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How The Brain Stores And Retrieve Memories

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The memory is a complicated subject, and the constantly changing memory causes many different effects that can harm or hurt someone. The research regarding storing and retrieving memories of the brain’s information is valid because studies show that when remembering events from the past, the brain will take things relevant to the past memory to help you recall it. Also, memories are what make or define a person, and getting older can cause memory loss and cause injury to said person hurt if memory recall is not treated correctly.

How the brain system works, how people receive memories, and where memories are stored. “Your brain has more than 100 billion cells, called neurons.” “When you learn a fact or see an image, the neurons convert that information into electrical impulses.” The chemicals in the brain help to store and receive the electrical impulses. When people learn new things or remember stuff from the past, the system in the brain tries to find things relevant to the past memory, and the fact that the brain holds memories of everyday life which makes it harder to remember the past memories. Some people will only be able to remember parts of the past and not the smaller details. When trying to recall the smaller details, remembering past events from around that time can help you remember the those details from the past. Sometimes people substitute words or numbers for phrases this is called euphemism. When trying to remember things for a test or a competition the brain starts to find keywords or phrases to help you remember it, and trying to recall images relevant to the subject can help people recall the memory better. Also staying healthy and exercising can help the brain with reincorporating memories. Some people believe that eating or drinking certain things will enrich your memory. So, if the chemicals in the brain are given the right alimentary it will help the brain with retrieval of smaller details, and that getting enough nutrients and sleep can requinish your brain cells. The brain has many different factors that people should know because it can help people to get better at recalling past memories.

What memory is, and how it defines a person’s character. “The term ‘memory’ is used in numerous ways and has several technical definitions. In everyday discourse, memory is generally used to refer to the act of bringing to mind information that is retained from the past.” “The information overload’ problem, long recognized in the computing industry, is becoming a major issue in the private citizens too, as retrieving and selectively deleting (forgetting) these data become ever more of a challenge.” Not everyone knows what role memories play in people’s lives. Memories that have been received in the brain defines what that person will be like in the future, the people from the past, and the ones that are around said person helps to shape that person’s memories. Technologically speaking intellect comes from the things around said person and the people who came before said person. Sometimes people have problems remembering things that a person has known their entire life. Scientists are currently finding ways to reconstruct memories in the brain to help people remember what has been forgotten. Skills are not gained by trying to do something, they come from memories and things that have been seen or heard. Which is a part of everyday behavior of humans. Neuropsychologists are people who study the brain. Neuropsychologists are trying to help understand how to help people with bad memory precision be able to remember more and not lose too many more memories. Memories are just information from the past about important events, and things that have been learned like math, science. History, and reading. The more time people spend on a subject the more likely it will become a long-term memory. Most rely on memories but people don’t know how memories are who we are.

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When people get older it gets harder to remember the past and it becomes a problem because it is at the fault of the brain. Having confusion can be unfortunate and end up causing a lot of harm to the person diagnosed with confusion. “Confusion is a loss of the ability to make or to retrieve memories together with the loss of ability to interpret sensory information.” “It is accompanied by disoriententation and sometimes distress and it disturbes sleep and physical function.” Confusion is most common in the elderly. Getting diagnosed with acute or chronic confusion can cause distress. Chronic confusion is minor confusion and it is not at critical stages. Chronic confusion is not life threatening as long as you treat it before it gets serious and turns into acute confusion and put said person’s life in danger. Acute confusion is a major deal, it can come out of nowhere and can cause said person to die which makes it so dangerous. If an elderly has acute confusion, the person would need emergency surgery. Elderly who are in emotional distress have a higher risk of getting acute confusion. Also taking a high dose of medication can cause acute confusion. A cause of acute confusion is that the organs will start to deteriorate.Most elderly do not have enough financial coverage to treat chronic/acute confusion. Many of the old are poor and do not have money to pay for their medical bill much less a surgery. Some don’t even have a warm place to sleep or a meal on the table everyday. No one realises how serious confusion can be unless someone tells them, which puts said person in more danger than thought.

The internet seems harmless but it is causing a lot of damage to the brain. The internet has made a drastic change in the human brain to where the brain relies on it constantly. “For millennia humans have relied on one another to recall the minutiae of our daily going-on. Now we rely on “the cloud”- – and it is changing how we perceive and remember the world.” “When presented with new information, we automatically distribute responsibility for remembering facts and concepts among members of our particular social group, recalling some things on our own and trusting others to remember the rest. The human race is relying on technology to give the people the information that is needed instead of trying to figure it out by themselves. People rely on technology to play out the day to day life of humankind. Technology is telling humans what to do and when to do it and is running the lives of the people. Most people are treating technology as if it is human. When people are told to remember something there actually receive more memories than people who are not told to remember it. Most people can not live without technology and have to look up the most simple questions because their memory capacity can not hold the information anymore because the brain is used to being told the answer instead of trying to remember it yourself. A Lot of people are more focused on their phones than the world that everyone lives on. This is becoming a problem because kids in school are more focused on their cellular devices than what the teacher is teaching them.

The brain is very complicated but it is what makes people who they are today, and not understanding it and not knowing the risks of what could happen when people get older can put that person in a lot of danger. But knowing how the brain processes memories can help people learn to find different ways to remember things or even recall some memories long forgotten. Also the internet is like a virus that is infecting the human race day by day and changing the way people see the world. As the years have passed humans have evolved into a much more intelligent species than before, and if everyone learns more about the brain and tries to remember things and not rely on technology can change the lives of many people.

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