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How Has Creativity Helped You in Problem Solving: Essay

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Creative problem solving is an ability that can be acquired


This paper discusses the meaning of creativity and creative problem solving as creative problem thinking is considered to be a vital asset for any person who is in a leadership role .and As creativity is increasingly being recognized as a key skill for successful managers so the reason why people need creativity in their life that for example on jobs it helps to do things better and faster. The shining side is that Creative problem solving is an ability that can be acquired. the brain is a muscle so it can be trained like other muscles in our bodies. research has proved that there are some steps that people use to be creative and how creative problem thinking to be there is a relationship between creativity and thinking out of the box so people need to come up with different and new ideas. There are some myths about creativity.


What is creativity? If creativity thinking is how to generate a new idea by getting out of the box and what is the tool to achieve it? it is complicated to define creativity because the concept has more than one dimension but it involves an ability to come up with different and spot-on new viewpoints. Also how to break down our restrictions of knowledge about any subject so everyone can gain new insights.


“Creativity is two-level, the first level is new discovery real novel or ideas which depart from what exists at a given point in time, the second one is creativity is as a characteristic possessed by many scientists in their claims about new insights or ideas” (Maslow,1954) .maslow also saw that creativity is a part of human nature. “The process of becoming sensitive to problems,deficiencies, gaps in knowledge, missing elements, disharmonies, and so on; identifying the difficulty; searching for solutions, making guesses or formulating hypotheses about the deficiencies; testing and retesting them, and finally communicating the results” (Tarrance,1965).

A scientist shows that there are some myths about creativity like that people are born with a creative instinct and they can’t learn how to be creative, the smarter you are, the more creative you are, the young people are more creative than the old, creativity is a solitary act and you can’t manage creativity.

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People can acquire the ability of creative problem solving as when they look for ideas some ideas can be generated by chance so it accuses some curious or inquiring how and why. how to know to get out of the box that the thinker needs to practice, where they go and how they come back. the box is the reality where they live .inside this box all feel safe so they must know how to accept the different ideas and how to deal with them. As known that the brain is a muscle like other a muscle in the human body so people can train it how to think in creativity.

Research proved that there are some techiness that works some of the time, the key is how to mix them together and make them match each other the first step is “ asking the compelling question” that “what if” “In the imaginative phase, you ask questions such as: What if? Why not? What is the assumption? What rules can we break? What about if we looked at this backward? could we borrow a metaphor from other disciplines? The motto of the imaginative phase is: Thinking something different.”(Roger Von Oech,1980). The challenge of using creative -problem-solving techniques allows people mind’s how to play out different scenarios.

  • the second step is to “find your center” as it is important that thinking must be clear so removing inner confusion.
  • the third one is ‘explore the content’ as one urgent necessity is to zoom out from the content of the problem and examine the context of the situation
  • .fourth is ‘seek wisdom’ by asking an experienced advisor from outside your industry for their thought on your problem can yield. even better, instead of asking them what they would do in your situation ask them what question they would ask.
  • the fifth one is: that it is important to make notes on ideas as they arise as Graham tells the story of a man “who had so brilliant an idea that he went into his garden to thank God for it, and found on rising from his knees that he had forgotten it, and never recalled it”.(graham,1962).
  • six one is ‘walk away’ Scientists show that anyone seeks hard to solve the problem but sometimes the best solution to this problem is to stop trying to solve it just sleep on it. but be careful t seems as though it needs to train and remind to ‘walk away’ because the mind thinks it can push its way through the problem. In the end ‘switch roles’ try to adapt your thinking, and shift your perspective so you approach the problem from another angle.

Using six thinking hates as there are facts, control, feeling, creativity, positive and negative.


Creativity is thinking out of the box and maybe this way not to be comfortable to people because this box is the reality of what they live .creative problem solving is an ability that people can acquire. Like lots of things around us, there is some myth about creative problem thinking that scientists proved and produce some techiness that people could use to update their thinking.


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