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Homosexuality: Scientific Study Of Causes

“Essentialism” is the belief that things have characteristics that make them the way they are, if we were to connect this word to homosexuality it would mean homosexuality is something biological and out of an individual’s control. Since this has come into the light the LGBTQ community can defend themselves by saying they should be accepted the way they are since they were “born that way” and that sexuality “isn’t a choice”. Now that such a topic is floating about...
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The Definition Of Homosexuality And Its Negative Aspects

Homosexuality refers to somebody who has a sexual attraction to somebody of the same sex. It’s a topic which is more broadly accepted in society now than it used to be. In the 1900’s, homosexuality was illegal in most countries, and it would be classed as a ‘mental illness’. In modern society, it has made it’s way into the appropriate social norms and in many countries, people accept homosexual behaviour in public. My interest is to figure out how those...
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Essay on Nature Versus Nurture Homosexuality

Introduction Is there a homosexual gene? Is homosexuality nature vs nurture it is an innate or social concept? There have been many debates about the standing of homosexuality on how a person becomes attracted to the same sex. If there is indeed a gay gene why isn’t everyone gay is it that only some persons are born with this gene or that it is a mutation of a particular gene or is it that homosexuality learned behavior based on society...
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Homosexuality: Representation In Societies Throughout History

Homosexuality is a contentious issue among many religious groups and cultures throughout the world and has been one the most volatile political topics in recent years. Although societal attitudes toward homoeroticism vary greatly across cultures and historical eras, as do attitudes toward erotic desire, activity and relationships that exhibit homosexuality overall. Homosexual behavior has been variously punished, suppressed, tolerated and approved of throughout history. With many of the world’s cultures now consider homosexuality a normal, recognized form of sexual attraction....
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The Topic Of Homosexuality In Islam

The topic of homosexuality always causes a lot of controversy in Islam and people are very emotionally involved with it. There are usually alternatives in Islamic law from things that are prohibited, e.g interest is prohibited, trade is permissible, there are haram foods but there are also halal foods, but in the case of a person with homosexual orientation there is no good alternative. You can not prescribe for the person to get married to a person of the opposite...
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The Arguments Of Michael Levin And John Corvino On Homosexuality

Introduction In this essay, I will analyse and compare the arguments of Michael Levin and John Corvino, on homosexuality, where Levin is against homosexuality and Corvino defends homosexuality. This topic serves as great importance as homosexuality is a controversial topic, globally, thus, addressing arguments for and against it, captures the attention of many in a societal setting. Arguments I will begin with Michael Levin who claims that there is a “prudential reason” to deject homosexuality, “because it leads to unhappiness”....
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Is Homosexuality Genetic?

ABSTRACT This paper explores four separate articles stemming from research on the origins of homosexuality, whether from a genetic source or as a byproduct of life experiences and conditions. Micheal Price (2018) and Simon LeVay (2003) both agree that homosexuality forms aspart of one’s DNA, while Paul Cameron (2004) believes that homosexuality stems from life experiences. Helen Cothran (2003) does not agree with either theory, indicating that homosexual tendencies result primarily from societal influence with mild genetic influences “A different...
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The Causes Of Homosexuality And Its Influence On Society

Homosexuality has been a debatable topic for hundreds of years. Researchers and philosophers have tried to decode the characters who live through this phenomenon. Many people only associate sexual orientation with sexual attraction, but sexual orientation usually indicates intimate feelings, attraction, arousal, fantasy, and temptation (Benuto). Different faiths (i.e., Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism) consider having relations with a member of the same sex to be sinful. These religious communities commonly have a hard time accepting this group of people because...
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Christian Biblical Worldview And Homosexuality

When studied through the Biblical Christian worldview, the most general description an individual who aligns with these morals believes that sex is a gift provided by God to be used to express love to be shared specifically between a husband and wife. It is stated that the Bible does not and really should not focus on the “obscurity” of homosexual behavior and statements. When looking back on the Scripture, it regards it as moving away outside of God’s intention in...
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Causes Of Homosexuality

Homosexuality has been a debatable topic for hundreds of years. People have been questioning the entire concept: why people are this way, how they deal with daily life, what goes through their minds. Researchers and philosophers have tried to decode the characters who live through this phenomenon. Many people only associate sexual orientation with sexual attraction, but sexual orientation usually indicates intimate feelings, attraction, arousal, fantasy, and temptation (Benuto). Different faiths (i.e., Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism) consider having relations with...
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Homosexuality: Innate Or Learned Behavior?

