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How Technology Has Caused Change In Bryant Seisnor’s Lifetime?

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Bryant Seisnor, aged 64 (born 18th September 1945), is an Australian male citizen. He has lived in Australia all his life but has visited New Zealand a few times. He has also been to Europe for his holiday. As a child, he lived in Brisbane, Queensland and moved to Sydney when he in 1972 with his family partner. Since then he has lived with his wife in Fairfield.


Throughout Bryant Seisnor’s lifetime, there has been major changes in transport. Comparing the 1960s to now, he states that there has been a significant difference in the model of transport and time as well as the prices including buses and cars, as demonstrated in Appendix 1. The cars, nowadays, cost roughly $20000–$30000 whereas earlier in Seisnor’s life, from 1950s -1960s, a car would cost about $2000–$3000. The appearances of the cars altered as the cars during Bryant’s younger years were low and had a several colours whilst cars today are more of neutral colours and high as Bryant says. The change, Bryant says, is a result of technology. He says it is easier to travel due to the improvement of mechanism and production of cars. Another development Bryant has experienced is communications.


Communicating with others in the 1950s and 60s was very simple it is today as Bryant Seisnor has experienced. The alteration in communicating is dramatically major as communicating today is much quicker, convenient and improved. As established in the transcript, Bryant says that as a kid he would discover information from television or radio. The technology in today’s world is definitely easier as we know. Seisnor has explained that today he could call his children with a press of a button and communicate via FaceTime instead of being there physically. He believes this development is a result of technology as before, without this modified technology, we would be using radios and television for information. Bryant has also been through changes in medicine and health.

Medicine and Health

Bryant Seisnor has noticed changes considering his early years comparisons and health is one. The medicine and health of people were not as good as it is now, as said in the interview transcript. Bryant expressed that the health of people today is unalike to the people’s health when he was younger. He explained that people would pass away at ages of 50 to 65, around the age he is today. Middle-aged people would die from a heart attack whereas today there are people living in their eighties and nineties. Bryant recalls a relative passed away due to heart problems because they didn’t have the same technology we have today. He agrees the improvement of medicine and health was a result of technology as this more advanced development helps health professionals diagnose and help prevent health problems. Seisnor has witnessed many technological changes like manufacturing and shopping.

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What changes have improved Bryant’s life?

The changes that have improved Seisnor’s life include transport, communication, medicine, health, and manufacturing. As illustrated in the transcript, Bryant explains that the establishment of transport and communicating is now easier and quicker, hence why Bryant believes it has improved his life. It is evident in the interview transcript that he also states that medicine and health has benefit his wellbeing in keeping track of his health. Medicine, today, is of better quality and helps prevent many illnesses, he says. The change in manufacturing has also improved Seisnor’s life, as things when he was younger was handmade and consumed a lot of time. These changes have bettered the quality of Seisnor’s life.

What order would Bryant rank the changes?

In the interview, the technological changes was discussed and Seisnor, ranked them in the table below, highlighting what Bryant thought was the best change throughout his life to the least best change.

  • Technological Change Factor Ranking (1 best – 5 least best)
  • Medicine/Health 1
  • Communication 2
  • Transportation 3
  • Manufacturing 4
  • Shopping 5

What technological changes does he expect to occur in the future?

Bryant Seisnor certainly expects more technological changes to occur in the future regarding medicine and communication. Proven in the interview, Bryant explains that the changes are dramatically significant by mentioning the major differences between communication, transportation and manufacturing from back then to today. He explains how improved the communicating are and can see new forms in the future, like transportation.

In what ways do they feel more/less socially connected/isolated now, than in the past?

After having asked the question, Bryant explains that he feels more socially isolated now than in the past. As demonstrated in the transcript, Bryant explains that when he was younger he played with his friends outdoors rather than play on technology as kids would today. He says that when he visits his grandchildren, they seem to be too distracted to enjoy the outdoor experience. Because of this ‘addiction’ to technology, Bryant agrees that he does feel more socially isolated now, than in the past.

In conclusion, there are several technological changes witnessed throughout Bryant Seisnor’s life, most of which helped improve the quality of life. It is evident in the transcript that Seisnor believes the changes, such as medicine, health, transportation and more, were beneficial.

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