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I am applying for the Graduate program within European Investment Bank. Currently, I am in my final year of undertaking a BSc (Hons) in Economics at the University of Bath.

I am interested in the program as I aim to work in a fast-paced environment, which will challenge me and therefore help me grow as a person and employee. Thus, I am applying and I am eager to join the European Investment Bank.

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As a person, I was always fascinated and interested in the financial markets. Through the past years, I backed my interest with both theoretical and practical knowledge about them. Also, as a citizen of an EU Member State, I was always fascinated by the idea of a united Europe. Therefore, I dedicated my free time for 4 years to volunteering for the European Youth Parliament, where I was able to contribute to an educational organization, which promotes European values and ideas. Working in the European Investment Bank would blend both my interest and would give me the ability to contribute my academic knowledge to the idea I believe in.

While studying for my degree, I have developed strong numerical and analytical skills, which would be useful through the graduate program. For example, in Statistics and Data Analysis units I gained extensive knowledge of using Microsoft Excel to obtain and analyze data. Moreover, coursework in the second year involved composing and later on reviewing an asset portfolio constructed with the aim to maximize returns subject to a certain level of risk. Therefore, I attained knowledge in risk assessment, portfolio diversification, and asset allocation, as well as key econometrics skills.

Also, I got to use the skills at my last workplace, as one of my side projects was to define, track and analyze operational efficiency metrics and present them on a weekly basis to my team. In the end, I developed my quantitative skills and learned how to effectively and understandably present my work in a formal environment.

Last year I worked as an Operations Intern at Moneyfarm - a digital wealth manager. As the company is in the start-up phase, I interacted with people from all parts of the company on a daily basis and got to learn how the asset allocation team constructs portfolios and how everyday events influence their choices and the adjustment of portfolios. Also, one of my main tasks in the company was to perform daily CASS reconciliation. While the exercise was sometimes monotonic, at times it proved to be a challenging task and it taught me patience and developed my attention to detail. It also gave me an insight into how companies are supposed to track the movement of funds.

As employees in the investment industry are exposed to a wide array of tasks and both competitive and challenging atmospheres, my well-developed time management, organizational, and leadership skills are my asset. For two years, I was a Board Member and Events Coordinator of the largest youth organization in Europe - the European Youth Parliament. My last and most important responsibility for the organization was to organize the Vilnius 2018 - 87th International Session of the EYP, which invited 300 people, from 40 countries to my home country for eleven days.

As I was the project manager, I was responsible not only for the logistical element but also for the management of the twenty organizers team, cooperation, and smooth communication with partners such as NATO, UNHCR, and Sparkasse. I was also accountable for the event’s budget: fundraising, ensuring liquidity, and correct expense allocation. This experience allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills and taught me accountability and responsibility, as well as team management and dynamics. I believe, that all these skills would help me excel in the Graduate program.

I believe, that the Graduate program would provide me with the ability to learn from its EIB employees and history, and give me a strong basis for my further career in the European Investment Bank.

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