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The Housing Problem in Hong Kong: An Essay

Do you know which area in the world has the most expensive housing? Hong Kong, a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. One of the big trading hubs in the world, with the busiest cargo airport and is well known for its port. Unfortunately, although Hong Kong has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, but there is a terrible severe income inequality. Hong Kong is the fourth highest population density country and dependencies...
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Hong Kong's Social Movements: Economic Impact

Hong Kong is one of the countries which actively involved in social demonstrations or protests. The protesters are young and old alike with a diverse mix of families in Hong Kong. Based on a crowd survey by three scholars, almost a fifth of the population were 45 years old and older, whereas about 60% of the people involved were under 30. Journalists stated that many shopkeepers, drivers and others helped the demonstrators with their water supplies and financial support. It...
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Food Waste as Urgent Problem in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city with a population of about 7.1 million people and a popular dining culture. With various kinds of restaurants, from different local and traditional cuisines to international special tasting, people do not only enjoy the different flavors of food but as well waste a lot of it, 1/3 of solid waste is food in Hong Kong. It is a common traditional practice among Chinese people such as having gatherings at the round table with families and...
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Homosexuality as Deviance in Hong Kong

Why is homosexual a deviant and heterosexual a normality that everyone must if not shall subject and conform its behavior to it? And who made the standard and became the judge, God, the Church, the government, or the majority of people? This essay will make the effort to analysis the phenomena of viewing homosexual as a deviant, by using the conflict approaches and the examples from Hong Kong. What Is Deviance? Deviation is the act which does not conform to...
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Hong Kong Taxation System

Hong Kong has been relying on its simple and low tax system for several years to attract talent and capital in order to maintain competitiveness. Are there any flaws in our tax regime? In order to investigate the strength and weakness of our taxation system, we have explored seven key criteria of a good taxation system. The purpose is to identify critical issues confronting Hong Kong economy which is related to the weakness of our taxation system so as to...
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Hong Kong Disneyland Case Study Analysis

The case of serving shark fin soup at Hong Kong Disneyland was chosen as a case study to summarize the arguments for and against. In fact, there are numerous arguments for and against serving shark fin soup at Hong Kong Disneyland. Firstly, there is a political side of view. If we summarize Tommy Cheung (legislator for Hong Kong’s catering industry) words, Disney would directly insult the Great Chinese culture and traditions. It is also known that the shark fin soup...
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Sustainability of Hong Kong

Sustainability, a concept that can be defined in many different ways by specialists. In general, it composes of three key elements, the environment, the economy and the social system (Kuhlman & Farrington, 2010). To achieve sustainability, people are trying to maintain a balance between them and finally sustain well-being in not only the current generation but also the future generations. Although there is a strong interconnection among three dimensions, the paper is mainly focusing on the environmental aspect over the...
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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Animal Testing In Hong Kong

Abstract This study is based on secondary data to study how animal testing has affected the public and their attitude towards it. It also hoped to encourage people to support or join the Cruelty Free International such as the organization of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Choose Cruelty Free and the company such as The Body Shop and Lush. 1. Introduction The animal welfare and ethical issues of animal testing in Hong Kong are being concerned,...
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Trustee Model of Representation

Simplest Representation Model First, there are three concepts involved in the simplest representation model. There are principal, agent and third party. There are principal, agent and third party. The principal is hiring other one to do something for them that they cannot do for themselves. So, the agent performs certain actions on behalf of the principal. In reality, voters are the principal, while legislator is the agency. In the electoral regulations, voters clearly know the functions of legislators and can...
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