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Homemade Food Is Better Than Restaurant Food: Essay

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We all are familiar quotation ‘What you eat make you who you are’. It means that food selection is significant in our life as it directly affects our health. Fresh, hygienic, organic, and nutritional food are essential aspects of a healthy life. At home, all family members can prepare and have their food together. Considering these facts, I believe that homemade food is better than restaurant food, so I prefer the former. In addition to these, the price and natural taste of homemade food make us to prefer it over restaurant food.

The first cause of preferring home food is because we can govern the quality of the food that is made at home. High-quality food is important for a healthy life. We are aware of the ingredients and their amount while buying from the market. This gives information about the types of ingredients that we are consuming into the body (‘Argument Essay on Homemade Food’). However, in restaurants, we are unaware of ingredients types and food quality. For example, while preparing chicken curry at home we prefer to use cholesterol-free oil, this helps us to eat the desired quality of food.

The second reason is that the foods we prepare at home are fresh and healthier than those which are supplied in the restaurants. The fried rice we prepared at home is healthier than that is served in the restaurants. This is because at home the fried made from fresh ingredients than that is served in the restaurants.

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Another reason is that homemade foods are hygienic. At home, we cook food with washed hands in a fresh and clean environment. However, the restaurant owners are business-oriented, they do not care about customer’s hygiene and their health (‘Argument Essay on Homemade Food’). For example, at home, we clean foods and vegetables with clean water. At home, we wash utensils and dishes before serving food family members which maintains hygiene and prevents from diseases. Thus, we can say that hand touching the foods are clean and hygiene at home.

One more reason for preferring homemade food is because we can save money. The prices of food items served in restaurants are three to four times more than that are cooked at home (Lee). For instance, the mushroom soup I order in a restaurant has a price equal to that I spend to make sufficient soup for all my family members. Thus, eating homemade food helps to save money.

Another cause of choosing home food over the restaurant is that we can spend our quality time with our family members. If the food is prepared at home, all the family members get a chance to have their food together. It helps them to interact and get closer to each other. For example, if any family eats food made at home (Lee). Here, children can learn cooking skills from their parents. At lunchtime, children can talk about their day at school and parents can share their day at the office. Parents can guide their children in their studies. Both parents and children get the opportunity to crack jokes and story that creates a pleasing environment in the family. This aid parents to know more about their children and vice versa. Thus, it helps to maintain a healthy relationship with all family members.

Overall, homemade foods are fresh, healthier, and nutritious than that food served in the restaurants. We can afford hygienic food at a reasonable price and have more time to spend with family members at home as compared to restaurants. Therefore, to maintain a healthy life and relation with family I always prefer fresh food made at home.

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