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Homelessness Crisis in California

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The cultural and social problems that have aroused from the illegal immigration issue are apparent in our everyday lives. People all around the world, and especially along the Southern border along the United States are trying to emigrate from their countries in hopes of new opportunity for themselves or family. Under the Trump administration immigration into the United States has become slightly more difficult. With increasing tension, immigrants, and outrage it’s inherent that the United States must make a change. Without reform or change to immigration regulations, the issues that come with it are here to stay. The USA have created temporary fixes, and patches to immigration policy, but major change that benefits multiple sides has yet to come. Currently we have thousands of people being held in containment, separated from their families, and thousands more waiting for green cards or citizenships. Every year American taxpayers pay billions that goes towards illegal immigrants, who under law have no right to be in our lands. There is always a side that’s discontent with how the rules are, but without proper change the outraged communities will continue to grow and support their stance. To understand the spectrum of how immigration affects our society we must understand why the immigrants are leaving in the first place. Furthermore, we can depict what these immigrants provide to society, and what new laws/policies could mean for them and America.

Why People Emigrate

The conditions that majority of Americans live by is often one of ease, and comfort. The reality that we see from is often flawed, as lots of the world isn’t as fortunate to live by the same standards. So often the best choice for a person or family is to immigrate into a new country. To understand why emigrating from their home country is often the best option legally or illegal you must understand the social climate of central America. The crime and violence rates of Central America is some of the highest in the world. Kurt vee Beek a president of organization to fix Honduras said: “In 2012, Honduras had the highest murder rate in the world. The country has one of the highest levels of corruption in the world. It is a major center of drug trafficking. Violence, particularly against women, is widespread” (Anderson, 4). Not only in Honduras but in neighboring countries the statistics for crime rates is relatively the same. With high crime rates, the influence of gangs becomes stronger in those communities which cause an influx of families to leave. Gangs rule lots of Central and South American communities, and are always looking to pick up new people, or spread their influence further. The cycle of gang members in and out of society naturally causes parents to seek greater opportunity for their children, many of the time in the United States.

The major factor that affects people coming into the USA is need of employment. The places that most immigrants come from, is that of low economic opportunity. The unemployment rate for all of Central America is roughly 17%, which is a considerable percentage. The amount of jobs available to people are few and far between, especially if you live in an area that’s developing. “If you are poor or live in a dangerous neighborhood there are many obstacles to climbing the economic ladder… You are stigmatized to the place that you are born” (Anderson, 16). The access to education in Central American countries is substantially less than in America. Public schools are either non existing or the education received is not worth the time spent being there. Private schools are often time a choice for these families because it is one of the few options for children to get ahead in life. Kelly Garcia a Guatemalan citizen said: “We see education as an opportunity to come out of poverty. You want your children to have better opportunities”. The access to better education is a driving factor for families to go to the USA due to our access of great public education. The reasons for why people are leaving are varied, but they all revolve around the idea of better opportunity.

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The Hispanic Impact

The Central American, and overall Hispanic people that currently live in the USA play an integral role to our society to today. Today there are more than 35 million Hispanics that live in the USA, and they are the most prominent ethnic group other than Caucasian. Although illegal immigrants make up a small portion of this 35 million, their presence is apparent in their communities, and especially in the American economy. With a lack of jobs in their native country, the need for an income is essential to live. However, the ambition for financial success is far greater among immigrants compared to the average American. This often causes lack of employment for Americans who are need these jobs. This is a common occurrence especially in the labor force where documentation is often not needed to get paid. Documented immigrants also play a great role to the work force via green cards. Green cards primarily allow most immigrants to live legally in our country. However new laws that could be passed would only allow immigrants from China and India to get green cards. This would eliminate the entirety of the Hispanic work force within a decade. “If it passes, immigration policy experts estimate that for the next 10 years or so, Indian nationals, as well as a small number of Chinese nationals, would be the only foreign workers able to obtain green cards through employment — a move that would crush US businesses seeking other talented foreign employees” (Madan, 3). This new law would cause a mass deportation of Hispanic immigrants. Not only affecting the service they provide to our economy, but also would hurt the Hispanic culture in America.

The side that many others are taking the like the Trump administration is that of the American taxpayer. Immigrants living America cause taxpayers billions of dollars each year. In a report released by FAIR in 2017, claimed taxpayers “shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens, and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens” at the federal, state and local levels, with a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member. The $116 million figure included services like health care and education, as well as spending on agencies like U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.’ (Colvin, 15). These services that the government provide are often are essential to live for these immigrants, however at the cost of Americans who spend billions without benefit. The expenses the immigrants oppose on American citizens is one to be considered. These factors among others cause a bombardment of arguments and conflicting sides causing every change to be affecting someone.


The discussion on whether immigration should be allowed is up for debate, however we need change. The social and cultural problems from immigration of not only Central American countries, but the USA is a pressing issue. Everyday new reports, laws, and other news surrounding the immigration issue cause for more outrage surrounding the issue. Even till today only minor and impermanent fixes to our immigration problem have been put in place. The illegal and legal immigrants of our nation are of great controversy. The Trump administration has changed and enhanced the immigration issue to a whole new scale, giving a voice and new perspective to many. Times like these causes for major change in society or is possible a compromise could happen. Whether or not the society gets impacted, the current system under which we run is one that in unethical, unorganized, and wasn’t meant to be upheld long-term. Current regulation doesn’t necessarily apply to today’s standards or lifestyle, without change outrage, riots, and other outbreaks will continue and grow.

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