential founding documents. Contract Theory Thomas Jefferson...
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Evolution of the Aircraft Wings

The wings are the heart of an aircraft. Missing wings means an incomplete aircraft. Almost everything has an evolution. The planet Earth, humans, animals, countries, cultures, religions, etc. You can endlessly continue counting the amount of things that have an evolution. Just like other things, aircraft wings also have an evolution. Just imagine, why would someone spend days and nights in order to bring the idea of the aircraft wings into practice? Who could it be? How did the wing...
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End of the 19th Century in American History

The history of the United States covers the progressive era, the new deal, and the post-World War II. The end of the 19th century was influential in the history of the US. This is a period that has often been remembered as an era of progress and expansion. The period was characterized by unparalleled economic and technological development. It was, however, a controversial era that was characterized by struggles between the poor and the wealthy as everyone struggled to acquire...
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The Eighteenth Century in American History

Throughout the eighteenth century, we saw a lot of changes happening not just in Europe but also in North American colonies. Politics, freedom of speech, racial segregation, and religion was among this movement. Politics were starting to re-develop in North America and have a more democratic quality to them if compared to Great Britain, as demonstrated in ‘The Independent Reflector on Limited Monarchy and Liberty’. People had more freedom to express themselves through magazines, newspapers, etc. knowing that their words...
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Essay on Declaration of Independenc

The Declaration of Independence was a reaction to the domineering British principle and their want to be free from its force. During 1774, individuals had begun to understand that no person was less than another through Enlightenment. In this sense, they needed to be as free and autonomous as colonizers, with the capacity to make their very own overseeing rules including their enactments. Subsequently, Americans expected to evacuate the obstructions to their opportunities and violators of their human rights. One...
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Declaration of Independence and the Constitution: Historical Background and Impact on the World Today

The Declaration of Independence are important articles that ensure our independence from Great Britain. This document will describe who adopted the Declaration of Independence, what the Founding Fathers created, a summary of the Articles, and how the Constitution affects the world today. It was written by Thomas Jefferson; he wrote it because they wanted to announce their independence from Britain. They also wrote it because they wanted to be an independent nation and were able to confirm their alliance with...
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Civil War and Reconstruction

The Civil War was the most historic and studied war in American history. It was the first step to a huge turning point in the United States, the end of a way of life that many people had to endure for way too long. With the end of the war and the victory of the North came the conclusion that the United States would remain as one nation and end slavery. However, getting there was not as easy as it...
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African-American Experience in American West: Civil War and Reconstruction

Despite the unique social, economic and political progress that America has achieved over the years, it is yet to mitigate racism. Institutionalized racism is quite prevalent in modern society as blacks face discrimination in employment, social status, and healthcare services. The current events, however, reflect experiences of African-Americans since they entered America as slaves. In essence, the Civil War occurred as a result of conflict over the expansion of slavery to western states. Even though life was somehow better for...
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Slavery in American History

Slavery had an insurmountable impact on the US for a number of reasons like creating a larger conflict among the people who had lived in the north who were against slavery and the people who had lived in the south who for the most part favored it. This eventually would lead to civil war and later would give African Americans more rights which would also end up dividing the country again by people who did believe that African Americans deserve...
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Scandals of the Reconstruction Period

Regardless of the time period, issue, or importance, when it comes to politics, people are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are quite large, and other times they are rather small and insignificant. But sometimes these mistakes can develop into scandals. During the Reconstruction period after the American Civil War, there were four main scandals that occurred, the Tweed Ring scandal in New York, the Credit Mobilier scandal, the Black Friday scandal, and lastly, the Dawes Acts. The Tweed...
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Root Causes of Economic Downturn of East Tennessee During Reconstruction

The steep economic downturn experienced by eastern Tennessee and the rest of the Appalachian South following the Civil War is one that served to hamstring the recovery of the region for years after the official end of the war. The cause of this downturn can be attributed to a myriad of reasons, with a few of them including the depleted labor force in mountain communities and the fractured transportation infrastructure of the region. The dilapidated state of the transportation infrastructure...
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Rhetorical Analysis of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson

In the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson seeks the separation of American colonies from oppressive and oppressive England. He made his position clear to the colonists and most importantly in the world through convincing complaints, syntax and a dictionary. In the first two sections of the Declaration, Jefferson not only builds the credibility of the reformers, but also sets out a logical argument that sets out the philosophical beliefs on which America was founded. In the first passage, he acknowledges...
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Representation of Reconstruction Era in Howard Fast's Novel 'Freedom Road'

