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The word identity, according to the Oxford Dictionary, simply refers to “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is”. But what is concealed behind this definition, what is the underlying meaning of one’s identity? Throughout the year psychologists have extensively researched the roles human beings look to define themselves as. From psychology, we understand the complexity of our brains with the ability to distinguish events, cultures, relationships, memories, and many more tasks, developing the personal traits that identify individuals. In a world full of 7.53 billion people, human beings undergo biological and environmental influences that distinctly set every apart from one another. To me, one’s identity is comprised of many biopsychosocial characteristics that uniquely define each individual, allowing the identification of oneself in the world we live in.

I possess a distinctive identity defined by biological factors such as my family, psychological factors like my beliefs, and social factors such as the community I grew up in. As I entered High School, I desired to fit in with the collective whole, but I soon realized that a lack of my own identity promoted uncertainty and negligence of the unique person I am, ultimately coming to acceptance of my identity. Part of my identity is shaped by the environment I grew up in. Unlike many D’Evelyn students, I live up the winding roads and in the mountains. Living far away from the city has formed an adventurous, yet serene side to my personality. My home has provided me with life outside sports, relationships, and academics, where I can embrace the fresh air and cold snow. In addition to the home I grew up in, my twin brother has significantly influenced who I am. Currently, my twin brother and I attend different High Schools, which notably affects my family dynamic. The separation from my twin has fostered a sense of the value of the love and shared time I have with others in my identity. Although there are other factors such as my relationships and daily activities that have shaped who I am today, I believe that my own emotions and thoughts have primarily impacted my identity. Specifically, I believe that I am a hardworking, honest person capable of reaching my dream job of being a nurse, and therefore as a person, I am prompted to pursue opportunities, such as volunteering in a hospital, that are influential in helping me as a person. A multifold of factors, influenced by the world I live in, the people I surround myself with, and the beliefs I hold, significantly shape my own identity.

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Although my identity is influenced by outside factors, it distinguishes who I am as a person and therefore I believe I only have the final determination of my identity. In my life, I am able to control my wants and needs by making choices and deciding my purpose in the world. My parents, teachers, and friends could potentially affect how I define myself, but ultimately it is my decision on how I define myself. Through processes like “trial-and-error”, and “all or nothing”, I am able to identify myself with activities, relationships, and beliefs that intrinsically inspire positivity and happiness.

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