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Homeostasis: Stability Despite Disturbance

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Living in this ever-evolving world of ours was never an easy task for any of us. Things gradually change over time and even consistency of routines and activities we perform every day doesn’t give us assurance that things will do stay as they are. Thinking we do not hold or even have a grasp of what is about to happen, it sure it a scary thing; but despite being clueless of tomorrow, we can live in the very moment of now. And knowing that it can make an impact for our tomorrow, every moment now shall be counted and considered.

Biology defines homeostasis as the ability to maintain internal stability in an organism in response to the environmental changes‒that despite external disturbances in a certain individual or group, balance and sustainability is maintained within the said individual or group. It does not necessarily suggest being stationary or motionless but rather involves actions of adaptation and continuous mobility despite what is happening in its surroundings.

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Relating homeostasis to our present situation, with the worldwide pandemic going on and being in a community quarantine for exactly eight months now, we can also be able to maintain sustainability within our homes. As a Civil Engineering student in this challenging time we are under in, I can say that attainment of, not just proper, but quality education should not be compromised because it is our firm foundation towards being an effective professional in the future being able to cater the needs of every Filipino citizen we are ought to serve. This pandemic should not be the reason for academic freeze of students which would just block our access to education implying that our reach towards being professionals and service to our fellowmen will just get farther; good thing there are online and modular ways of learning offered to us, students, to continue having academic progress while staying at home for our safety.

Although it is a great way to spend this time while being in quarantine, learning does not stop with what the academy offers. Modernization is explored, cultivated and given available to utilization of the public to aid regarding what is good for its users‒and it can also be applied in learning. With resources available at home, there are references and lectures available online that can be of help for students, even when they find their lessons somehow difficult to understand. Sustainability relates to being able to continue over a period of time and despite the pandemic, we should be mindful of the available resources and utilize them the most effective way possible.

I can remember what an instructor once told me about giving back the help that is received. He said that “Giving back to those who help us is good, but passing on that help to other people who needs it more is even better.” and it hit me. The things that the University and my instructors taught me will be fruitful as I utilize these learnings once I become a licensed Civil Engineer and provide service to every Filipino citizen as my designs stand with stability without compromising its cost and environmental wellbeing. Until then, as a student, I hold the responsibility of not depriving myself of learning and continuing to gain knowledge through several available means that are within reach with the help of modernization our generation is aware of.

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