‘I grew up with a lot of females and rarely had male friends, at about the age of twelve I began to notice boys or should I say, it was then that I began to notice little else… is after all only natural,’. There are many stories just like this one that comes from homosexuals, but ironically they all sound the same. The truth of the matter is that the controversy has spread to a new frontier. The controversy being...
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Homosexuality as Deviance in Hong Kong

Why is homosexual a deviant and heterosexual a normality that everyone must if not shall subject and conform its behavior to it? And who made the standard and became the judge, God, the Church, the government, or the majority of people? This essay will make the effort to analysis the phenomena of viewing homosexual as a deviant, by using the conflict approaches and the examples from Hong Kong. What Is Deviance? Deviation is the act which does not conform to...
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Different Religions And Homosexuality

Background Homosexuality has been around since the dawn of humanity and for a time, prior to the twenthieth century it was either legalized or rather accepted but decisions were quickly reversed one of the famous was the post tsarist Russia where many Bolshevik want to reverse the traditionalism and backward thinking of tsarist Russia,because of this new ideas were born Women rights,universial suffrage,and of course homosexuality,even then decriminalization of homosexuality angered many Bolshevik who believd they were of ‘capitalist’ descent...
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History Of Homosexuality And Its Legislative Aspects

Laws around sexuality is an ongoing dispute with most hostility and distaste coming from those believing Christianity, where homosexuality is considered a sin and forbidden. Homosexuality is not a choice, doesn’t affect those outside the relationship, one does not need different gendered parents, a part of our History , and most of all it is still love. It is said it is okay to love, but why not now, loving one another is not a crime. When one likes someone,...
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Attitudes Towards Homosexuality And Dalai Lama

Many turn to their faith for guidance when it comes to sexual relationships, and Buddhists are no exception. A Buddhists ultimate aim is to escape suffering, and they believe that sex, homosexual or otherwise, should be approached with the Right Intention (BBC Bitesize 2020). A Buddhists perspective of Homosexuality is very flexible. Buddhism is considered incredibly diverse (more so than Christianity) and therefore, can be hard to come to conclusions on particular topics. The sociocultural factors that allow the expansion...
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How Religious Beliefs Can Affect Homosexuals

The churches’ view on homosexuality has been a hot topic of discussion for much of recorded history. Because of some verses in the Old Testament of the Bible that paint homosexuality to be a sin, it has been widely accepted in Christianity that homosexuals are living a life of sin, as with many other religions, mostly Abrahamic. Abrahamic religions refer to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, because in all of these religions, God presented himself to Abraham, a profit, beginning the...
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Homosexuality: What Does The Bible Teach?

It is a known fact, at least in the United States, that many members of the Christian faith are thought to “hate” or have a “phobia” concerning homosexuals. It is also understood by some that God hates members of the LGBTQ society as well. Some claim that the Bible teaches hatred of homosexuals and that Christians should not treat them like people. The Bible has only a few instances that address homosexuality directly but has many passages that can be...
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Orthodox Judaism, Homosexuality In The Film Disobedience

Disobedience is a romantic drama starring Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz and directed by Sebastian Lelio. Lelio teamed up with Rebecca Lenkiewicz to write the film based on the novel of the same name by Naomi Alderman. In this review, I will discuss the plot and how the film portrays Jewish identity through the lens of Orthodox Judaism, homosexuality and the struggle of having to choose between the two identities. The film is set in an Orthodox Jewish community in North...
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Homosexuality And Genetics

