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How Are The Core Beliefs Of Christianity Able To Live Alongside?

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The five major world religions give humans a moral framework on how to live their life. In particular, Christianity and Buddhism. The core beliefs of Christianity and Buddhism provide followers with morals and rituals to live alongside in order to fulfill a holistic life dedicated to religion. This is done by encouraging participation in rituals such as Eucharist and the following of beliefs such as the eight-fold path.

The morals of Christianity can be represented in day-to-day life in day-to-day tasks. Christianity is based around inclusion and everyone coming together for Mass as well as treating people how you would like to be treated to stay loyal to one God, Jesus Christ. People who go throughout their day serving others, putting people before themselves, being kind to people and staying loyal to God are the ideal Christians that other believers can learn from. By participating in Eucharist at mass, Christians are remembering Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice by reenacting the last supper he shared with his disciples.

The main core beliefs of Christianity include the 10 Commandments, the Beatitudes and the Golden Rule. According to Exodus in the Old Testament, God issued his own set of regulations relating to ethics and worship (the 10 Commandments) to Moses on Mount Sinai (dummies, 2019). These laws are the basic morally correct rules of Christianity and teach Christians to be honest and selfless. The Beatitudes are eight blessings told by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew (, 2019). The morals teachings of the Beatitudes are to be humble, be merciful, be selfless and maintain peace in relationships. Jesus summarized the whole of the Old Testament with a single Golden Rule. This rule is to ‘do unto others how you would have them do to you’ (The Irish Times, 2019). This rule is above others and is the most important moral to live by in Christianity.

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The main core beliefs of Buddhism include the noble eight-fold path and the three universal truths. The Noble Eightfold Path is an early summary of the path of Buddhist practices. It consists of eight practices that guide a Buddhists life. These are having a right view/understanding by seeing things as they truly are without delusion or distortion, having right thinking by setting a life on the correct path through the development of loving kindness, empathy and compassion, having right speech by living without lies and deceptions, doing right actions by behaving peacefully and harmoniously, having right livelihood by earn a living that does not harm living things, using right effort by cultivating positive states of mind and having right mindfulness/concentration by being aware of your thoughts, emotions, body and world as they exist in the present moment (, 2019). The three universal truths are: everything in life impermanent and always changing, because nothing is permanent a life based on possessing things or persons doesn’t make you happy and there is no eternal unchanging soul and “self” is just a collection of changing characteristics and attributes. These three statements are strong morals that Buddhists follow to live a humble, wise life. They state that because life is always changing, nothing is permanent therefore you cannot rely on possessions and people to make you happy. You need to find happiness and contentment within yourself as no one can change or affect that when you are in control.

The core beliefs and morals of Buddhists It relates to finding happiness and contentment in life, which is always relevant. Therefore, these morals can be represented daily in simple ways. By being conscious of your thoughts, conscious of what you say to others and not relying on anyone or anything to make you happy as nothing is ever permanent. By following these morals every day, Buddhists live a simple and peaceful life free from materialism and full of happiness that comes from yourself.

Christianity and Buddhism both provide believers with morals and beliefs to live alongside. Christianity focuses on the holistic side of the Church and the history of Jesus and what he sacrificed for Christians, whereas Buddhism focusses on peace and how to live a humble and minimalistic life without harming animals or other people. Both religions believe in being charitable towards the poor and treating people with compassion as well as living a peaceful, honest and ethical life among others. Both religions also share values against stealing, killing and marital affairs. The religions differentiate in that Buddhists are not as focused on Buddha as much as, however Christians dedicate themselves to God. At the heart of Buddhism is mindfulness and meditation, whereas Christians put more emphasis into prayer in mass (Biography Online, 2019).

Buddhism and Christianity are both one of the world’s major religions and give humans a moral framework on how to live their life. They share beliefs and values, but emphasis on different ones.

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