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How Technology has Changed Our Lives Essay

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Have you ever found yourself on the road, in the middle of the night, just too tired to drive anymore? Your eyes are getting weary, and all you want to do is lay your head down on a pillow. Most likely, you pull out your phone and look up the nearest hotel. Soon Siri or the GPS will show you directions to where you want to be. But have you ever thought- what if you didn’t have the technology to help us? What if you had to then just keep driving on, into the night without a handy smartphone to rely on? What if we didn’t have the technology to help us in our lives and in similar situations to this? Technology is intensely valuable to us and, and heavily convenient in our lives today. Yes, there are some cons to technology like how much we are addicted to it and how it is affecting teens’ mental health, yet it is helping us so much. there are so many reasons why technology is improving our lives, but three stand out to me. Technology is helpful when it comes to communication, is useful and informal, and is significantly increasing and improving people’s health benefits. This is why technology is helping society.

To begin with, technology makes it much easier to communicate with others. We are able to contact millions of people from almost anywhere at any time. For example, we are able to contact anyone, without standing next to them, verbally, by texting, calling, or emailing. We can tell them anything we want, for any reason. How do you think humanity would do if there was none of this? We would still be sending telegrams through the mail, which would take much longer to simply send a small message to someone. Also, we are able to talk to people from all over the world through technology. This can be helpful if you have relatives, friends, or someone you know in another country that you need or want to talk to. With technology, we are able to communicate with those not so close to us, but we still want to connect with them. Thanks to technology, we can communicate about upcoming visits, trips, and even just an update about their lives. This can benefit people’s relationships with one another and family members. They also don’t have to be out of the country, any person long distance, or short distance can be communicated by just hitting one button. Next, if there is ever an emergency, and you are in a situation where you need medical contact right away, technology allows us to do exactly that. For instance, if you are somewhere in the neighborhood, and you eye someone in danger for any reason, you can get out your phone and dial 911. If phones didn’t exist, people could be at risk and it would take a lot more effort to get a hold of someone who could help. This is an example of why we need technology to rely on in emergency situations. Without them, we would not be able to get a hold of someone fast enough. Technology can save lives.

Additionally, technology is very useful and informal. Technology can give us so many answers to so many questions. For one, we have the internet and google. Try typing in any questions you have more than 10,000,000 results will almost always come up. We as human beings are constantly using the internet as a helpful resource. Technology can also be used for educational purposes. For example, many schools use google classroom for assignments to get work done in class. According to, “30 million teachers” use google classroom. But that is not the only resource teachers use. According to, “About 63 percent of K–12 teachers use technology in the classroom daily. A new survey from the University of Phoenix College of Education found that daily classroom tech use is up from 55 percent in 2016.” More and more schools are using technology to help teach their classes. We have access to Chrome books, I-pads, and computers in many schools. Tech can be used for studying, on websites like Quizlet, and Kahoot. Teachers use computers and Chromebooks for writing things like essays and assignments. Also, for any sort of school project, with technology students have access to informal websites to find the information they need. Students can access digital databases and libraries, which can contain articles, data and stats, magazines, and even audio recordings; which all give learners the materials they need for any certain class. Don’t forget how technology helps us get to places and find where we need to go. Google maps and GPS can guide to any place, and tell you where you are. According to, “In 2018, some 54 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 years stated they used their cell phone for maps/GPS navigation. New drivers and teens can benefit from navigational technology in this way. Like I said if you are driving and need to find somewhere to stay, technology is the answer.

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Finally, Technology is helping humanity because of various health benefits. Without the technology that we have today, Illnesses and diseases would be harder to find cures for. “Since 1980, medical technology has reduced fatalities from heart disease and stroke by more than half, and deaths from breast cancer by more than a third” ( For one, technology allows us to research further into illnesses and diseases, and help find cures. Scientists are always using new sorts of medical technology to keep searching for answers about certain conditions. The internet can be very useful for scientists when researching something. As Edward Teller said, “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”

If we didn’t have the technology, more and more people would die each year, because scientists and doctors wouldn’t have the right resources to for a cure or treatment for the disease. . Already, 1,735,350 people die from cancer each year, ( but that amount may be reduced if we eventually find the cure. We could save hundreds of thousands of lives. Another pro of technology is genetic testing. Genetic testing helps because you are able to find out if you are likely to get a condition that may run in the family. This way, people can take proper precautions and be more careful about their actions, and that way possibly improves their health conditions. For example, if you got genetically tested and have a good chance of getting skin cancer, you can then you can start putting on more sunscreen or covering up more of your body. If don’t have genetic testing technology, people may be harmed because they didn’t know what to do in order to possibly prevent the thing from happening. The internet can be very useful for scientists when researching something. As Edward Teller said, “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”

As you can see, each day technology is clearly helping us in our daily lives. We are constantly using technology and our society has come to use it so often that we pretty much depend on it. This is how important technology is to us in our world today. It allows us to do so much more, makes our lives a whole lot easier, and can be benefiting the health of so many people. This is why technology is helping- more than harming society. “I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them” (Isaac Asimov).

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