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How To Put Human Trafficking To An End

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“Slavery is not a horror safely confined to the past; it continues to exist throughout the world, even in developed countries… Across the world, slaves work and build and suffer.” (Kevin Bales). Human trafficking is a multi-billion production that kidnaps victims and forces them to do services against his or her will for benefits or profit. According to Mclaughlin, “The United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children, article defines human trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, using threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for exploitation. There are millions of women, men, and children at any age race or religion who become victims every year in sex trafficking. Statistics show, across the universe 40.3 million innocent people are being forced into trafficking. Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Even though human trafficking is growing rapidly globally, there are many ways that this act can be eliminated.

Even though slavery exists in many forms, human trafficking is one form. While human trafficking has many types of trafficking such as forced labor, sex trafficking, and debt bondage. According to the human rights commission, forced labor is when a person is to do work for little or no pay. For example, a Chinese man called this Latino woman for a job at one of his private owned jewelry stores. When she arrived, the owner forced her to make all the jewelry without paying her any money. Statistics show worldwide there are “21 million victims of human trafficking, and three out of every 1000 people forced to do jobs or trapped in workshops and they cannot leave.” (21 Million People Are Now Victims of Forced Labor 2012) Sex trafficking is when victims are compelled to do a sexual activity without his or her consent. Other studies show that children are prone to sex trafficking as well. There are “600,000 to 800,000 women, children and men bought and sold across international borders every year and exploited for forced labor or commercial sex (U.S. Government).” (States 2016) . For instance, a group of women aged 13 through 25 was brought into America from Europe and the dealers promised the women and girls that they will be full-time employees at a fast-food restaurant. Instead, when the women arrived at the job, they were held hostage while the traffickers held on to the money that they worked for. Debt bondage is when a person is coerced to do duties to pay off an obligation. For example, a Mexican man owes an African American man money, so the black man makes him work hard labor until all the money the man owes is paid off. If the man doesn’t pay off his debts the dealer threatens to kill his son. According to statistics victims of debt bondage range up to 8.1 million. All these methods of human trafficking are used for traffickers to catch their next victim. (Different Types of human trafficking) (Human Rights Commission).

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Traffickers are people who transport, harbor or force victims to do acts against his or her will. As a matter of fact, traffickers can vary from solitary people, outlaws, pimps, people who are affiliated in gangs, family relatives, work specialists, entrepreneurs, and people who work in large workshops. Their goal is to misuse other people for a certain type of award. The victims are men, women, and children of any age, gender, religion, and culture. Although traffickers will exploit any individual, they tend to seek people who spark higher weaknesses to exploitation. In this case, children and adults who have run away from home and have experienced some form of maltreatment, or social segregation is singled out by dealers and have higher risks to become victims. Also, people who are lost and don’t know their way around a new place can be taken advantage of by dealers. Traffickers lure in victims by being deceitful, using emotional and physical abuse, and other types of intimidation to hold adults and children hostage so they can perform sexual acts without their consent. There are multiple lies that traffickers might tell victims that they will receive. Some examples are telling victims that they will receive a well-paying employment, a love affair, and many other things the victims cherish to do in life. Studies show that women and girls become the most prone to human trafficking. Then again, other studies show that men are the ones who are doing the most trafficking. The effects on victims when they are lured in sex trafficking can vary from a person being starved or not feed the proper foods, exposure to sexually transmitted to diseases, don’t receive any personal hygiene. Victims have no other choice but to deal with these health complications. Some traffickers might keep victims behind locked doors. Many victims try to escape but they are scared that they will be killed or tortured by the dealer. “Trafficked persons also suffer from negative psychological and social effects. Issues such as trauma, anxiety, post-traumatic stress depression (PTSD), shame and depression are common results of trafficking.” (quoted in 7 Facts you didn’t know about human trafficking) This quote means that victims are grieving from different types of mental disorders and socioeconomic factors. (The Victims and traffickers 2016) (How to identify the Victims 2014) (Frequently Asked Question).

Human trafficking in all regions with no limitation. “According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), human trafficking victims representing 169 different nationalities were identified in 172 countries worldwide.” (Trafficking Routes). Traffickers use all types of transportation to transfer their victims to designated areas, but other traffickers use no transportation at all to access their targets. Some examples of transportations are buses, trains, trucks, airplanes, uber, lyft, and taxis. Truck drivers mostly signal women and girls for sexual activity. They signal their targets by flicking their headlights, and they speak in code over their speakers to ask victims if they want a free ride. Most of these truck drivers give these women and girls rides for exchanges of sex, or they might pay a small fee. Also, when traffickers target buses and train stations this is because most likely these people are vulnerable. In most cases at the transport stations, there are people are who are homeless or are trying to get away from their current situation that’s why they fall into the category of most vulnerable. Dealers tend to ease their way in by being friendly to these victims. The traffickers move very smoothly to prevent contact with law enforcement. When traffickers use airplanes most likely they are trying to transport their victims from origin to transit countries. Origin countries are where a person comes from, and traffickers take them away from their homeland transport them somewhere else. Transit countries are foreign countries and used for traffickers when they make detours for their victims. “These countries receive trafficking victims and are generally more economically prosperous than origin countries. According to statistics in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime “North Africa, over 80% of detected trafficking victims were trafficked domestically.” Another statistics shows that “Eastern Europe and Central Asia, 100% of detected trafficking victims were trafficked within the same subregion, a statistic closely followed by South Asia (99%), Sub-Saharan Africa (99%), East Asia and the Pacific (97%), and South America (93%).” These statistics show that human trafficking occurs in any country. Traffickers target buses station because this is where the most vulnerable people are located. In some situations, victims are unaware that they will be pulled into human trafficking because of what the traffickers put on a front of what they are going to do for the victim. A lot of women and girls are scared to call law enforcement because they are afraid that they will get charged with prostitution or they will get killed by the trafficker. (Transportation industry 2018) (Katie 2017) (Dressember 2019).


In conclusion, millions of victims are being trafficked right in front of our eyes and we don’t even recognize it. It may be hard to acknowledge these signs because people in these situations appear to be normal or they are not brave enough to say anything. Traffickers want to stay private about their actions so they can continue to make a profit off of these individuals. There are many signs to recognize when a person is being trafficked. The warning signs are people who have experienced any form of maltreatment, individuals who gang-affiliated, people who have been forced to get a symbol of a new tattoo, people who don’t have excess to their identification documents, and people who have mates way y older than them. Even though there are many signs of human trafficking, there are also ways we can protect ourselves from suspects. Being conscious of your surroundings at all times, being aware of what information you put out on social sites, try to avert being alone at any time of the day, and act quickly if harm is suspected are some ways of protection. If you feel or suspect any victim of being trafficked, please speak up and call the national human trafficking hotline 1-888-373-7888. Having an awareness of this act and using prevent is very important because it can bring a stop to human trafficking. Some solutions to human trafficking are donating to survivors to help them get back in stable situations and volunteering to fight against this cruel act. These tips can help prevent this issue from happening and keep individuals safe. (15 Ways You Cn Help Hight Human trafficking) (Recognize the Signs 2018).

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