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Homosexuality as Deviance in Hong Kong

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Why is homosexual a deviant and heterosexual a normality that everyone must if not shall subject and conform its behavior to it? And who made the standard and became the judge, God, the Church, the government, or the majority of people? This essay will make the effort to analysis the phenomena of viewing homosexual as a deviant, by using the conflict approaches and the examples from Hong Kong.

What Is Deviance?

Deviation is the act which does not conform to social standards and social institution, the institution is a well-established institution and, in this case, it is a member of the family. Since many people believe homosexuality to be wrong in Hong Kong, society believes homosexuality to be different. However, deviations from society are relative, not absolute. Many cultures accept forms of homosexuality such as the ancient Greece, where gays are widespread and integrated into religion, education and philosophy. But Hong Kong’s society doesn’t accept the unacceptable view which, if heterosexuals are the usual for a majority of citizens, often results in discrimination against homosexuals.

What Is Sexuality?

Sexuality is not just about sex in the sense of sex and certain parts of the body are related to men and women. It includes sexual orientation, such as who is attracted to a person, and whether the person is identified as heterosexual or homosexual, as well as sexual fantasies and sexually related attitudes and values.

Sexual orientation refers to the sexual and romantic feelings of people of the same sex, different genders or more than one gender. People who refer to sexual orientation as ‘straight’ or ‘heterosexual’ are often attracted to people of different genders. People identified as ‘lesbians’ or ‘gay’ are often attracted to people of their own gender.

What Is Conflict Approach?

Conflict theory is used in this essay to study the power dynamics among members of a competitive group. The conflicting view is that there is unequal power distribution in society. Conflict theorists also believe that because of inequality there are conflicts between groups. Groups with more authority can control resources, including those that are essential, such as gender partners, and have famous social positions, such as political and business offices. Greater groups control so-called deviant behaviors and social regulations, including legislation, commercial practices and cultural and social standards. Any behavior which doesn’t satisfy a strong society’s expectations will be punished, exploited and/or stigmatized. The theory of conflict, including sexual conduct and areas of interest, is used by researchers in social science.

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Through various methods, powerful groups try to preserve their power status, keeping less powerful people unable to control valuable resources. They do this by developing laws and policies; promote their favorite ways of living, and develop ways of writing and speaking to prove their social status. These processes are also followed by the development of laws and policies. The people at power need to develop social and cultural definitions of deviant groups to show the inequalities in power distribution in society. Strong and powerful people can make anybody they think is wrong with negative labels. The labelling of mental conditions that are evident or rebellious in women, the stigma of alcohol and drug users and the pity and immorality of homeless people, are historical examples. Many of them do not control themselves, rather than treating them as the product of a complex social environment, and those in a favorable position are not giving them an abnormal group which does not practice their favorite lifestyles.

As powerful people have the resources and will to do so, they can name and define groups that are abnormal. A deviant group can therefore be a way for a mighty person to control a vulnerable group legally. Conflict theoreticians discuss how less powerful people can be seen more often as deviant and how they are exploited and discriminated against. There are a number of different communities, including the community of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT). Members of those populations have a systematic economic and political process of everyday cultural standards. Conflict theory provides us with a useful theoretical framework to explain why certain groups of people are worse than others and to find ways of supporting disadvantaged groups. The theory of conflicts can emphasize social inequalities, power differences, group member experiences in normal or divergent groups and exploitation and discrimination due to divergent group membership.

Application in Hong Kong

Conflict approach can be used to focus on how members of the LGBT community are affected by their abnormal state in society – from systemic discrimination, such as being deprived of work based on sexual orientation, to everyday cultural norms, as is commonly said that homosexuality refers to social phenomena as weak, stupid or inferior.

The rights of lesbians and gay people are deprived, such as household property benefits, wedding insurance, hospital visitation rights and the ability to hold their hands in public spaces without being mocked or disapproved, by married heterosexual couples. Conflict theorists argue that heterosexuals have a stronger social status, thus dismissing the LGBT community and making laws that favor a strong, opposed-sex lifestyle. The debate on homosexual marriage currently reflects the conflict among competitive groups experienced. Hate crimes against LGBT members have also shown the ability of heterosexuals to injure or even to kill people they do not think normal.


Conflict theory states that differences in power exist between competing groups. Powerful individuals use their positions to find ways of maintaining their position and increasing their position. The weak (gay) are trying to find ways to gain power and control, even though their goals are hard to achieve due to exploitation, discrimination, and abnormal labels on them. We can also see how multiple group memberships create more complex situations for individuals, preventing them from opposing powerful people in some cases.

Conflict theory enables us to study a broad range of social phenomena, ideas about power and inequality and ways of defining and dealing with social differences. It provides the basis for the study and interaction of people and how they treat each other in a daily way. Theory of conflict can also be used to try to equalize differences of power, to promote social equality and to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups.

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