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How Can Belief Systems Influence And Individual

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To give a basic introduction from childhood we have many factors that affect us in ways. We are born with only two innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds, this are the natural ones which are closer such as our childhood. Whether we are orphans or not, abused or spoiled these are changes that can affect us but then on the other side of the spectrum there are also choices. Choices are the most dangerous ones as they pave the road which is your life and these are the hammers that get ready to sculpt your life, such as the friends you make, are you an extrovert, ambivert or an introvert, open minded or ignorant, Religious or atheist.

Your belief system is the product of what you think and what you as a person are, it helps you guide your way throughout life and it is a very confusing time as a lot of people have collected beliefs known as religions which are much more grander to grasp on to as they are the things that can change you and your perspectives. There are about 4200 religions in the world they coexist with each other, they are all similar and different just like humans they have their own personalities, their beliefs and their faith. It’s a wide spread topic that few people have talked about in negative and positive lights and just like they have their opinions so do the religions but with opinions they can be biased or also known as conformation bias which states that people chose to believe in their respective religions and just like humans they also have a few flaws that in society aren’t accepted as much e.g.: Religion based discrimination against the LGBTQ Community, terrorists who work under the name of their god and how children get affected by few flawed beliefs of some religions.

Religion based discrimination against the LGBTQ Community

There are many examples these days let’s go through a few, Going through our first problem that I have mentioned is Religion-Based Discrimination against the LGBTQ Community.

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Religious freedom is a fundamental human value that we cherish and work hard to defend. However, as LGBT people gain greater equality under the law, we are seeing a troubling push to allow anyone, including businesses, to use their religious beliefs to discriminate and they are told in a few schools and other religious education to be not of liking or not gods creation. This caused major controversy as nobody should be turned away from a business, refused service by government officials, or evicted from their home just because of who they are. Religion and LGBTQ have been on a major debate from years ago and since 1967 when the first-time homosexuality was legal the religious community wasn’t as happy.

Terrorism in the name of god

Al-Qaeda was a terrorist group that was strictly Islam and their beliefs were varied from the Muslims as they committed murder, bomb threats and various other atrocities in the name of god and that they would be rewarded for killing others who were not of their religion. They went through with the 9/11 attack on the pentagon and the world trade center which was devastating and killed 3000 people this was a warning wrote In the letter that Osama bin laden had sent to America regarding the help that they gave other countries especially the Jews. That’s why they attacked as they thought there was a Christian Jew conspiracy against them and that the only way to handle it was to destroy the beacons of hope for the countries. In the soldiers mind he would be happy murdering people as that is his job this is how far they train their soldiers to the point where murder in the name of god is nothing but their sole purpose, countries like Kazakhstan has been conquered by the Taliban who have the same beliefs.


To conclude these types of influences are two very dangerous ones and a lot of problems can suffice from this as ignorance from the government in the form of feeling bad for what happened and using that as method of getting power through speeches that perform hate not towards the ones who are actually committing the atrocities but blaming it on tv saying violence and rape is portrayed on tv and makes the nation do it but the reason rape or violence is portrayed on tv is due to the fact that even people who disagree with women wearing different items of clothing get them raped why? Since their religion doesn’t agree with this type of clothing, but this is not only portrayed in public Seth Ian Glaser a child of 17 months died due to medical causes as his parents were deeply Christian and they didn’t accept modern medical procedures rather they went to a Christian practitioner. These facts have shown a lot about religion as the influence is shown mostly to be bad but this is the truth a lot of things in the news are shown to be negative and bad but there is a good side to religion it does show that people can find a placebo to their lives. The world works in different ways and religion is one of the most prominent one’s. I conclude my report thank you.


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