How Pathogenic Microorganisms Are Transmitted

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Microorganisms control things from spreading around the body and becoming infectious. It is a process by which items can be decontaminated to remove and destroy pathogens that are going to be a threat to human health. (wyatt et al, 2017).“Microorganisms are passed from one infectious source to another. Some have more than one route of spreading to cause infections.” (The Free Dictionary, 2003-2019).


Contact is the most regular form of transmission. An example of contact transmitted microorganisms viruses which are responsible for many gastrointestinal infections. Direct contact is physical contact from an infected person to another who is vulnerable to transmission of disease or infection. This includes touching, sexual contact with bodily fluids. This can occur in a health and social care setting during a normal caring activity. It is most common with hands as people don't sanitize their hands constantly. Indirect spread of infections can occur when someone comes into contact with the microorganism via a contaminated object. This can be through the air or through vectors such as ticks, malaria etc. (wyatt et al, 2017).

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Transmission happens when droplets contain microorganisms cause during coughing, sneezing and talking are passed through the air. These microorganisms land on others which enter an individual's system through the contact with their mouth. This is very large and can only travel from short distances. The infected droplets may stay on surfaces for a long time, so they might need extra cleaning. An example of microorganisms that are spread by droplets are influenza and colds. Some microorganisms can also cause pneumonia. (, N.A).


Transmission of microorganisms can be consumed from contaminated food and water. They regularly go through the mouth. This can be from spoiled food like if it had been stored or cooked wrong, which provides conditions or the microorganisms to grow. Water that has been in contact with faeces and then it isn't treated but used for drinking and preparing food can also be a source of infection. (wyatt et al, 2017).

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