How Workers' Compensation Policy Works

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Do you know safety is vital to everyone? Businesses need to start taking employees’ welfare with seriousness. So, business has an obligation of ensuring the employees’ safety is guaranteed. If businesses don’t plan early enough, they might end up spending a lot of money pay for medical expenses and bills relating to the employees’ health? I hope from today the focus will be on safety, safety, and safety.

The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act…Yes, the compensation policy is something every business should think of, it will help the business owners pay for unanticipated expenses. If the business has three employees and/or more then, from today you need to start focusing on how to handle the unforeseen events. The policy covers employees who get sick, injured at work or on the job. It's mandatory for businesses in North Carolina to have a policy in place, failure to which they can incur stiff financial penalties and, or other charges including imprisonment.

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However, sole proprietors and business partners are required to meet some requirements if they want to be covered. The law excludes some workers e.g.:

  • Employees of the federation government and railroads;
  • Domestic employees working in a family;
  • Manual workers if full-time employees are less than ten and periodical employees;
  • Employees who work on a casual basis and periodic employees because they don’t have a fixed time and they can leave the job any time without notice.

The insurance helps employees pay for all medical bills, expenses, wage loss benefits and bereavement expenses where they succumb to the illness or injury. Employees need to know that the injury could happen on business premises, must be employed at the time of damage and the damage must result from employment.

However, employees should note that the insurance does not cater for damages like pain, mental torment, and suffering. Also, the insurance policies don't compensate twice, i.e. once compensated, the employee cannot impose personal claim to the business. The policy shouldn’t be used as a way of benefiting from the employer. The employee could have a legitimate claim but be denied the compensation, where:

  1. The incident is not reported to the employer within 30 days, either orally or in writing;
  2. The victim fails to properly complete the claim form;
  3. There are missing forms or documents;
  4. Lack of credible evidence i.e. health records state otherwise or eyewitness evidence contradicts the workers' claim;
  5. There are differences between the employer or insurance company;
  6. The injury isn’t severe enough to qualify for the compensation;
  7. If the employee’s work did not require his attendance at the place and the time of the event, giving rise to the claim.

It’s advisable for businesses, citizens, and both part-time and full-time employees to familiarize themselves with the Act, and understand how it operates. Let everyone observe safety, as they always say, “safety begins with you” and your safety comes first.

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