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How Namaz Improve Immunity

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Through prayers of Namaz, Muslims surrender to Allah five times in a day. Ask forgiveness for their own sinful deeds, seek forgiveness for all the sins committed in the creation of the world. Seek the help of Allah in every rakhat in every prostration, to be guided to the easy and straight path.

Concentrated prayers purify the mind as well as the body, making it holy, pure, active. A Muslim prayer namaz five time, in a day. it is mainly divided into faraj sunnat and nafle. The obligatory prayers are performed in two rakhat, three rakhat or four rakhats. Obligatory prayers which you must perform. The obligatory prayer with the least number of rakhat is Fajr, which is only two rakhat.A total of 17 rakhats of obligatory prayers have to be performed five times in a day. And if it is with circumcision, it is performed for 48 rakhat every day. If nafl is performed, the Namaz have to be performed through more and more rak’ats.

It is obligatory to perform ablution on a clean body and cloth before every prayer. The water of that ablution also has to be clean, pure and holy. Nose, mouth, ears, hair, hands, feet are all to be cleaned with water during ablution. It is the only religion in Islam to repeatedly surrender to the Creator in a clean and pure body and in solitude.

During the prayers, in addition to tying the hands during each rak’ah, one has to stand, sit, bow, prostrate, return the salutation, etc., in a total of 8 to 9 different physical gestures, each time at a certain time. The position in this posture is a rule for all healthy people, the same for a certain period of time.

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During the Namaz, the muscles of each pair of the human body contract and expand in a balanced manner. This is why Namaz are called yoga exercises, the best physical exercises necessary for the body. If a person prays Namaz five times in a day, he does not need to exercise separately to keep his body healthy.

Physical exercise is mandatory to keep the body healthy and strong, to keep the body’s immunity strong. A Muslim has to perform a total of 14 different l exercise during the two rak’at namaz every day. As such, he has to concentrate on the body 119 times a day, 3750 times a month and 42,840 times a year. Which enhances our natural immunity many times over.

If a Muslim lives an average of 50 years and if he performs only the obligatory prayers from the age of 10, then it is seen that he has to keep his body in a certain posture for a total of 17 lakh 13 thousand 600 times in his whole life. Considered as one of the best body exercises .

The lungs of our body benefit the most through prayers of Namaz and prostration. This is because in this position the lungs can combine oxygen with most of the blood needed by the body. Increases oxygen saturation in the blood. Therefore, it is seen that in the ICU, when the oxygen saturation of the comatose patient deteriorates, the patient is placed in a prostrate position to increase the oxygen in his blood.

From the very beginning, scientists around the world have been advising people to stay clean, wash their hands frequently, and practice regular exercise to improve their immunity. cleanliness and exercise both are combination through prayers namaz

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