How Divorce Changes Children’s Behavior

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All our lives we are taught that the family is the most important trait in society. But when we have problems and we can´t get along with each other, the only solution to the issue for adults is divorce. In today's world, far more people decide to end an abusive relationship in that way. The problem is that they do not understand the effect it may take over their children. Kids are easily affected by their parents' habits and the conversations they hold in front of them.

Ending a marriage leads to the destruction of the relationship between husband and wife, but the most valuable relationship that is ruined is between parents and children. Divorce always affects children’s nature and this can lead to violent behavior, depression or subconscious mind which might change their thinking about future relationships.

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The impact of parents’ divorce has slight benefits in some cases. When there is a lack of uniformity, it is for the best for the whole family to live separately. That doesn’t mean for the children to end the relationship with one of the parents he is not living with. If the parents are reasonable enough to know how to make their children feel comfortable, the divorce won’t be a problem. Some kids’ mindset is developing faster than another and this might create a better bond with both of the adults. When the parent-children relationship is the leading factor, the communication will be much simpler and this won’t result in an inadequate way on the mind of the children.

On the other hand, there are a lot of negative outcomes on the mindset of children after divorce. Every kid accepts things differently, but divorce is one of the hardest phases that someone may go through. At a young age, children are willing to unlock depression. This might lead to a bad relationship with others, as communication. As I have gone through that, I can affirm that the connection with others is beginning to change. Everything is proceeding so fast that they can’t be aware of the outside occasions. Moreover, the only thing that worries them is how and why did that happen. They rethink every possible solution to the problem and struggle to understand if this might be their fault.

Consequently, depression is not the only negative effect resulting in children. Divorce can be so confusing for a child that it can develop an arrogant attitude towards others and reduce his or her success on valuable matters, for example, school. Children feel overwhelmed while trying to adapt to changes so the disruption of discipline in school is as normal as failing on different subjects. That leads to more problems, related to conversations with the principle or the school advisor which may not be the right decision but it will be necessary. If parents want to avoid that, it is for the best to speak with their children alone and explain them honestly the reason for which they made that decision. Trying to escape from the conversation would not be an optional solution while your children are trying to stay away from the load situation.

Another effect that is likely to occur on children is the moral change of children´s mindset about future relationships whether or not they are related to love or friendship. Seeing their parents fighting, children can act the same way in a future relationship. As a result, the developed rude behavior it’s going to be a leading coefficient for the kid when he is enough mature to create relationships alone. Under other conditions, the child may be so frustrated or discouraged that he might begin to feel better alone and try to avoid every possible communication. Every relationship is a new lesson and will encounter the child with different types of people and their characters which will contribute to a good change.

Because divorce discourages children’s minds, it may increase health problems, too. The mental issues are inevitable, but the physical ones are not less important or impossible to occur. While going through stress or depression, children have a higher tangibility of getting sick. Also, some children acquire bad habits because of the difficulty to go through this period. These bad habits can be from less dangerous like nails biting and other similar to the worst ones – nicotine or drug addiction. Meeting with professionals should not be excluded, but the moral help from the family is of vital importance. It would be most helpful from the outset to avoid serious health problems.

To sum up, the bad effects of divorce over children can be prevented. From the beginning, parents should be careful about how they talk in front of their children. Everything should be explained in details and parents should behave adequately so that their child can grow properly. If parents want their kids to feel calm and happy, they have to keep the order of things without crossing the borders and destroy the stability of their children’s mindset.

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