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How The Brain Stores And Retrieve Memories

The memory is a complicated subject, and the constantly changing memory causes many different effects that can harm or hurt someone. The research regarding storing and retrieving memories of the brain’s information is valid because studies show that when remembering events from the past, the brain will take things relevant to the past memory to help you recall it. Also, memories are what make or define a person, and getting older can cause memory loss and cause injury to said...
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Language And Brain

Language plays big role in our mind map it is what distinguish us from other objects. as human being we should be so thankful that our god make us different language serve many function with the human experience .since it is a tool of communication there is controversial with those psychologists who agree with importance of language such as Chomsky and Piaget while other disagree from this prospective .many theories has been conducted in the last decays. Chomsky, the first...
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The Necessity Of Understanding Language Through The Brain

It is unlikely a person would ever recall the moment of their very first utterance. After months of crying and cooing, the baby’s speech would start to resemble a form of mama, or dada as it starts to produce preliminary syllables in the early stages of linguistic development (Parker & Riley, 2010). Before you know it, the baby is able to comprehend words and even form basic sentences on their own. During this process no proper education is involved. Just...
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Connection between Brain’s Reward Pathway and the Development of Drug Addiction: Discursive Essay

Introduction Drug addiction is increasingly becoming a universal issue, both expense wise, but also the impact it has socially. With an estimated cost to the healthcare of $1 trillion, it is clear why there is a high demand for further knowledge and treatments (NIoDA, 2017). Not only does the cost of addiction put a strain on a country’s economy, but it also has a disruptive effect on an addict’s personal life, the impact of drugs is not just to the...
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Influence Of Steroids On Memory And Brain Functions

Abstract A steroid is a biologically active organic compound with four rings arranged in aspecific molecular configuration (Britannica). Steroids have many downsides such as kidney failure, liver cancer, and heart attacks. In addition, they have a huge impact on an individual’s memory. Usually, athletes use steroids to recover quickly and workout harder without being tired. The aim is to inform adolescents, bodybuilders, and athletes of dangers of consuming steroids. Due to the rising usage of steroids, they ought to be...
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The Effects Of Music On Human Brain

Abstract Indian tradition has a considerable amount of empirical musicology research on studying the cognitive impact of swara (musical notes), sruti (pitch) and laya (rhythm) on the human brain. However, there has hardly been any neuro-scientific exploration of these effects of music on human brain using the inherent strengths of Indian classical music. This paper discuses about the importance and need to have such efforts and also describes some of the original works in this direction. Introduction Indian tradition has...
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Christmas Spirit Network in the Human Brain

For those who celebrate, they would probably describe the Christmas Spirit as the feeling of joy and merriment and for some it may also have tangible associations such as gifts, holiday related scents, family, and a lot of good food. When asking people where Christmas Spirit comes from, some people and movie adaptations such as ‘A Christmas Carol’ would answer that it comes from the heart. However, like love the Christmas Spirit stems from neurochemical reaction, which means it is...
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How to Unlock the Brain: Analysis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Abstract “The Brain that Changes Itself” is an informative book about neuropsychology but specifically i have focused on Chapter six that discusses Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. This mental illness is incurable and the people that suffer from this disease have a lot to overcome but with the help of Norman Doidge and Dr. Schwartz people with OCD can calm their anxieties down with the treatment that Dr.Schwartz has developed. Plasticity-based treatment has helped not only with OCD but people who have regular...
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Areas of the Human Brain Responsible for Violent Crimes

Could positron emission tomography scans allow for the prediction of a crime before it has been committed? Could individuals be incarcerated based on their hereditary? Studies are emerging that support the idea of criminology being associated with nature rather than nurture. A study by Hiatt and Newman has found that violent criminal behaviour is attributed to the prolonged interhemispheric transfer time among psychopathic offenders. Another analysis by Tiihonen and colleagues has found that the genetic background of the offenders heavily...
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Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

The brain plays a major role in controlling various body functions such as movement, sensation, thinking, memory, and speech. It is divided into two halves with specialized functions. The right-brain’s functions include controlling the left side of the body, visual and spatial skills, memory storage, feelings and intuitions, holistic interpretations, and creativity. The left-brain’s functions include controlling the right side of the body, sequential analysis, memory storage in particular order, logical interpretations, reading and understanding language, and analyzing. Damage to...
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The Brains of Porn Addicts: Article Summary

Article Summary Sexual fantasies can range from being sexy to insanely weird. Weird meaning, not the norm in society. Most times individuals who experience these weird desires become perverts/rapists or most times addicted to porn. Pornography today is much more diverse and easier to attain than it was 30 years ago. You can find exactly what you are looking for with the click of a mouse. Pornography also called porn, is the representation of sexual behavior in books, pictures, statues,...
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Negative Effects of Pornography on the Brain

Pornography, also known as porn, is the visual illustration of sexuality that hinders a person’s concept of the type of conjugal relations. It can be demonstrated in many methods such as online videos, websites, mobile applications, etc. Since it can be accessed on many platforms, it is believed to alter the sexual behavior and attitudes of any person who engages in it. Pornography can become a major threat to marriage, children, family relationships, one’s happiness, and how one depicts sexuality....
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Importance of Brain-relevant Changes during Adolescence: Analytical Essay

