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Influences Of Environment On Behavior

Development begins the moment of conception and continues throughout the entire lifespan. the human body goes through many transformations. Psychologists, Erikson, Peck, and Levinson all contributed different theories expanding on adult development. According to Erickson development occurs in eight stages beginning at birth and ending with death. Each stage consists of a task or crisis that we must complete. The sixth stage, intimacy vs. isolation, occurs during young adulthood and focuses on searching for intimacy. Erikson describes intimacy as more...
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The Peculiarities Of Organisational Behavior

Introduction Summary Personality deals with the behavioral aspects of a person and for an organization, the attitude of employees is a key aspect in determining how the said employee will work in the current working environment of the company. Perception on the other hand is how a person perceives the reality. So, organization in itself like an organism with various quirks, hence how an employee actually feels about his or her work is really vital for supervisors to make them...
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Temperament In Children And Behavioral Development

This essay will focus on childhood temperament and behavioural development, in relation to key aspects of nature and nurture and the role of temperament in social adjustment and maladjustment. Temperament is a set of behavioral tendencies. A child’s individual style of temperament is derived from the various ways each infant behaves and responds, to both things and people. According to Gillibrand, R., Lam, V., & O’Donnell, V.L. 2016 In their studies, they identified significant features of temperament which involve, stability,...
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Behavioural Intentions Of Young Adults: Impacts Of Sports Celebrity Endorsement

Consumer socialization refers to the process by which young people learn skills, knowledge, and attitudes from others through communication, which then assist them in functioning as consumers in the marketplace (Moschis and Churchill, 1978). The socialization theory maintains that “socialization agents” “transmit norms, attitudes, motivations, and behaviours to the learner” (Moschis and Churchill, 1978). A socialization agent can be described as a source of influence, which can be either an individual or company which is directly associated with the person...
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The Concept Of Self-Esteem Within The Human Behaviour

The widely known concept of self esteem can be defined as the confidence and awareness in one’s own self-worth. Those with a high satisfaction in their own abilities and self-integrity are commonly recognized to be in possession of a higher level of physical and psychological health than those who maintain low self-esteem. This has a direct effect on all manners of life, ranging from the individual themselves to their own broader influence on society. Although a high level of self-esteem...
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The Aspects Of Behavior Change

Most people live very busy lives, juggling relationships, education, jobs, and so much more. As a result, most people find that there is so much to do yet so little time in the day. Consequently, the task that many people neglect in order to accommodate for this lack of time is progression towards their personal goals. In my case, my preoccupation with school, family, and hobbies has led me to consistently push my goal of exercising aside. I rarely exercise...
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Positive Leadership Behavior In Planned Parenthood

A leader is someone that is able to effectively communicate with people in a way that inspires and motivates them (Ward, 2020). A leader must be personable for those to follow their lead and provide them with an example of how to hold ones themselves accountable for their individual work (Ward, 2020). My leader of choice is the Vice President of Health Services for Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. She is very persuasive when it comes to getting others to...
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The Meaning And Role Of Envy In Human Behaviour

How do people perceive the word envy? From a common viewpoint, envy breaks down the bonds between people, not only by propelling the need of wanting what someone else has, but also the desire that nobody else has it. Based on this information, most people perceive envy as a dysfunctional emotion that should be averted. Envy in social media is also commonly regarded as destructive to the common welfare of society. Although studies have supported this viewpoint, others have argued...
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How Past Experiences Contribute To Present Day Behaviour

Introduction In Todd Phillips 2019 film the Joker it touches upon a man named Arthur Fleck, an aspiring stand up comedian who is constantly mocked and made fun of by those around him. The film uses a past to present timeline as it shows how Fleck had already had poor mental health issues, therefore held a grudge on those who made him suffer as he wanted them to feel the same pain that he had gone through in his life....
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Should Sports Stars Be Accountable For Their Behaviour?

How many times have adults told you to be accountable for your behaviour? I think that the we need to tell sports stars that they should be accountable for their behaviour. I strongly believe that sports stars should be accountable for their behaviour. For the following reasons they are normal humans and earning so much money they think they can do whatever they want, they are involved in endorsement and advertisement and they are role models. Firstly, sports stars are...
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The Peculiarities Of Sports Psychology

Sport psychology is a proficiency that uses psychological knowledge and strategies to address optimal performance and well-being of athletes and universal issues associated with sports settings and organisations. Sports psychology is an exciting field of study that is expanding all the time, and in a demanding sport such as swimming, enhancing the mental aspect of a swimmer’s arsenal is important to successful performance. Poor results, attitudes and behaviour have been the main reasons of the Australian Swimming Team to underperform...
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How Gestalt Psychology Could Impact The Future Of Sports Graphics

