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How Sugar Can Cause Heart Disease And Diabetes

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Sugar has been proven to be able cause many diseases. It has been scientifically shown by science, that drinks sweetened with sugar can cause an increase in visceral fat and can also cause a raise in blood pressure. Consuming a lot of sugar has also been proven to trigger the liver to discard dangerous fats into the walls of arteries, which can clog them up, slowing down the travel of the blood and can cause disease like heart disease and symptoms like fatigue.

The body requires energy to function and gets most of it from sugars found in foods. The body will use sugars and exert it for exercises and movements. The leftover sugars are converted into fats (or lipids) and are stored in . The body turns sugars into of fats by a procedure called lipogenesis. Lipogenesis is a process in the liver in which glucose is converted into triglycerides, a type of fat. After lipogenesis, the fat cells are grouped with other fat cells to create adipose tissue and are stored until it is needed. Adipose tissue is also used to insulate the body. When the body uses the fats, they are absorbed into the blood and travel to where the energy is needed. As fats flow through the bloodstream, they begin to clog up the walls of arteries, which can slow down the blood. Blood-pressure is also a common way for sugars to cause blood pressure. “Researchers pooled findings from six studies that included a total of more than 240,000 people. They found a 12% higher risk of high blood pressure among people who drank one or more sugary drinks daily compared with those who drank none.” (Sugary drinks seem to raise blood pressure, 2015). High blood pressure can damage the body due to the pressure of blood having to pass through arteries that have a build-up of fat, which means that the heart won’t get enough blood, which can cause heart-disease.

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The body needs glucose inorder to create energy for the cells. It does that through a process called cellular respiration. The formula for cellular respiration is glucose + oxygen → carbon dioxide + water and energy. Inorder to keep the sugar levels your body needs, the pancreas releases insulin. If the body releases too much insulin, you can get a resistance. If your sugar levels are higher than you need, insulin will help store the sugar in the liver so that if it is too low, it can be used. Low sugar levels can cause a disease called hypoglycaemia, which, due to a lack of energy from sugar, can show symptoms like unconsciousness, seizures and can make the body feel weak. High sugar levels can a cause a disease called hyperglycemia, which can cause symptoms like fatigue, headache and thirst/hunger. High sugar levels means the body has to release large amounts of insulin, which can cause type 2 diabetes.

The school provides a few healthy options for food, however the rest of it is not healthy. A few of these unhealthy examples include, CHILL Chocolate Milk, Golden Gaytime ice-cream and Lipton Iced Tea. CHILL contains about 22.2g of sugar per serving. Golden Gaytime contains about 17g of sugar per serving. Iced Tea contains about 26.4 g of sugar per serving. Instead of these 3 unhealthy items, the school canteen could provide students with no-sugar Kombucha, coconut water and Waterfords Lite & Fruity Natural Mineral Water.

Sugar has been proven in many ways to damage the human body and cause many types of disease. High blood pressure and heart disease are caused by sugars that are converted into lipids and dumped into the wall of arteries and slow down blood flow. Sugars also cause diabetes when the body consumes too much sugar, which releases enough insulin from the liver for the body to gain a resistance to insulin.


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