‘Freedom Road’ by Howard Fast is a historical fiction novel based on the Reconstruction era after the American Civil War. This novel emphasizes the racial impact on the African-American society transitioning from slavery to living a civil life. It elaborates on the superiority of racism during the 19th and 20th centuries. The events that occurred in the novel are fiction but they took place during a distinctly important and problematic time period in history. In the novel, Gideon Jackson was...
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Reconstruction and Women’s Rights Movement

The woman’s rights movement paved the way for the future of woman’s roles today and how they are able to contribute in today’s society. I believe it is one of the most monumental events in history and their hard work towards achieving greatness goes unnoticed. The women’s rights movement advocated to achieve full civil rights in this country. Over the past seven generations, dramatic social and legal changes have been accomplished that are now so accepted that they go unnoticed...
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Reconstruction and Gilded Age Southern Life in Edward L. Ayers' ‘The Promise of the New South’

‘The Promise of the New South’, a non-fiction mid-Reconstruction literature piece by Edward L. Ayers. To start, the first half of the book is filled with perspectives on the South itself, with no specific character but perspectives from almost every part of the South. Ayers is able to accomplish that by minimalizing his own perspective. Detailing the race relations, religion, stores to mills. There are arguments spread throughout, these arguments being: lumber mills are their importance, forest products in the...
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Reconstruction and the Freedmen’s Bureau

During the Reconstruction era, the rebuilding of the south proved to be a difficult task. Even after the abolition of slavery blacks still faced harsh discrimination. Due to the continuous unequal treatment of blacks, the government of United States created the Freedmen’s Bureau. This organization provided Americans across the South with a resource to seek advice with race related issues. The letters provide first-hand information about what the environment was like that existed in the post­war south. Specifically, the letters...
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Post-Civil War US Reconstruction Plans: Historical Essay

Many people have said that the Reconstruction era did not go over well and basically failed. There were 3 different plans for reconstructing the United States after the Civil War. The 3 plans were called Lincoln’s plan of Reconstruction, the Radical Reconstruction plan and Johnson’s plan. Abraham Lincoln had a plan for Reconstruction also known as the ‘Ten-Percent Plan’. Abraham Lincoln was the president during the Reconstruction period until he was assassinated in 1865. Abraham Lincoln had a goal of...
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New Political Teams of the Reconstruction Period

During the Reconstruction period of time of the war, there have been 2 new political teams setting out to type. The novel Republican Party gained a number of its greatest members, 2 teams of individuals from opposite sides of the country. The carpetbaggers and scalawags joined forces to reconstruct the South, however they were met with difference and criticism as a result of their radical worldview (Hodges, 1). The carpetbaggers and scalawags’ goals were met with difference then, however the...
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Gender in History of American Capitalism

Historians in the 1980s hoped that studies of categories of analysis would illuminate subjects that had previously been obscured. Joan Scott foregrounded gender in particular as one of these useful categories. ‘Gender’ has been widely substituted for ‘women’ in the labelling of this type of history which ultimately makes sense since the same cultural processes produced both ‘women’ and ‘men’. The historiography for this field is limited and fairly dated. It does not reflect cutting edge research that people are...
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Essay on the Farmers’ Revolt

In this essay, I am going to talk about the Farmers’ Revolt, a movement that aimed to change the economic prospects of farmers who were deteriorating. The uprising arose after the failed land reform. As a result, most former slaves remained poor and had no land to call their own during Reconstruction (Foner, 443). Also, sharecropping became oppressive and denied these freed slaves the economic monotony they so much needed. The Farmers’ Revolt was a response to the betrayal the...
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Andrew Jackson and Indian Removal Act: Essay

The White Americans occupied various part of the United States including the western frontier. It is important to note that they viewed the Native Americans as aliens and this generated fear in them. On the other hand, efforts that put in place by earlier Presidents that sought to make Native Americans equal to the White Americans had not succeeded (Cave, 1334). The inflow of more White Settlers into the United States in the 1830s saw most of the land occupied...
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Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.'s ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’ and Thomas Jefferson's 'Declaration of Independence'

In this work, I will analyze the works of Martin Luther King Jr. and Thomas Jefferson and review the strategies used in their works. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’ is addressed to several Clergymen, explaining the actions that led him to the jail. Fellow Clergymen called King ‘unwise and untimely’ for his work and ideas of peaceful protest. Since King believed that they were ‘good men’, he felt he should explain and answer their statement. Birmingham...
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The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory': Book Review

The argument of Clampitt, which is repeated in subsequent chapters, is that the Civil War and Reconstruction period in the history of the Indian Territory were complicated and always evolving. This series of eight essays and the editor’s ‘Introduction’ focuses on the Civil War west of the Mississippi. As well, it focuses on an even more complicated topic: Native Americans’ experiences in Indian Territory during the Civil War and Reconstruction era. Too often, historians have ignored or discounted the Civil...
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