Turn on any live sports broadcast today and you will see the same things on the screen, regardless of the sport, the station, or the time of day – a fancy scoreboard displaying time remaining in the game, the current score of both teams and other pertinent information to help the viewer understand the situation of the game. You will see starting lineup overlays, statistical overlays, and, more and more often in today’s broadcast landscape, you will see advanced graphics...
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Benefits Of Sports Psychology On Athletes

Introduction In today’s age, sporting events are taking place everywhere whether it be for professional athletes competing for the Olympics, or recreational athletes participating in community events. Sports act as a crucial part of one’s life as it contributes to the development and physical fitness of the body (Why Sports is Important in a Student’s life, 2017). In order to be successful in sports activities, not only are the physical advantages and traits required, but as well as an athlete’s...
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How Islamic Religion Contributed To Understanding Behavior And Mental Processes

The existence of religions around the world helps understand why people of a certain faith behave in a certain way as compared to others. This includes their practices, based on their beliefs systems and bearing in mind that, despite the principle remaining the same, these practices change with time affecting behavior and mental process. Moreover, all religions have different sects of people practicing the religion differently based on their respective interpretations. The ideology of Faith is such that religion at...
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The Aspects Genetic Behavior

Intro A person’s behavior is determined by a combination of inherited traits, experience, and the environment. Some are innate and some are learned. Inherited traits can control or manipulate one’s behavior. For example, a person who is born to parents who had anger issues may act highly violent/aggressive in a stressful situation. People don’t think of them as controlling our behavior because most of our behaviors are learned, rather than inherited. However, some behaviors are so beneficial to the human...
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Human Behaviour In 1984 And Lord Of The Flies

That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong. You find yourself in the stories you read. You find it comforting and cathartic to read about characters who struggle with the same things you do. You’re experiences, struggles, longings aren’t unique. They’re omnipresent. George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, and Harry Hook’s adaptation film Lord of the Flies can be effectively compared and...
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Racial Behavior Vs Profiling

This is a topic I am so passionate about. I hope the justice system and our county leaders put a stop to this. I think it is such a shame and so sad to see that even though we have come so far, throughout the years of racism and bigotry. This is something that continues to happen. I think we have all questioned ourselves. I have no doubt about individual’s right being violated due to the way they look. I...
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The Relation between Smoking and Social Behaviour

Since the beginning of my time in college, I have noticed the smoking culture that exists amongst college students. This captured my interest and when I got the opportunity to study a psychology related phenomenon, I decided to do a deeper study and analysis on smoking in relation to social interaction. For this literature review, I have assessed three papers to understand the relation between smoking, social interaction and social behaviour. The first paper is a research paper by Robert...
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Human Behavior at Workplace

According to Arthur Brief, (2002) Organizations in which people work have an effect on their emotions, perceptions, feelings, and actions both at work and outside of work. Likewise, people’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior of individuals influence the organizations in which they operate. Organizational behavior is a field of inquiry that focuses on both forms of impact: work organizations on people and the impact people have on the organization. Human behavior can be obtained either by learning them throughout your life...
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Personal Behavior During Covid-19

Who would think that a hug is a luxury, and interacting with others would require at least being 2 meters apart? With the COVID-19 pandemic still surging at an alarming rate worldwide, one would think what can they do to slow down the spread? Having correct mental and psychological thinking can strengthen the mindset to cope with it. There are also some factors like promoting healthy eating, staying away from drugs and alcohol, seeking medical care when needed, and having...
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Analyzing the Relationship Between Physics and Human Behavior

In 1687 Isaac Newton presented the three laws of motion. These laws created a massive advancement into the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. The laws were taken very seriously and not many questioned them, since it was science. Fast forward to the modern day, behavioural laws have been introduced and people question and go up against every aspect of it. Like Isaac Newton’s laws, there are also three laws of human behaviour. These laws, although quite similar, have...
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Is Psychology a Science: Essay

On the off chance that one is a science or even has a passing enthusiasm for the field, one has likely experienced the inquiry regarding whether psychology is really a science or not. The discussion has been noticeable since psychology’s origins in the second half of the nineteenth century, and is apparent in statements like that by William James who alluded to it as ‘that terrible minimal subject’. Researchers in the field realize this discussion has progressed forward hastily, straight...
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Exploring Behavioural Public Policies

Behavioral public policies, often known as nudges, are policies developed using behavioral economics and social psychology research, aiming to shape our psychological and behavioral tendencies to benefit individuals’ long-term interests, while preserving freedom of choice (Pykett et al., 2015). Thaler and Sunstein’s research (2008) exploring behavioral economics and nudges was pioneering in shaping public and private policy and administration, this was adopted by the behavioral insight team (BIT) in the UK, introduced under David Cameron’s leadership in 2010. The seven-member...
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