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Essays on Human Body

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Essay on Vision Therapy: Literature Review

Over the past century, there have been many developments in Optometry that have transformed the way in which practitioners conduct examinations and diagnose patients. Although such transformations have been introduced with the objective of enhancing the practitioner’s ability to identify and rectify vision-related conditions and...
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Essay on Virtual Human Anatomy

An autopsy is a traditional and classic technique of forensic medicine, but due to the need to destroy the body, the autopsy is sometimes resisted and rejected. Virtual anatomy provides a non-invasive test for forensic examination, which can objectively and accurately reflect fractures, soft tissue...
2 Pages 924 Words

Essay on Respiratory System and Functions of Lungs

Characteristics of Cardio-respiratory system The lungs can carry out the procedure of gas exchange because: They have millions of air bags which forms an expanded surface area for hasty diffusion to take place of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Alveoli has cells that are one cell...
4 Pages 1753 Words

Essay on Human Anatomy: Types of Simulation in Radiography

Abstract In the radiologic sciences program, radiation is a major factor that causes students to practice positions in another way. The technique is called simulation. Simulation allows the student to go through an experience without it being a real event but still lets the student...
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Essay on Diseases of Digestive System

Scurvy(Deficiencies): Causes? Scurvy is a disease that happens when the person lack of vitamin C. It can happen at any age but it would be seen more present at an older age or with people who have mental disorders. The main cause of getting scurvy...
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Effect of Tuberculosis on Respiratory System

The ongoing spread of tuberculosis is worldwide and still seen present day. Efforts are directed at examining the respiratory system functions of physiology patterns before pathogenic Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection occurs. The respiratory system is responsible for oxygen exchange and ensuring the body excretes carbon dioxide...
6 Pages 2881 Words

Descriptive Essay on the Digestive System in Mammals

The digestive system in Mammals 1. Introduction The digestive system of Mammals is a system concerned with breaking down large food molecules into smaller food molecules by the help of digestive enzymes. This process is carried out by the help of enzymes so that can...
6 Pages 2724 Words

Da Vinci’s Role for Human Anatomy Study

In the words of Isaac Asimov, “Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world” (“Isaac Asimov Quote”, n.d.). Engineers have been world changers, by trade, throughout history. Contributions from the field of engineering have shaped the modern landscape,...
4 Pages 1871 Words

Concepts of Bionic Eye and Vision: Analytical Essay

Introduction – Vision is maybe the key of our means. Certainly, all sections of the eye are critical for viewing a conventional picture, the most fundamental layer for illusion is the retina. The retina is a bit of neural tissue that lines within the eyeball....
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Characteristics of Digestive Systems of Different Classes

Cnidarians have no organs and a one-way digestive system. They also have an incomplete digestive system and perform extracellular digestion. All cnidarians have tentacles or stingers used to immobilize their prey. They have two layers of tissue, and the inner layer lines the gastrovascular cavity....
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Essay about Human Body

Would you believe me if I had told you that newborn babies actually have more bones than fully grown adults? Crazy, right? The human body and the many parts that make it up are extremely incredible. If one part or organ within the body fails...
2 Pages 1062 Words

Video Games Effects on an Individual's Body

Video games have played a key part of entertainment in life for some people since October 1958. After then, people have remained ‘entertained’ even more so, that for a lot of individuals it has begun (or resumed) to seep into their everyday lives. Video games,...
2 Pages 721 Words

Effect of Chocolate on the Heart

In this essay, I’m going to discuss whether there really is a relationship between chocolate consumption and heart health problems. I will formulate my conclusions based on the analysis of studies devoted to this topic. Studies Review First of all, I want to review the...
5 Pages 2133 Words

Essay on Bone Cancer

Cancer involves the uncontrolled division of the body’s cells, which cancer can cause in any tissue of the body, and each type of cancer has its own unusual characteristics. Cancer begins when a cell breaks free from conventional restrictions on cell division and begins to...
2 Pages 1033 Words

Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

The brain plays a major role in controlling various body functions such as movement, sensation, thinking, memory, and speech. It is divided into two halves with specialized functions. The right-brain’s functions include controlling the left side of the body, visual and spatial skills, memory storage,...
3 Pages 1162 Words

Effects of Alcohol on Eye Health

Alcohol is one of many psychoactive drugs with addictive potential, which has a significant impact on public health and individuals in society (Crocq, 2007). Alcohol is a modifiable lifestyle factor that has intentionally inflicted and unintentionally acquired injuries (Iranpour and Nakhaee, 2019, p. 132) that...
4 Pages 1851 Words

Bad Effects of Alcohol on the Human Body

Alcohol is one of the most prevalently consumed resources in the world, used by thousands and thousands of human beings in the course of the United States on a normal basis. Alcohol consumption can have a pervasive influence on health and well-being and even light...
2 Pages 925 Words

What the Mind Can Conceive the Body Can Achieve

The complexity of mind body problem and its existence is difficult to interpret. Humans do exist and have both physical properties (height, weight, and etcetera) and mental properties such as beliefs, values, desires and etcetera. In his meditations, Descartes reaches to a conclusion that he...
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