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How Modern Technology Influences Consumer Behavior

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Throughout the years, media has proven to be a very powerful tool for influencing a large number of audiences from different walks of life. Most of the time, people are unaware that the digital media is already manipulating their purchasing behavior and buying decisions by creating appealing advertisements on different media platforms, which is part of their goal to attract more consumers.

According to a website of Scotch and Ramen, a media agency that works on reporting business tips and articles, business companies should always consider their consumers’ expectations, such as what they want and need. It is an effective way for them to find the business more appealing than other companies, and they also suggested that there are several studies that claimed that companies have been using a combination of psychology and the power of digital media to create a great effect on the consumer behavior.

Also, the pace of change that society is experiencing today is having an effect on how people consume things. With the help of technology, people have an easier way to buy products through online shops that can easily be accessed on their phones and computers, and this is why technology plays an important role in shaping the way how companies will conduct their business from now on.

Social media advertisements

Since social media became accessible to a lot of people, businesses have been using its different platforms to influence a lot of audiences to buy their products. Most, if not all, of them have created accounts on various social media in order to reach their target audiences much easier and for the public to have some kind of access to them, especially when they want to voice out their concerns and suggestions to the companies with respect to the products or services they paid for.

Digital Marketing Institute, a company that provides professional certification to marketing educators, compared the interaction between potential customers and businesses to a spinning roulette wheel, where the ball acts as the company’s message, which will spin and bounce as the roulette wheel turns before landing on a space (i.e. a customer). The roulette wheel is the social media that allows the companies to have an interaction with the people in a larger public venue.

In the United States, Americans spend an average of 23.6 hours online every week, and they usually spend this time checking and updating their social media accounts. MDG Accounts, a creative marketing company, elaborated on their website that social media enables the advertisers to spend less on their advertisements when it comes to print media. In 2018, they reported that brands devoted 33% of advertisement spend on digital platforms.

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Social media is also a way for businesses to engage new customers with the help of popular hashtags and targeted ads. They are also making sure that their advertisement is very pleasing to their audiences so that they could effectively attract them to try new products and services and keep them loyal to the brand.

Online shops

Shopping could be a therapeutic activity for a lot of people, but most of the time shopping in a crowded store with everyone rushing to get what they want to buy could be very stressful, not to mention the long lines at the checkout counters. This kind of scenario is common during the holiday season where almost everyone is busy buying gifts for the people closest to them. Thus, one of the benefits that digital media has brought to humanity is the rise of online shops.

According to a blog called anilasnook, online shops provide consumers with the convenience of avoiding standing in a long queue just to buy the things they need. There are now a lot of online shop apps that are downloadable to the smartphones and let the customers compare the prices and search for the lowest one or the top-rated products.

Because of this, the competition between the sites to attract customers brings great benefit to the customer since most of these online shops offer deals and discounts in order to attract potential customers, especially on special holidays, national holidays, and important festivals. Customers are also attracted whenever reputed brand names announce deals and promos on their website despite the reality that they’re still offering expensive products despite the supposedly slashed-down prices.

Encourages innovation

Due to the innovations that technology allows social media platforms to have, various companies continue to work harder in creating products and advertisements aimed to generate a lot of profit for their company. Most of these businesses also require their employees to stay abreast of the latest technologies and social media trend in order for them to have a fighting chance in the digital competition.

It is advisable to have a skilled workforce that will be able to work on the latest and most relevant technologies, strategies, and techniques, which they could use to put their brands ahead of the competition.

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