How Discipline Equals Freedom

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What is discipline?

Discipline is a word that is connected to the behavior and comes from the Latin language. It comes from “disciple” which means student or pupil. It gives a sense of instructions and training. Discipline refers to a system of rules and regulations. “Discipline means to get knowledge, learn new things of ethics, get training, a process of learning of development, and apply all on the system of standards”.

Self-discipline is a chain of improving oneself, developing the habit of thinking, action, and getting an approach to institutional and academic goals. Without self-discipline, you remain the slave of your fear. When we learn to push out the inner fear we feel that these limits, fear were an only illusion. When a person chooses to become, who he wants to be. He overcomes his inner fear by nature or nurture. Self-discipline learns us too afraid or fail.

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What is freedom?

Freedom is a broad term. It is difficult to explain in the short forms. Freedom is the power to think, speak, and act as one wants without restriction and difficulty. It is not the thing that comes from the outside. It is our basic nature. If someone wants to fulfill his desires, he must have the authority to decide what is good or bad for him.

Discipline equals freedom

Discipline equals freedom covers every aspect of life. If we want to get freedom in our social, practical, or professional life, we should practice discipline at every step. Freedom is a thing that everyone wants to practice in her life without any restriction and hindrance. But we cannot forget discipline and freedom cannot be achieved without it.

Freedom and discipline are correlated. It has been observed that in the quest for freedom, people shun discipline. They forget that both are strong and interdependent. They think that discipline is a hurdle in the way of freedom. They consider it a negative element in the way of freedom in this way their lives and others too. Having discipline is a way to handle the situation positively. It enriches the life of every day even in the hardest situation.

Discipline equals freedom divided into three categories; thought, workout, and actions. We need to get discipline in our thoughts and thinking before we get discipline in performing any action. The next part is an exercise which means do something physically. It gives us the direction for the whole day. We need to do exercise daily which could be an important part of our daily morning routine. It does not mean that it is an essential part of weight lifting or pumping blood. It could be a run and a walk.

One of the best things in mental disciplines is that setting a list of goals and tasks and accomplishing them. Before going to bed at night, make a list of other daily tasks and then actually execute on it. It will make life much easier.

If you want to get discipline and freedom in your personal life you have to get up early from the bed and set tone and ornamentation for the whole day. You must have to set some rules and regulations to follow. Discipline and freedom are related to the concept of liberty. If someone wants to get freedom and liberty in his financial career, he must have to have financial discipline.

Conquer your weaknesses

Weakness is a negative element and we all have the propensity to avoid it. It is a big hindrance in the way of freedom. We should not run off them instead we have to do struggle to overcome the fear of weakness. If you are afraid of speaking in a group, do speak voluntarily. Instead of avoiding it, we should attack it. If you are scared to send an email to the boss, send it. It will feel uncomfortable for the first time but over time this will become your strength.

Basically every positive thing in life happens through discipline. It is necessary to transform your life in a positive way and this transformation will not come automatically. You need to put an effort to get this. Set your goals for the days, weeks, months, and years and try to stay on that path. This positive path will lead to a positive transformation in life.

Origin of discipline and freedom

Freedom and discipline are actually connected with each other. Discipline is an internal force that comes from within. It is not the thing that can be imposed on you by anyone else. People want to get freedom in a shortcut way or they hack it. If they think that they can get the discipline and freedom in this way, they are at the wrong point. It will not energize them. They cannot become stronger, healthier, and active in getting freedom as well as freedom. This is not an easy road.

If you want to reach out to your goals, to become the obstacle of the vision, and want to become independent, you must have to put your struggle to get it. Discipline and freedom will not come by itself. It will come by continuous struggle, late nights, early mornings, rehearsal, repetition, study, and frustration.

Discipline is the root of all good and best qualities. It helps us to develop our habits positively. It destroys the negative executions which are the hindrance in the way of progress.

To overcome your enemy, learn to defeat the weaknesses. You have to learn hard, work hard, and train hard. Learn the habit to face the inner demons and destroy them. Because of the inner fear discipline and freedom cannot go side by side. Learn to maintain the self-discipline which is necessary to continue the freedom. Be patient, tolerant, and keep working hard to achieve your goals.

In order to defeat the setbacks, failures, fears, and enemies there is only the word ”good” that will help you to move on to get discipline and freedom. It helps us to deal with disasters. Learn to face hard truths and frustration. Try to live every day with passion and purpose. No need to cry or mourn upon the things which are against you. Develop the habit to deal with the setbacks and fear of failure.

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