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How Life Is Like A Chess Game

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The game of chess can be so much fun that some people devote most of their waking time to the game. As time goes on their intelligence and skill for the game grows, which can make the game more interesting and compelling. Chess is a game where every decision made has an impact on the remaining game. Just like in life, one decision can land someone in a horrible situation and change their whole life forever. Life is one huge chess board and all the pieces represent the types of people in this world. In both chess and life, our possible paths are practically infinite. Yet, chess is just a game and if you lose then you can just start all over, but life it’s not a game it’s reality and when you mess up you can’t just start all over again.

Chess is a strategic board game played all over America today. The chessboard is made up of sixty-four checkered tiles with sixteen pieces lined up on the each ends of the board. Each side consists of a king, a queen, two rooks (castles), two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. All the pieces on the board can move in different strategic positions and each has different limitations. Each piece on the chessboard is moved strategically to over power the opponent’s King and how players win the game.

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Before starting a game of chess, one must know how to move the pieces correct positions just like how in life before becoming a responsible adult, one must mature and finish school. Most schools don’t teach young people how to survive in life which leads to many of the youth to turn to the world. On the streets of this world, many people offer mobility and security at times. Some appear to be “lucky” and have already been planted into positions of power. Yet, others have to work vigorously harder to be successful or move up the chain of life. A chess pieces’, power is linked to its mobility just like in life how someone makes choices to become more successful. The more mobile a piece is the more powerful it is.

Chess is all moving the pieces in the right strategic way and outsmarting the opponent. Pawns can only move forward one, but on their first move it can move two squares if desired. It can capture an opponent’s piece by moving one square forward diagonally. Even though pawns can’t do much and can only move one space at a time but they can be a huge advantage. Sometimes in our world people treat others in their life like pawns. Constantly, people are so arrogant and use others like they aren’t even people by using them to their own advantage. This is good in chess but, bad in life. It’s often forgotten that pawns aren’t people. Human beings should never be abused or used like slaves. In life though, sometimes one has to sacrifice the things you love for the better.

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