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How Violence Can Affect The Mental Health Of A Child

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Violence on children or kids from a young age can affect them psychologically in the future. Upto 80% of the children that go through abuse or violence in their childhood end up with medical conditions either being therapy or antidepressant pills. Despite using a little violence on children in order to discipline them many cases which usually report child abuse its aminly due to financial stress or unemployment. Most people who go through issues such as financial stress unemployment tend to lean towards alcohol in order to divert their minds from their problems.

When a person has too many drinks the alcohol in their blood reaches a certain level where their brain starts blocking memories which causes blackouts.Mostly after the memories start blacking out the body releases endorphins and all the emotions they are feeling are heightened. The anger the sadness, the confusion all of it piles up and for a person who is not emotionally stable he or she tries to find ways for releasing their emotions and tend to take it out on their children through violence and abuse without realising the harm they would be causing mentally and physically on their child. Over 80 percent of homicide offenders were intoxicated at the time the crime was committed.

There also have been cases where many people also used violence or abuse on their children due to a history of child abuse or negletion in there childhood or if they have a poor parent child relationship. About 35% of people who have been abused tend to be the predators in the future.When a person goes through abuse from a very young age their brains are still developing and then as time passes they think that this is the only way of living. Many people end up getting therapy in order for their own mental well being but for the people who don’t have the privilege to get proper therapy or medication tend to lean towards the same path as their parents.

Many parents also tend to use violence on their kids in order to discipline them but it is possible that if they don’t have a close relationship the violence would be way harsher and way often by what is acceptable by law. Both of these causes go hand in hand as a person would naturally be more likely to take their emotions out on their child if they do not have a good relationship with them or if they think or have the mindset of it being the only and the right way to treat their child due to their childhood experiences,

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Again people tend to have different perspectives on this while many are strongly against it and want the law to be very hard on the predator some on the other hand believe that they should be punished but they blame it on the consumption of alcohol or the high level of stress the predator was going through. Unkowingly child abuse causes alot of long term and short term effects. Many short term effects include the child being too fearful of his or her parents. You would notice that they will start talking bad about themselves and will emotionally be more emotionally immature than their peers. There would be a sudden change in their behaviour which would start to affect their social life and academic life. It’s mostly around this time when a child would start to completely isolate themselves which would further lead to many long term issues.

Poor mental development can lead to further issues such as depression, trust issues and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Depression is a mood disorder that is caused by a persistent feeling of sadness. It can grow worse if the patient has no one to talk to and in this scenario it’s most likely to get worse as they have a lot of boundaries and would not easily open up to anyone making their situation way worse.

Apart from depression victims of child abuse can also suffer through PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event which in this case is the abuse/violence. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the abuse. What makes it even worse is that the person due to which all of these issues were caused was someone close to them or someone they trusted which could lead to a lot of trust issues in the future.

The symptoms mostly start within one month of a traumatic event, but sometimes symptoms may not appear until years after the event. This can affect the relationships they have during the time of abuse or even later in the future due to the impact it has made on them or even due to the recurring nightmares caused due to ptsd. PTSD mainly includes symptoms such as intrusive memories, avoidance, and changes in physical and emotional reactions. They differentiate from person to person depending on the event occured or the impact made.

All of these consequences are not easy to get through even after the child grows out of the physical violence and all the scars on their skin starts to fade away the impact made on them emotionally stays way longer. People tend to forget the mental effects caused by abuses and in many countries it is overlooked if it were to be nothing.

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