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How I Became Literate in Playing the Piano

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As a young child I remember being passionate about playing the piano and music. But of course like every other person one must learn how to play and understand music itself. I have not learned how to read sheet music quite well, and is something that I lack in. I spent most of my time trying to learn how to play the piano and play different styles of music with friends and family — everyone seems to have a different taste in music. Along the way I began playing little by little till I could play by ear. It takes me a few tries to get it down, but usually give me about five minutes and I can get the song down and play it. Which is a lot better than when I first started when it took me hours. My parents were the main reason I became so dedicated to it. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but they were the ones who encouraged me and bought me a piano.

Going back to where it all started. I was nine years old when I went to a youth event with all the youth from my church. It was in Wichita, Kansas which is about two hours away from where I lived in Enid, Oklahoma. There was a band that played I don’t recall the exact name of the band but I remember really enjoying their music, and the way the piano player played. It was a hot day in June not long from when school was out in May. I was talking to other people that came to the event from many places and getting to know them and just meet new people before the event started. I later walked inside to the event which was about to start with my friends, but since we were caught up talking with other people we got seats in the back. I remember when the band came out and walked towards their instruments the piano really seemed to catch my attention. It was an elegant black piano with lights around it and just made it stand out. It had a second piano above it, and I was just fascinated by the sound that it produced. That day I was determined to play and be as good or even better for my church.

In order for me to be able to play the piano, I needed to have one first. That is where my parents came in. It was not the best piano it had its scuffs, and was worn out a bit but had great sound. I was really glad to have a piano. My oldest step-brother knew how to play, so he offered to teach me a little of what he knew. He taught me the main keys and showed me the proper way to position my hands and how to play. It was tricky at first, I used to have trouble with the sharps and found it difficult at first. I usually practiced on my own for about an hour a day by myself sometimes added an extra thirty minutes if I didn’t have other plans so, I eventually caught on. I began listening to music that I loved and tried playing them and whenever I could play one song I went to another and so on. This motivated me to continue practicing and playing.

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I played the piano for about seven years continuously and then on and off about a year or two. Although my brother taught me what he knew, I wanted to learn more and experience something different with music. That is when I started to play on my own and listen to people sing and try to play by just their voice instead of having the notes right in front of me. This really helped me in remembering the sounds that each key makes and allowed me to play many songs. Meanwhile, while working after school I had been saving to buy myself a better piano with the money I made. I was able to buy a Williams Allegro 2 88-key piano. Which was an update from my first one. After a while I stopped playing and decided to take a break from it. It wasn’t until my freshman year that I saw a piano and decided to play and realized how much I missed the rush it gave me and learning new chords and songs, and playing songs that my friends enjoyed listening to. My youth leader from my church was looking for someone to play the piano. This opportunity was probably one of the reasons why I began practicing again, because I didn’t want to mess up during an actual service on stage. Everyone in the band made it enjoyable since we were playing songs that we all really loved and encouraged one another.

While I played for my youth leader at my local Hispanic church, there was an American church that was looking for someone to play the piano on Sundays. The pastor for the American church decided to speak to my former pastor to see if it was okay for me to play for them as well. Of course, the choice was up to me so, I took the opportunity when I saw it. I really enjoyed playing for both congregations I thought of it as double the practice. I was fascinated by the way music worked in not only one language but both English and Spanish, and how some songs could be put together and be sung in both languages at the same time. Every Saturday we would practice for Sunday’s songs list. It really taught me to be committed and responsible when it came to practicing music. Not only that but along the way I learned how to play by ear and mess with other notes and mix them up together and explore within the piano to create beautiful music and sounds. I found this very fun and saw music as a way to sort of be free and express how you’re feeling through the piano. It was something that took my mind off things and made my days a lot better.

There are all sorts of music from worship music to whatever it is that other people enjoy listening to, having the opportunity to learn the piano and take my time and dedication towards it has been an awesome experience that has opened my taste towards music. Music has gotten me through some very rough times in my life. It was because the songwriter of the song I listened to was able to express what they were trying to say through music very well, and set a great example of how to express emotions in a healthy manner to others. Playing the piano helped me through my parents’ divorce. It got me through difficult times in school, breakups and rough days. Most importantly, playing the piano gave me the ability to keep going and be who I am today. Being able to get on a piano and produce music with my hands has been a gift. I am happy to say that I am literate in playing the piano.

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