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Honey Bee Essays

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Role Of Honey Bees In Ecosystem

A Keystone species, like an animal or plant helps define and shape an entire ecosystem. These species are a key function to an ecosystem. Without keystone species the ecosystem and habitats would dramatically differ and change or, would not exist at all, species who depend on those environments would not exist either. If keystone species didn’t exist there would be no ecosystem for other species to live in. Many of the animals and plants we rely on as food sources...
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Literature Review On Bee Population Decline

Although nature is gruesome and unpeaceful, it is graceful nonetheless. Each creature has some purpose, to create oxygen or carbon dioxide or eat fruits or spread seeds- whatever it may be it forms a grand cycle that can be described as the largest balancing act in the world. It is a tradition that has been continued for billions of years. Out of billions of years, for the first time in known history a species, the human, has been able to...
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Impact Of Climate Change On Honey Bee

One species that is heavily impacted by climate change is the honey bee (Le Conte and Navajas 2008). Honey bees are impacted by climate change as the effects cause alterations to their current habitats and leaves them struggling to adapt to new environments. It is important to address these issues and try to find a solution as they are an important economic resource in agricultural fields, not only in Canada, but across the world (Potts et al. 2010). Climate change...
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Honey Bees Impact On The Environment

Introduction Honey Bees are flying insects. They are very closely related to the wasp and ants. Bees rely on pollen and nectar to live (Honey Bee Centre, 2019). The Honey bee is the most commonly domesticated bee species in the world (Australian Museum, 2019). The honey bee was introduced by European settlers to ensure that there was a good supply of honey (Australian Museum, 2019). The bee is usually brown with a band of yellow colour, there body is covered...
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Factors Contributing To The Decline Of The Bee Population

Pollinators provide important ecosystem services that contribute to the growth of floral biodiversity. The rapid decline of both wild and domesticated pollinators is evident in the decrease of plants that rely on services provided by them. One of the major pollinators is the honey bee (Apis spp) and potential drivers that contribute to the alarming decrease in their population are classified into three categories: pest and pathogens, environmental stressors and lack of genetic diversity and vitality. The interaction between these...
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