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How Does Millennials Spirituality Impact Your Life?

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Religions have existed for as long as we know. But the most common misconception for the most part of it was that religion and spirituality go hand in hand; you can’t be spiritual, and not be religious. But how far is this true? It was the millennial generation that started speaking up on spirituality by itself. Perhaps there’s more to life and the universe than God?

There have been tremendous lifestyle changes between gen x and the millenials, so it’s to say, this gives rise to existential questions. The millennials are considerably less religious than gen x and the baby boomers. There have been discussions about millennials’ spirituality being a trend within consumer capitalist culture. This isn’t just about specifically ignoring religion and its values, but it’s simply about having a choice. It’s hard not getting to choose what you consume. In this point of view, millennials’ spirituality seems to be about choosing whatever gives them a sense of meaning and purpose in life; mindfulness, prayer, yoga, meditation, a short trip to the beach, and so much more.

Spirituality existed long before too, but it was only after the millenials spirituality gained popularity. So whether you’re religious or not, everyone experiences and expresses spirituality in a way that gives them comfort. Spirituality is a very healthy coping mechanism for stress and other emotional difficulties. It is also a way of life for many.

What is millennials spirituality according to them?

All this talk about spirituality it’s beginning to sound like a cult. Many people feel a sense of connection to the universe; a belief in something beyond themselves. This is where it gets interesting. Millennials’ spirituality involves the belief in a connection to others and the world as a whole, whereas many religious people believe in a higher power, god, and are spiritual too.

Spirituality’s impacts on the millennials life

Knowing there’s so much more to this world helps some go easy on themselves. A belief in something beyond the self helps stay grounded and instills a sense of hope

Spirituality has been linked to better wellbeing. The following list of pros will help you understand more about it:

  • Better mental and physical health
  • Greater psychological well-being
  • Reduction in depression
  • Less hypertension
  • Much less stress
  • More positive feelings
  • Gives hope

It suggests there is more to life than just what people see and experience. It suggests that there is something greater that connects us to each other and the universe. Some comforting things in millennials spirituality include asking questions about death, the meaning of life, opens up conversations about the universe, feeling connected, and all things positive.

Let’s not forget how spirituality and religion have been a source of comfort and relief from stress for many. Some people use many different religions and paths to express their spirituality, ​research has shown that those who are more religious or spiritual and use their spirituality to cope with challenges in life experiences.

Spirituality is not a single path. There are many ways to experience spirituality and reap the benefits of a spiritual experience. Some people use many different religions and paths to express their spirituality. For others, it may involve experiencing a sense of inter-connectedness with the rest of humanity and nature.

Benefits of being a spiritual person

Practicing spirituality helps in:

  • Deepening connections with other people
  • Experiencing compassion and empathy for all living things
  • Experiencing a sense of interconnectedness
  • Seeking happiness beyond material possessions
  • Seeking meaningful and purposeful life
  • Wanting to make s difference in the world so it’s a better place

Whether you are rediscovering a forgotten spiritual path, reinforcing your commitment to an already well-established past, or seeking fulfillment, exploring your spiritual side may help improve your overall well-being

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Other impacts of millennials spirituality

  • Helps to pay attention to how you are really feeling.
  • Helps to focus on others and not just yourself.
  • Cultivates an interest to meditate.
  • Makes you feel the need to practice gratitude.
  • Helps in being mindful: By being more mindful, you can be more aware and appreciative of the present. Mindfulness encourages less judgment and focuses more on the present.

Factors driving millennials spirituality

This has a lot to do with the political entanglement of religions. This does not mean they don’t believe in God. There are a number of millennials who still believe in God and even pray regularly. These people call themselves spiritual but not religious.

Think about how a millennial can access information about any religion in the world with just a few clicks. They are exposed to many different beliefs and ideas. SO many holy places make a money-making racket out of the vulnerable. This made the millennials turn more towards spirituality tas it combines elements from many. In one

Millenials want to be a part of something larger. They are on a path to spiritual belief, some to improve the environment, social justice, and so on. There is a deep amount of anxiety and a lot of care for the larger world and life’s big questions with them, rather than being shallow and selfish.

Overall, spirituality helps a person understand themselves better, in any weather. Now that you know the many impacts of millennial spirituality, it’s important to understand that spirituality is different for the millennials. They are mostly spiritual and not religious. Some practice meditation and yoga but are not rigid to do it all the time.

Spirituality is a way to live a happy life while understanding the meaning of life. It does not change the reality of life but it makes you more resilient to life’s challenges and blessings. Stress is the body’s response to the external environment as well as to a person’s inner thoughts and feelings. It is the way to cope up with this stress.

Millennials are considered independent, confident, optimistic, focused, and dreamers. They are born after the 20th century. They are high-risk takers and are self- motivated. Millennials find motivation or peace through adventure, meditation, singing, traveling, etc. The meaning of spirituality is noticable different for millennials than the older generations. The older generations still relate spirituality to god and prayer, but for millennials spirituality is the continuous ongoing work in which they feel peace and satisfaction.

The millennials are more spiritual than any other generation. They believe in themselves and are in search of their own meaning. They don’t believe in going to a specific place to pray or practise spirituality. It can be done anywhere. Millennials seem to be more interested in doing more good to the world rather than focused on what they should believe or are told to believe. They are more in control of themselves.

Many millennials are not affiliated with any religious community. It was the millennial generation that was more accepting of marijuana and homosexuality as well. The older generations thought they both were a sin, and many still do. But perhaps it is this backward thinking that leads people away from religion and towards spirituality.

These people believe evolution as a way of explaining human life.

There are different kinds of millennials are as follows:

  • Committed Traditionalists: There are the committed who have a strong religious faith and live out their lives practicing those beliefs.
  • Selective Adherents: They believe and practice certain aspects of their religious traditions but ignore or neglect others
  • Spiritually Open: These adults are not very committed to a particular religious tradition but are receptive to or mildly interested in at least some spiritual or religious matters.
  • Religiously Indifferent: These people are not interested in practicing religion, but they do not actively oppose it.
  • Religiously Disconnected: These adults are neither interested in nor opposed to religion. They have little or no connection to religious ideas, persons, or organizations.
  • Irreligious: These people are skeptical about religion and often make critical arguments against religion in general. They comprise no more than 10 percent of the population of emerging adults.

So it’s pretty clear that not all people, specifically the millennials have the same interests or needs as others. But everyone would benefit from spirituality as it helps them develop meaningful lives and contribute to society. Belief in God may be lower among the millennials than among older adults. But for this generation spirituality and humanity go hand in hand.

There you have it. An article on the numerous impacts of millennials spirituality in an ever-growing, scary yet beautiful world. What are you waiting for? Go out, take a walk in your neighbor, appreciate the trees, the birds, the sun and the sky. It’s time we support ourselves in being more aware and present. Help yourself, to help the world. We owe it to ourselves to live a conscious life.



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