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How Each Of Us Supports Child Labor

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We were given a independent investigation project and the goal of this project was to research a question,create notes,write a report and present a presentation.The question that I researched was What regular items could you find in your home that might have been produced through child labor? How would you know? I picked this question because many people don’t know that the products they are using are produced by children.I found out many things that even I didn’t know that surprised me and made me aware of the things I use and where it comes from,I also learned about many ways to find out.

Examples Of Things Made By Child Labor

Website Used:“Products Made by Child Labor – with Alternative Options.” End Slavery Now,

There are many things that we use on a daily basis that are produced through child labor. Shoes,all of us wear shoes everyday weather it is to go to school or work or anywhere we use shoes everyday, Nike is a very big company of shoes which uses child labor while creating their shoes if your looking for alternative options other ar many fair trade companies which makes shoes fairly a example of a company would be oliberte they have shoes which are made by workers who are fairly paid and eligible to work.

Another big one would be sugar,harvesting sugar can be a challenge since we live in a age where we all are addicted to sugar we need more of it and so we need more workers to help harvest and so many children are recruited to help if you are looking for sugar that is made without child labor look for sugar packages with a fairtrade symbol which i will talk more about later in the report.

Many carpets are produced by children and they are forced to weave carpets 14 + hr/day if they ruin a carpet there are many consequences that they have to face and a big one is they get abused.After hearing this I am aware of the stuff some children have o go though just for us to get a carpet but in most cases there is a solution there is a company called goodweave which is helping get children out of carpet weaving and into school.Goodweave also sells carpers which has no use of child labor and and their certified.

In the country of uzbekistan the whole country is obligated to pick cotton during the harvest season also including the children.This cotton is then in many of the clothes we are wearing everyday a good alternative for this is to wear clothes that use no child labor like People Tree which is a 100% no child labor brand.

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How Do You Know The Products You Are Using Are Not Made By Child Labor

Website Used:“What Is the FAIRTRADE Mark?” Fairtrade Canada,

I already talked about some examples of things that are created with child labor and gave some labor free options but what if your going shopping and you need to find out if the product your purchasing is free of child labor.

The fairtrade mark is a very popular ethical label around the world, the fairtrade symbol on a product which clearly contains the international fairtrade standards.This symbol is trusted ny customers in more than 120 countries.Research found out that

  • 85% Canadians Trust The Fairtrade Mark
  • 80% Of those who trust it say it positively impacts their awareness of those products
  • 73% of coustumers would recommend to friends/family

The fairtrade symbol ensures that:

  • A)Their is a fair price paid to farmers
  • B)They have a highstandard of human rights
  • C)Their are safe working conditions
  • D)Their is no child labor

Make sure that the products you re bying have the fairtrade symbol on it so you can know the product you are purchaing if free of child labor for more information visit

Use websites/apps that tell you if your product is made from child labor

Their are many apps/websites which give you information and data on weather your product is free from child labor an example of a app would be free2work this app uses barcode scanning technology to see weather your product is free from any type of labor including child labor, if you download this app next time you go shopping you can scan the barcode of your product and check if its etically made currently 400 brands are on this app.


Therefore many things in our life are not 100% free of child labor or slavery many children in third world countries are forced to work and make carpets, harvest sugar or make shoes and this cant’e be stoped fully but can be pervented by reading pckages carefully or esearching I hope you learned a lot abou how to identify prodiuct with child labor and things we usee evryday that ere made from child labor, You can also help because every cent counts in these childrens lives.


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