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How Does Video Games Affect The Children In Our Generation?

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Table of contents

  1. Main Point A is “Social skills”
  2. “Lack of rest”
  3. Bad influences/Habits
  4. The type of games played

How does video games affect the children in our generation? Video games affect children in our generation in multiple ways. In this research you will find that video games affects children in our generation because it causes lack of being social , lack of sleep/rest, and causes bad habits/bad influences .Therefore , it distracts them from everything and that is the only thing they are focused on instead of their schoolwork, their family,or anything that actually matters. Can video games affect children in the future ? Yes, It also could affect the children in the future in the 3 main points included , and they will be explained. “Im hearing more and more people seeing the level of violence in video games is really shaping young young people thoughts “. Which is true because video games could affect children and cause them to become murderers , robbers , and thieves in the future of their life .

Main Point A is “Social skills”

According to research ( the data was collected through questionnaires filled out by parents and teachers, and the children responded to the questions through an interactive tool. Also, from my own experience , it caused me to stop going out of the house, calling/communicating with my family, and responding to messages. According to ( “ This lack of social interaction that results from obsessive gaming can have long-term social consequences . An addicted teenager would not develop effective social skills, which will hinder his ability to develop and maintain healthy relationship in college and beyond. Suddenly, he is 21 but has the social skills of a 15 year old. He does not know how to make friends, talk to girls or just ‘‘hang out’’ and enjoy people’s company . The social weirdness created by the isolationism of gaming addiction unfortunately, feeds the addiction . Video games makes you become very antisocial, like not calling your family , getting out the house, being really “weird” as people say, and losing your friends . According to ( “They fear that the number of hours their children spend gaming is directly related to the decline in the number of hours they spend playing or communicating with real people. The average amount of time spent by a person playing video games has been recorded at 18 hours a week. With the numbers seeing a steady rise over the last few years, BT finds out if there is any truth in the statement that the next generation could be one that lacks social skills.” That research make perfect sense and is very accurate to me because I’ve experienced myself becoming antisocial from playing video games for lots and lots of hours .

“Lack of rest”

Video games affects children because children with high video game addiction gives them risks of sleep deprivation. According from my research A Study held by Flinders University found that A 2012 study held by Flinders University found “participants who played video games for 150 minutes or more at night experienced a delay in falling asleep of 39 minutes, according to their sleep journals. They also lost an average of 27 minutes in total sleep loss during the night.” Also , from my experience of playing video games , video games caused me to stay up all night long and not get any sleep on a daily basis . There was man that died from no sleep playing a video game . Vigneault, 35, was in the midst of a 24-hour gaming marathon that raised money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation when he died, according to a report in The Virginia-Pilot. The lack of rest is what caused him to his death . Video games also made me stay almost every night , never getting any sleep , and I would only rest for 5 hours which is terrible. According to studies from ( 2012 study held by Flinders University found that participants who played video games for 150 minutes or more at night experienced a delay in falling asleep of 39 minutes, according to their sleep journals. They also lost an average of 27 minutes in total sleep loss during the night.The researchers also found that playing games caused a drop on the amount of time spent in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep – a loss of 12 minutes for those who spent over two hours playing games. Which makes sense because the more longer I would play the less tired I would get overnight and cause me the play longer and longer every single night because I would not be tired anymore .

Bad influences/Habits

With the over exposure of video games can lead to youths becoming murderers do to the fact of correlational studies . From my research, “Those that examine violent media consumption and aggression outside the lab – it could be that aggressive kids want to play aggressive games, or that an outside factor such as family background causes both. But an experiment randomly assigns participants to play a violent vs. a non-violent video game, and then measures aggression.”

That fact finds that playing violent video games does , indeed, cause aggression. The video game industry would not want to believe that their product leads to aggressive and violence in real life . “Some point out that violent crime has declined over the last twenty years as video games have become more vivid and violent.” Which is true , and I know this because I also play a lot a video games myself that are really violent . According to research from ( “It's true that some studies have shown certain video games can improve hand–eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and the mind's ability to process information. But too much video game playing may lead to health problems. It's hard to get enough active play and exercise if you're always inside playing video games .And without enough exercise, kids can become overweight. Really overdoing video games also could affect other important stuff, like friendships and how well a kid does in school. And kids who play violent video games might act more aggressively.” Those are all facts as you all know , video games actually cause all the things that was in the quote , and all of those causes are the reasons why video games is a bad influence on children in our generation.

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The type of games played

Point A is Grand theft auto , this game is the most common video that kids play and is the most bad influencing video game there is. Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best games of the century, but should be denied to trustworthy 13 year old game enthusiasts. There is a lot of swearing and violence in this game though. The video game is already rated ‘M’ for ‘Mature’ , but children still play the video game which is a bad sign already. The negative things about grand theft auto are shooting, prostitutes, getting drunk, strippers, nudity, fighting, grand theft auto, and stealing. All of those negatives things can affect children in the future and cause them to those negative actions.

From experience , my little brother was playing this game and he was shooting a gun on the video game, after a while she became addicted to the game and started to get excited shooting and seeing toy guns. It has a really big influence on these children and I know this from playing the game myself. According to research from (”These studies show that violent video games increase aggressive thoughts and angry feelings and lead to higher heart rate and blood pressure and more aggressive behavior”. Referring to “these studies “ they are talking about the actions that are in the game. I also was influenced from this game because by it being so fun , the bad things in the game makes you want to try it in the real world like becoming a drug dealer , robber , thief , and even a pimp.