Introduction Being a very important transition phase between childhood and adulthood, adolescence is marked by significant physical, social, cognitive and emotional changes. Due to these changes, the behaviour of an adolescent is different from the adult. This demeanor may be considered as irresponsible, emotional and sometimes even risk-taking and reckless. Hormones often get the blame but they’re not the only factor at play. By understanding the nature and processes of physiological and psychological transformations during adolescence, it becomes clear how...
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Impactors Of The Unconsciousness Of The Human Brain

Introduction: Acute traumatic, nontraumatic brain injuries, degenerative and metabolic brain disorders, and severe congenital malformations of the nervous system all lead to the state of unconsciousness. An individual who is medically induced or traumatically induced is in a deep state of prolonged unawareness and cannot be forcefully awakened. This may be due to the lack of oxygen and blood flow surrounding the brain, traumatic causes such as critical injuries (major car accidents), dysfunction in nerve cells, brain infections encephalitis inflammation)...
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Concussion Or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Literature Review

Introduction Concussions or mild traumatic brain injury has gain more attention in the past 10 years. The center of disease control describes a concussion as a type of traumatic brain injury—or TBI—caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. This sudden movement can cause the brain to bounce around or twist in the skull, creating chemical changes in the...
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The Impact Of Brain Training

The human brain is the most potent and sophisticated information-processing device. Researchers have carried out extensive studies on the effects of engaging in cognitive training programs for both the younger and the older population. Brain training is a program of regular brain activities that help to improve one’s cognitive abilities. The cognitive ability of the elderly changes as time goes by as they experience a reduction of cognitive function such as attention, memory, and processing speed. The decline in cognitive...
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Brain Control Vs. Self Control

Close your eyes. Breathe in. Feel the oxygen fill up your lungs. Focus your mind, do you feel something interrupting your thoughts? If all of that feels a little saccharine, perhaps now is the moment to turn to science for the truth. The simple, swift movement of a surgeon implanting foreign cells into your mind may seem a lie at first. It was until recently when, renowned Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Maddy Wilson performed research on Pretty Surgery. She began stating,...
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The Teenage Brain Essay

Recent scientific research of teenage brain MRI scans has shown that the brain goes through a transformation consisting of a series of developments within every part of the brain, starting from the rear to the front, with the majority of this change affecting the prefrontal cortex. Looking at a diagram of the brain, you will notice that the prefrontal cortex is located in the very front of the brain and since brain development in teens goes from the back to...
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Does Our Brain Change As We Learn A Second Language?

The human mind is a complex phenomenon, which continues to be investigated through neuroscience in great detail (Bassett & Gazzaniga, 2011). The structure of the brain is an intricate temporal and spatial multiscale, which composes molecular, cellular and neural phenomena, which together produce the physical and biological base for cognition (Bassett & Gazzaniga, 2011). Furthermore, each structure is organized into modules, such as anatomical or functional cortical areas, which form the foundation for cognitive functions that are adaptable to any...
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The Brain Can Play Tricks on You

Did you know that there are syndromes that can cause you to think things are real when actually they are not? Dr. Ramachandran’s presentation in his ted talk video reviews three types of brain syndromes what they do to a person and research on what might help the people suffering from these illnesses. One is Capgras syndrome, two is phantom limb syndrome, and three is synesthesia syndrome. These conditions are known as a type of brain syndromes and can affect...
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Utilizing Nuclear Radiation For The Treatment Of A Brain Tumor

Research Question What are the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Nuclear radiation for the treatment of a brain tumor? Background Information About Brain Tumors A brain tumor is a group of abnormal cells that grow in or around the brain. Tumors can directly destroy healthy brain cells. They can also indirectly damage healthy cells by crowding other parts of the brain and cause inflammation, brain swelling and pressure within the skull. Brain tumors are either malignant or benign. A malignant...
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Brain Essay

The brain is the main Central Nervous system organ and is formed from the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brainstem. The cerebrum makes up most of the brain and is divided into two hemispheres: the right and the left. This part of the brain is responsible for extremely complex functions, including processing the stimuli that come from the sense organs (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell), promoting language, controlling movements and emotions, reasoning, and learning. The cerebellum is located right under...
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What Is Peculiar About Brain Training?

‘Brain training’ is a program of consistent mental exercises purported to improve cognitive abilities and protect from neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia. It is of particular interest to cognitive psychologists researching the potential benefits it has for cognitive development across age groups. If found effective, this would open new research into understanding the limits of the human mind and possibly slowing the process of mental decline associated with aging. Collating evidence from two separate studies, it will be argued that...
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The Effects Of Meditation On Brain

The research about therapeutic inventions are becoming more and more popular as time progresses. However there isn’t much research in this topic to determine whether or not therapeutic techniques actually help the brain or not. In this study, it reported a controlled longitudinal study to investigate pre post changes in the brain grey matter concentrations attribute to participation in an MBSR program. Mindfulness meditation has been getting more and more attention to researchers , mindfulness is designed to have an...
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An Essay Explaining the Best Way to Learn New Things

Nature has given us many priceless gifts in the form of renewable and non-renewable sources. Renewable sources will never perish from the earth but non-renewable sources need to be preserved otherwise there will be no trace of these sources on this planet. On the other hand, renewable sources also need due care because even if they will not perish from our earth then also if they get polluted then it will be very harmful to the planet. There are many...
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How Does Music Affect Our Brains?

When you put on headphones or listen to music sometimes you can’t help but get up and dance around. It’s obvious that listening to music can make you lose control of your body but, not many people really know what music does to your brain. The amount of control music has over you and your brain is shocking. Music can easily affect your brain development, learning, daily moods, and even your health. When we hear music we enjoy your brain...
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