Homosexuality has turned as significant issue in our community abundant argument. The choice to be transparently homosexual is stiff for some due to the uncommon approval that they get. Society undergo made it so difficult for homosexual people to be approved, given the bias against them. The justice that have extract from homosexual, have prompted a pursuit for understanding on the inquiry of whether homosexuality is genetics or a possibility. Each body cell accommodates forty-six chromosomes, twenty-three inherited from the...
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Critical Analysis of Holding the Man: An Honest Depiction of Homosexuality

Director Neil Armfield’s decision to create an on-screen adaptation of Tim Conigrave’s memoir Holding the Man (2015) confronted him with the difficult challenge of realistically representing homosexuality on screen; a notion that Australian filmmakers have often failed to achieve. While Australian cinema has welcomed an array of ‘gay’ films, many have struggled to present gay characters and their sexuality accurately – often tarnishing characters with offensive stereotypes (Dyer,16). However, Holding the Man defies stereotyping through an honest depiction of a...
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Sexual Ethics on Marriage, Premarital Sexual Relations and Homosexuality: Essay on Dharma, Artha and Kama

The preservation of an adherent’s Dharma, Artha and Kama are an essential aspect of the sexual ethics of Hinduism, which assist adherents in obtaining “mastery over [their] senses,” and preventing adherents from becoming “slaves of [their] passions.” Such mastery and control will result in adherents obtaining ‘success in everything that [they] may do.’ Influenced by both Eastern and Western principles due to colonisation, adherents can find guidelines for sexual ethics in the Bhagavad Vita, the 10 Yamas, Kama Sutra, and...
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Homosexual Parenting & Child: Gender Role Behaviour

Abstract To find differences among various type of families’ gender stereotype implication to their children, the correlational research design will be used. Findings will be represented on a Turkey study composing of 20 gay, 20 lesbian, and 20 heterosexual parents with a child aged 5-9 years. Interviews and questionnaires will measure gender stereotype behaviour on children in three different categories: girl, boy, and cross-gender typicality. Individuals will be answering questions indicating gender stereotype child behaviour. Furthermore, interviews will take place...
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Gay Marriage: Article Analysis And Opinion Essay

Introduction As someone who grew up in a conservative state but attended a very diverse school, I have made wonderful friends; some who happen to identify as a bisexual, a gay person, or as someone who identified as an LGBTQ member. Listening to their experiences and obstacles regarding their sexuality intrigued me as I realized that this is a group of people that needs support. Despite being in America and in the 21st century, bigotry continues make its mark and...
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About Church & Homosexuality: Love, Sex And Gays

Introduction Throughout the course of history, music has continuously demonstrated its significant influence on humanity by virtue of its ability to evoke emotions and feelings in humans’ life. Consequently, singers and songwriters have embraced music to reach far beyond the limits of quotidian words in order to extensively convey ideas to the depths of humans’ heart. In the same vein, songs can be utilized to address an ample array of societal issues. Owing to its powerful message as well as...
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Homosexuality: Liberal and Conservative Christian Interpretations of the Bible

The approach folks ultimately read gayness, whether or not in faith, politics or fashionable culture, is all determined by ancient or dynamic points of read. This essay can discuss primarily liberal and conservative Christian interpretations of the Bible, together with several verses that will support or condemn gayness. it’ll conjointly discuss the policy-making and laws against twosome and therefore the social policy within the homosexual community. this is often all concerning read points and it’s several conflicting views and arguments....
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Immanuel Kant And Karol Wojtyla: The Morality Of Homosexuality And Marriage

It was a special and sunny summer afternoon on July 15, 2018 in Virginia Beach. It was a beautiful day birds were chirping, love was in the air, and the feeling of calmness and optimism were overflowing. John- Micheal Harris and Andrew Tyler Johnson both knew that they loved each other so much, and that love was about to be publicly expressed. John- Micheal and Andrew Tyler were about to be officially married in the eyes of their families and...
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Homosexuality in Dracula

In Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” a prominent theme is sexuality. I believe that this theme is buried throughout the whole novel with it being symbolised in many different quotes and actions of different characters. The novel represents the sexual desire of a man in an extremely prejudice society, as the novel was written during the Victorian era of the nineteenth century, therefore it follows a Victorian culture in regards to the gender roles that men and women should socially follow. Due...
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