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How College Athletes Get Paid In Other Ways

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Most student athletes get a full-ride scholarship to the college they choose. Within the sports culture, full scholarships and partial scholarships are not uncommon, with many players getting the full experience in college without paying (Alford). Some believe that student athletes should be paid due to how much money they help bring into the college and the impact the sport has on their bodies. Also, how athletes could possibly get injured in their time of playing for their college, making some not able to play professionally if they had the chance. However, it is not necessary to overlook the scholarships and resources offered to them (Mendelson). Athletes have so many opportunities and great experiences while getting the best education without being paid as a student athlete.

One major reason why student athletes should not be paid is that they receive so much more than just a full-ride scholarship. They get to travel and have chances to make connections with people who could give them opportunities in the future. These athletes get the best preparation, great equipment, the best health for their body, and the nation’s finest coaching (Walch). Student athletes get so much experience from college that helps them become the best they can be. They get a lot of gear to wear for games, practices, and even just to lounge around in that does not cost them any money. Looking past all of that, education is the most important part. With their full-ride scholarship, they have a chance to major in whatever they would like to become. Even though that could be difficult juggling school and practices, they still have an opportunity to have a great education from great universities that have the best resources to learn.

Another reason why student athletes should not get compensation is because not all athletic departments bring in the same amount of money. According to Walch “Other programs don’t make any money while some, even tend to lose money”. Paying football and men’s basketball players is unreasonable and unfair because they compete in a competition that creates revenue of millions of dollars, but not pay the athletes in other sports that do not generate enough money (Mendelson). Paying athletes in college because of how much their college makes, would not be fair to the athletes that work just as hard as they do but, do not get the recognition due to the college they go to. “The logistics of this idea are just too unrealistic. First, who pays the athletes? The school, the conference, or the NCAA itself? Second, since most college athletics programs do not generate money, who deserves to be paid? Each individual athlete, or just the ones who bring it in?” (Walch) You could not pick and choose which athlete would get paid because that would be unfair to all other athletes that might not get the same opportunities on the court, field, etc.

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On the opposite side of this argument, some people argue that student athletes should get paid for all the hard work and long hours that they put in. Which is true, athletes in general, put in many hours a week with practices, traveling, games, and a lot more (Sembrat). They also have to schedule their classes around all team practices, meetings, and games. Which it could be very difficult if your classes for your major were only given at certain times, might make you want to change your major just so it does not interrupt your sport (Sembrat). The game is harsh on the body especially football, they beat each other up and it takes a toll. But nobody is forcing them to participate, it is a choice to play the game (Walch). It takes up a lot of their free time learning, practicing, and getting better at the game they play. So, they do not have time for jobs or extra things they might want to do at times. When being a student athlete, you have to use all your free time you do have for your schoolwork and classes.

Another reason some people argue that college athletes should get paid is that they use the player’s image and fan base to generate millions of dollars for their school. You can see on most social media that they use images of football players, basketball players, and gymnasts to sell tickets, merchandise, and autographs for their universities to make more money (Marshall). Some think that they should get a graduate assistant, which may be in the form of a stipend, a straight paycheck that will be dictated by the size of tv agreements, or a form of insurance provided to players who are disabled and unable to play as well as the scholarship they got (Sembrat). Injuries that occur in college can cause players not to be able to play ever again or play professionally if they had the chance. So there are downfalls with being a student athlete because various players are not able to play all four years of their college career, which could lead to losing a scholarship (Alford).

Student athletes receiving compensation or not is a very controversial topic in the sports culture. Athletes bring in a lot of money for universities and put in a lot of time, effort, and work. The impact their sport has on their body is a lot and there is always a chance of getting injured to where you could not play the game anymore. But athletes gain so much more than just money while playing in college. They get so many opportunities, experiences, and scholarships that give them free education for four-years with whatever they would want to major in. They have so many resources such as training facilities, great coaches, and people who will teach them the best way to do something (Walch). Student Athletes get paid in many different ways than money and have great opportunities for their future.

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