Homosexuality: Scientific Study Of Causes

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“Essentialism” is the belief that things have characteristics that make them the way they are, if we were to connect this word to homosexuality it would mean homosexuality is something biological and out of an individual’s control. Since this has come into the light the LGBTQ community can defend themselves by saying they should be accepted the way they are since they were “born that way” and that sexuality “isn’t a choice”. Now that such a topic is floating about there has been a search to find the “cause” of homosexuality.

Is homosexuality something that can be proven scientifically? Is it just a part of Nature or is it “Nurtured” by things as one grows up? Is it a combination of both? Or is it a choice that people can freely make? Reasons will be provided here as to why homosexuality is something that happens before birth and that sexual orientation is decided by nature.

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In the article “Homosexuality Might Develop in the Womb Due to Epigenetic Changes” published on December 12, 2012, on SciTecDaily.com, studies have shown that epigenetic changes triggered by hormones in the womb can cause changes in a child’s sexual orientation. Due to constant fluctuation of hormone levels in the womb, sex-related genes are “turned on” or “off” which can quite possibly determine whether or not an offspring will be homosexual or not. Epigenetic changes like this either “enhance” or “blunt” testosterone activity which causes gene [Expressions] to change in the area of a child's brain that most likely are connected to sexual orientation and preferences. This shows that homosexuality is something that caused by nature and that happens before birth as a child develops because epigenetics are changed in organisms caused by altering in a gene’s expression but not gene code itself. This article shows that depending on the level of testosterone, genes can undergo epigenetic changes that can cause homosexuality. In addition to this, in another genetic study, it is shown that the most genetically similar brothers (twins) were also the ones most likely to be gay.

In the article “Gay Men in Twin Study” published on December 17, 1991, on New York Times, a study on identical twins, fraternal twins, and unrelated brothers happened in Chicago on December 16th. J. Michael Bailey, an assistant professor of psychology at Northwestern University in Evanston said that the study showed that 52% of identical twins of gay men (parents) were also gay, it also showed with 22% of fraternal twins and 11% of unrelated brothers (adopted/not blood-related). The assistant professor says this is a pattern you’d definitely see when genetics are involved, he also estimated that the amount of genetic relation to homosexuality could range from 30 to almost over 70% depending on how well this study “represents twins in the general population”, Dr.Bailey also said that he thoughts the studies were well-founded and that earlier evidence showed that there was in fact, a genetic effect. This shows that before these twins were born because their egg was fertilized by sperm that belonged to a gay male then this shows that they were genetically affected and born as a homosexual. Not only was there one twin study but two, which we will talk about next.

In the article “Scientists find DNA differences between gay men and their straight twin brothers” published on October 8, 2015, by Los Angeles Times, a UCLA biologist stated that he had identified several epigenetic changes that are strongly connected to homosexuality when studying male identical twins. The biologist said they identified these epigenetic changes in 9 areas of the human genome and that the simple presence of these changes can predict homosexuality up to a 70% accuracy. The biologist says that people interact with things all their lives that can cause epigenetic changes that affect one’s sexual orientation. How does this prove our claim that homosexuality is something that develops before birth? Well, the study showed that the gay twin had several noted epigenetic changes in his genes that were different from his straight brother and that these changes are strongly linked to homosexuality. This shows that homosexuality is something inside a persons DNA, in their body that makes them homosexual, it is not a choice nor is it something they experience that suddenly makes them homosexual but instead something is genetically a part of them.

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