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How Are African Americans Affected By Racism In Modern Day America?

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Racism and discrimination towards colored people is still going on but would you expect it to happen at an amusement park or beach? Over the summer I went to seaside heights and me, my friends, and her mom were getting something to eat, so we decided to sit in a pizza shop since mostly everyone ordered there. My friends mom didn’t order food from there so the person who owned the shop told her she couldn’t eat there. She said ok but she wants her children to finish eating the food she has bought from there first and she looked around and other people who were eating there didn’t order from there either. Anyway, the manager said that we had to leave now and my friend mom wanted her money back and the guy wouldn’t give it to her so they started to fight. Mind you there were other people who weren’t our skin color still eating there and the manager was a man. Racism and discrimination affects African Americans in many ways. Racism has been happening since and it is still going on. Racism and discrimination usually happen to colored people in america. Racial Discrimination should stop because it is not fair to colored people or people with color.Racism and discrimnation affects african americans in many ways. It should stop because it is a barrier that prevents people from enjoying their dignity and equality, it is taking away african american privileges, and because african americans are being treated like animals compared to white americans.

Racism and discrimniation affects african americans by preventing them from enjoying their equality. According to Racism. It Stops With Me - Australian Human Rights … racism can take many forms and it can happen in many places. It also states that racism can prevent people from enjoying their equality. Basically racism and disrimination can happen anywhere at any time and in america and african americans are the ones that are usually being racially discriminated. Racism also prevents people from enjoying their equality because if you are equal to someone then you can do the same thing that the other person can do, have the same privileges, and have the same punishments but in this case that does not happen. When trouble happens african americans are usually the ones to blame if they did it or not and if they do something bad they get more time in jail then white counterpart. If they both did the same crime african americans sometimes get way much more time. Additionally, Jim crow law states that the color and white are separate but equal in 1977, but according to Separate But “Equal”: A Brief History of Jim Crow Laws … it states that blacks were supposed to be separate but equal to those whites, in reality everything the blacks owned or had were often underfunded or dirty. Jim crow laws was supposed to make everyone separate but equal, however that never happened. The white Americans were always privileged and they still are now . Before you can see that they weren't really equal before and they still are not equal now. Sometimes in restaurants sit African Americans far away from the whites or sometimes African Americans can’t eat in the same place as the whites. It is not fair that African Americans can’t be equal to whites just because of our skin color. It is also not fair that African Americans can't eat or do anything around white americans. African americans should be treated like humans and not animals. Now I know why everyone always say that life is not fair. This is just one way on how racism and discrimniation affect African American’s but this is one of the main ways. African Americans should be able to move freely and be equal to anybody else. However there are many other ways on how african Americans are affected by racism and discrimnation.

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Racism and discrimnation should stop because it is taking away african americans privileges. According to Francis privilege is hard to see for people who were born with it than people whom privilege wasn’t granted to them. Whites have been privileged for a long time now and sometimes white americans are still privileged more than african Americans. Some white americans “claim” that everyone is equal and they are not privilege. They only say that because they were born privilege and that’s just who they are. African american’s didn’t really have anything growing up so of course they would say that white Americans are more privilege because that is what they have experienced and that's how they grew up. However, many white americans get better jobs that african americans and they get better homes because they can afford it. According to washington post the percent of African Americans that can buy a home in 2019 in 42.7 percent, and the average percent that of white Americans than can afford to buy a home is 57.7 percent which is more than half. However, It also seems to be that young african Americans are most likely to get out of school suspension, they are also most likely to be imprisoned, white Americans are most likely to get all of the good things as simple as getting called for an interview. African american’s are most likely to get blamed for things or get in trouble for things. According to washington post 50 percent of schools give african americans out of school suspensions for the littlest things. Also if they do the same crime as a white counterpart 30 percent of african american’s are most likely to be imprisoned. But washington post also states that more than 50 percent of people with white names are most likely being called in for an interview. It is not fair how some people act and their behavior disgust some people also. Everyone is supposed to look out for each other and take other together as a nation. If we are fighting against another nation we definitely need to take care of each other and stop judging people by their looks or their color but by their character. Not only is african american’s losing their privileges but the white americans are gaining more and more power. They are also gaining more and more privileges and they get all of the good stuff and leave african american’s with nothing. Do they know that we are humans too?

African Americans are being treated like animals compared to white people because of racism. According to Rose Hackman states that african american’s fear that they are constantly at risk and they feel like they are deeply fragile. African Americans are saying that they are constantly being picked on or constantly getting in trouble for nothing. They are also constantly being abused by the police so they feel like they are being treated like animals. Being treated like an animal is not easy. Furthermore, Dr.neal has stated that it is easy to call a black african american a pet, a toy, or even a crazed animal that needs to be controlled. It is pretty easy to call someone an animal but it is not easy being called an animal. African Americans didn’t really take being called a crazed animal well. People were basically saying that african americans are crazy animals that need to be locked up in a cage and needs to be controlled. Being treated like an animal or being called an anima is not right. Everyone should be equal and everybody is a human and should be treated like one. It is really disturbing how people are treating each other. Anyone can act like an animal but no one should be called one. Everyone deserves to be treated like a human and no one deserves to be treated like an animal, abused by the cops, or threatened.

African Americans don’t deserve any of this bad treatment that they are experiencing now and they definitely didn’t deserve it before. Racism is a real thing and it can hurt many people in the process. Nobody should ever have to feel like this again or ever because it is not fair how life is treating them. Everyone deserves better and not all white people are bad but most are. Hopefully in the future it would be better and everyone would be fully equal. You can step up and stop racism and discrimination. People can stop making african americans feel ashamed for being the color that they are now. Also African Americans can stick up for themselves and stop putting themselves down and be proud of who they are. They have come a long way and it doesn’t need to stop right now. They can make it through as long as they push themselves and try to overcome the problem.

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