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The public health issue of Human Immunodeficiency Virus also known as H.I.V. destroys your immune system by harming the white blood cells within your body. Many people with the deadly disease feel perfectly healthy after a long period of their infection, therefore it is difficult to track the symptoms of HIV. It is very important to regularly get tested for any sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately, no cure has been found to cure H.I.V completely, yet treatment can help slow HIV from spreading and worsening within a person's body. HIV can easily spread to other people through unprotected sexual activity. Within the immune system, HIV destroys your T-cells, and therefore the body has a harder time fighting off any disease. HIV later leads to AIDS and at this point, the disease gets to its final stages. (Planned Parenthood, 2018)

H.I.V. still exists around the world today due to certain factors such as economic, socio-culture, demographic, political, and environmental all play a role in which a person is able to find treatment and to what extent they can spread it down to others. Globally there is a trend in which more than 70 million people have been infected with HIV and about 35 million others have been reported dead due to the disease. Many underdeveloped countries many people are uneducated, and therefore thousands of people are infected without knowing.

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A link has been found between H.I.V. and SIV which is an immune system deficiency of apes. This meaning that the infection was based down from chimpanzees to humans. Additionally, the deadly disease continued to be passed down through unprotected sex, contaminated needles, blood transfusion, infected bodily fluids, and from a mother to a child during childbirth. During the 1920s studies concluded that in Congo the first HIV transmission took place. Congo was known to be a sex trade country and from there the transmission of HIV spread from one person to the other due to the unprotected sex. As a matter of fact, it was not until the 1980’s that the HIV epidemic started to spread outside of Kinshasa a city on Cango. (Daszak, 2019)

In the future, there are risk factors such as the progression of HIV into AIDS and continue spreading the disease into society. Unfortunately, medication resistance could take place which later will make it difficult to treat sickness around the globe. Progression of the disease might lead to other diseases, and cause people to be more prone to getting infected. There are a couple of etiological factors such as infants of infected parents, and unprotected sexual intercourse may lead to many infected individuals within the environment. Also, people living in poor countries such as Southern Africa are at greater risk due to their economic and demographic factors. All of the above factors play a major role in today’s society and the development of the disease. (Washington State HIV Surveillance Semiannual Report, June 2014.).

How to solve the public health problem:

HIV is a deadly disease and while it is hard to find a cure for, we can however set guidelines that would help prevent the transmission of the disease. Consulting with your doctor, and taking medications help prevent the disease from spreading worldwide. Action must be taken before HIV progresses into AIDs. In our society, it is important to advocate for timely diagnosis and treatment for those living with the disease. Advocating for pre-exposure precautions will help people take cautions by receiving microbicides. In the future to prevent HIV from traveling from one person to the other then public health must encourage the examination of the people for the disease. The above strategies all have the goal of reducing HIV cases around the world. Educating the people within the environment beyond the high school level regarding sexual intercourse will help reduce the number of HIV cases around the world. (, 2019).

Actions such as circumcision in males help prevent the transmission of many sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, it is necessary for us to advocate for male circumcision in order to reduce the number of sexually transmitted diseases. However, the practice of female circumcision increases the likelihood of sexually transmitted disease, due to the increased exposure of the blood in the vaginal canal. Therefore, we must inform people of the dangers of digital circumcision, especially in underdeveloped countries. (Hrdy, 2017)

Different countries, cultures, and societies all play a different role in curing HIV around the world. In Canada, the WHO organization works with Canada in order to ensure that poor countries in need of preventions and treatments can actually receive it. In order to help build services, Canada spends about 100 million Canadian dollars. This is a great example of an aid provided by a country in order to cure the detrimental virus. The United Nations in order to help prevent HIV from spreading seven programs have been created and about $60 million in order to prevent the disease. In order to bring the disease to an end then we must not only work within our states but we must work as a globe in order to prevent the disease from reaching more people. We can always learn more from the other countries who are working in order to bring the deadly disease into an end.

Public Health problem in the Future:

According to the justification from the research literature, more research needs to be done in order to create new medications that will help cure infections such as HIV and AIDS around the world. Developing a cure that will help cure the disease completely will help improve our society. Providing education and training to all types of care providers allows the focus on behavioral and biomedical interventions for HIV and cultural competence. In order to increase the awareness of HIV and increase knowledge about HIV prevention and care in biomedical interventions, advertisements must be done. Researchers have been trying to increase education to cultural communities. Also, take sex education beyond public schools. Increasing federal HIV funding is necessary in order to promote curing HIV.

In my opinion, preventing the public health problem in the future needs all the countries to work together in order to bring the epidemic to an end. Raising awareness is very important in order to educate people around the world of HIV because many people, especially in underdeveloped countries, are not aware of the dangers of HIV. Moreover, groups and organizations should work hand in hand to travel to many different places in order to be a voice out there to cure HIV. Additionally, I also believe that federal funding plays a major role in curing any disease, therefore I believe increasing federal funding would help prevent HIV within the United States. In my opinion, providing more education and funding on infections such as HIV which later leads to AIDS could help prevent the diseases in the future. The public health problem of HIV has been decreasing in numbers due to the developed education provided by my schools in many countries around the world. In my opinion, we must continue working without giving up on our public health issues, and if we do so the world would be healthy, and safe. Taking your precautions by practicing safe sex, regularly testing for HIV, and for taking medications in case of an infection. Your actions will help determine where you will end up, stay safe and infections will become rare in our society.

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