Point B is Fortnite , this game is the most addictive video game at the current moment and causes kids to never get off the game . From researching on fortnite “Fortnite: Battle Royale,' a multiplayer, last-man-standing shooter, is the hottest game of the year, expected to rake in $2 billion by the end of the year.” It can be played for free on every console and screen, from Xbox to iPhone. Although rated 'T for Teen' in the United States,” it’s no secret that many of the game's more than 125 million players are kids and that many have a hard time stopping.” This game has taken over the gaming community by a long shot , kids don’t even want to go out the house anymore because all they want to do is play the game . My brother once stole my mother’s credit to card to buy things on fortnite and spent $200 on outfits to make his player look better . By him being addicted to playing the game , it caused him to steal her card ( do bad things) . Concern among parents and experts that 'Fortnite' is addicting for children comes at a time of heightened focus on problematic video gaming. This summer, the World Health Organization officially labeled “Gaming Disorder” as a mental health condition. It describes the condition as “a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior,” defined by impaired control over an escalating video game habit, which “takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities.” There is so many dances and emotes that kids love that causes the children to copy everything they do , no matter what it is . Fortnite is so addictive that it even has 7 year olds playing the game late at night not getting any rest so they could become a higher level , which is very sad how video games could cause little kids to play games like that .

Point C if Mortal Kombat , This game has been out longer than any other game that i mentioned and has been affecting children before this generation and even now. This one game led to the establishing of the entertainment software rating board, and is still, quite possibly, one of the most historically controversial games ever. From my research “Mortal Kombat was admired by critics but inevitably better known for its unashamed glorification of murder. It allowed combatants to rip the heart out of a vanquished foe, or tear the head off a fallen opponent, and hold the appendage up a trophy”. The game encouraged players to do this with the infamous message 'Finish him!' that would repeatedly flash on the screen when a bout was over. The game is also Rated “M” for mature but children under 18 would still play the which is a bad idea because of the actions in the video game. Mortal Kombat has always pushed the limit. As time goes on, the bar is raised and developers reach for it. Honestly, I would not let my child play the original ones either. I'm pretty sure most parents that post here are knowledgeable enough to know what they want their kids to play and what is unacceptable for their age.according to( )”this mortal kombat game is not for kids and parents you need to know that mortal kombat has one of the most over the top violence that you can ever imagine a lot of blood and gore also when you performed a fatality on your opponent it can be very disturbing and hard to watch also there is some partial nudity shown when it comes to the female characters there breast bounces up and down when they fight and also they dress inappropriate” Mortal Kombat is also known for being the “bloodiest, goriest game”. This game could cause children to have brutal fights and try to kill someone because of what happens in the game.The game also has a lot of curse words that could cause children to use those words as well at a young age.

Playing video games can create bad eyesight, obesity, and numbness in the finger & hands because of over-exertion. Back pains are also experienced by children that play video games constantly. In the article “ Negative Effects of Video Games: it’s worse than you thought” it states, “One of the most common health issues that is faced by most individuals, adults and children alike, addicted to playing video games is obesity. Addicted gamers often face this problem because they tend to sit in one place for a long time and hence their body practically misses out on any kind of physical activity.” This means that video games can lead to health hazards. According to a research, conducted at “ The Council on Science and Public Health” Dr. Mohamed K. Khan has stated hat “Constant video-gaming may put people at a risk of photosensitive seizures, a form of epilepsy triggered by constantly flashing lights and speedily moving objects.” Playing video games could cause children to have poor academic performance . “Studies show that kids who play video games without a limit get lowers grades than those who have a limited time to play them. However, some educational games can benefit you, unlike violents games… They can cause you to skip out on assignments, which might lower your grade.” That quote makes perfect sense because violent games causes you to act out and never finish your assignments or even attend class, but certain video games also gives you knowledge . Also, video games affects a person’s ability to identify visually .

“Three or more hours at one sitting will lose those benefits. In addition to increasing the risk of computer eye syndrome, excessive video game use can cause eye discomfort, focusing problems, blurry vision and headaches .” Video games is the main reason children can not function at the level they should be on. Researchers interpreted the findings to suggest that video game playing can “compound kids' existing attention problems.” But the study results don't offer supporting evidence that the games cause or worsen the attention problems they just suggest that kids who play the most have more severe ADHD symptoms. Also video games could kill you , you may think that weight gain is the worst health risk associated with playing video games too often or for too long. They are even worse possibilities that can happen . According to my research ( “a 20-year-old 'Xbox addict' recently died after playing his games for up to 12 hours at a time. Unfortunately, Chris isn’t the first gamer to suffer from extended play. In fact, reports of gamers collapsing in Asia after playing for 15 hours at a time are fairly common, and in 2005 a South Korean gamer died after playing online games for three days straight without a break.” Video games is not something you should want to play everyday or a extended amount of hours because the effects of playing the video games isn’t worth losing your life, ruining your life , and losing friends/family. Many of the most popular games emphasize negative themes. They promote the killing of people or animals, the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, criminal behavior, disrespect for the law and other authority figures, sexual exploitation and violence towards women, racial, sexual and gender stereotypes, and foul language obscenities and obscene gestures.

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