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How Gender Discrimination, Age And Sexual Orientation Is Relevant To Health And Social Care And Society

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This reflective assessment by applying Gibbs models (1998) the aim is to highlight how inequality and discrimination by gender and sexual orientation are relevant to health and social care setting and in the society, also how the lectures was dedicated the issue about equality act ,diversity, human right and discrimination in social situation also how this model helps me to understand about the subject and I was really interesting in gender discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination because is more used at work and society. One problem happened to my work one of staff refused to participate in the meeting of LGBT because of this belief. In the module the lecture was talking about the Equality Act 2010 and this legislation with cannot be allowed to discriminate persons because of this gender, sexual orientation, religion or believe, age, race, disabilities and son on. Moreover for diversity how individuals claim different identities and must be respect because we are all human being according to each person orientation.

One learning experience in the module about the issue of an elderly violet Simpson 84 years the doctor discriminate her because of her ages in this case the doctor shouldn’t discriminate she has right for life and treatment also she supposed to be treated equally according to Equality act 2010.An article about equality legislation and diversity is in social care patient about the sex orientation shouldn’t be discriminate because of their sexually orientation most people lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGBT) and women they often be discriminate for instance low pay wage and they shouldn’t do that because all human have right to choice want they want to be and follow human right respond to the issue about a patient suffering for irreversible diseases because to this kidneys failure and the hospital treat him inappropriately they should avoid discrimination and promote equality, dignity, human right, inclusion and understand addition respect article 2 the UK human rights Act 1998 this saying the right to life for everyone.


I firstly felt very excited about the module to learn all the theories about the ethics and values as human being such as equality, diversity, inclusion, human right, discrimination and so forth and always follow the code of conduct to be morally responsible when you are working in health and social care. I was confused by the content of the lecture and the issue and case study was presented in each lecture to read and find the answer to resolve the problem and I was generally unaware of how much significant discrimination take place in our society and in health and social care setting and can be by race, sexual orientation, age gender and son on. I was also sad seeing in 21 century steel have people discriminated because of their choice also their gender, sexual orientations and ages. Other things I was unsure about equality act to this legislation the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 women steel discriminate even in UK in term of the wages also I for myself thought this no longer take place in this day and age. Want I feel good for now is this new set of information made me feel well prepared to face a professional context, however more than all it made me conscious of the huge extent of work I still essential to do to be totally prepared to enter in my carer the job and, most vitally, to care correctly and to put the service users in the centre of care. A result of it has been the necessity to learn and research supplementary on the topic of discrimination and bias.


Things went very well during the progress of the model was the lecture help me to understand to a well extent the problems linked to discrimination can be by age, gender, sexual orientation, race and bias in a professional and social context. , I consider an accent should have been situated, for instance, on discrimination based on disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or religion. Because there are so many forms of discrimination such as bullying, labelling, infringement legal and moral right and so on. Also the lecture clarify to as the theories that are against those inequalities in every case study such as Equality at 2010, diversity, and human right Act 1998 moreover the issues about stigma, labelling and stereotyping how often mental health is stigmatise in society mostly in Black minority ethics in UK (BME).I was excited to know all theories and how to prevent a service user to be discriminate as student in health and social care.

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Want went bad is to know heath inequality and social still exist in work place for example women are discriminate because of their gender low paid wages than men and age discrimination to older people even in health and social care setting. I begin to see in other angles because of all concepts I get during the module to not put some people in priority than other is unfair because we are all human being and right to treat equality even we are coming from different ethnic group, race, my professional career I will treat people with dignity and equally.


The UNESCO defines the gender as the roles and responsibilities of men and women that are created in our societies and families also the characteristics, aptitudes of women and men. (UNESCO, 2003). ). It is essential to know how gender inequality touches both the reception of healthcare and in certain parts of the world, or within certain communities. For instance Bangladesh still have obstacle in term of distribution of resources between men and women the CEDAW committee has testified that they are a main obstacle to endorsing equal rights in the household. Moreover the Committee records that reviewing all laws is a challenge for the Government as the adaptation because the laws require arrangement of all spiritual addition polygamy is acceptable for men but not for women (CEDAW, 2015).According to the lecture slice could maybe argue that public institutions of health care and social care also the government in worldwide should planned it the resources in terms of equity such as fair distribution, supports, treatments and son on according to each person needs. Discrimination, as mentioned, can take many forms, including that of gender bias according to M.F. Özbilgin.(2009).Majority of women have been excluded in society even in social care setting and in social market and push women to become entrepreneurs because they fell discriminated or exclude with males in organisations. Also salary was the most often to be testified form of discrimination. On the other hand, thinking of gender biased healthcare sharing as an issue solely linked to countries where women are considered socially unequal to men would be terrible mistake. Michael Marmot’s opinion as proposed that in this book 2004 ,status syndrome the main fundamental cause of heath inequalities in society are differences in social status and it is better to apply Equality act 2010 for all precisely in UK. ). For example, executive or highly decisional positions have a habit of to be associated to male figures, but personal care ones are frequently defined as “women” jobs (Hunt and Batty, 2009).

The LGBT group’s experiences insufficient access to health care, including substandard provision of health care services, compared to non-LGBT persons. Heath body for instance Doctor, nurses, HCA some of them are refusing to touch LGBT patient, used harsh language also blamed for the health issue and majority of them safer of abuse and discrimination, and lead them for suicidal and others problems. ( TRAVIS FRANKLIN CHANCE.2013). Is not acceptable according to human right Act 1998 in this article 14 for this convention to secured individuals without discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion. Furthermore Nurses must recognise the role of ethics board in balancing reasonable treatment and guidance with patients’ rights to respect and dignity. (Marta Elena Losa Iglesias and, Ricardo Becerro de Bengoa Vallejo, 2014).according to the lecture slice Human rights belong to everyone, all of the time not only certain groups or at certain times the incident at work my colleague should learn more about human right laws and equality act as well human right are not only about the protection of particular individuals and groups in society but are a practical framework to protect the rights of everyone.

Sigelman and Sigelman (1982) discovery that ageism was in point of fact a stronger force than either sexism or racism in candidate choice, by means of older individuals from all race and gender groups being at a disadvantage. For instance discrimination in term of employment women for their 20s compared to women in their 50s.( Todd A. Collins at el,2017).

The research found that over 65 per cent of workers between aged 50 and 64 they have been going through unfair given jobs no one else desired and they notice that they have been discriminated because of their age. Not long ago AARP study found that sixty-four per cent of workers ages forty-five to seventy-four said that have seen or experienced age discrimination. ( Kevin M. Cremint.2017).


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