Essays on Human Resource Management

Conflict between HR Department and Employee

Introduction Conflicts are the normal part of workplace and most of the times these conflicts take place between employees and human resource department of the firm. In this report I am also going to highlight the recent conflict that took place between an employee and...
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Post Conflict Reconstruction

Post-conflict generally describes the period after intra or interstate hostilities have ceased, although violence may continue. Post-conflict usually follows a cease-fire or the signing of a formal peace agreement, whereby the major warring factions register their commitment to end hostilities and begin the process of...
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Conflict Theoretical Perspective

Conflict theoretical approach can be defined as the pressures and problems that relate to limited resources (Crossman, 2019). The unequal distribution of resources creates an unbalanced social life and a sense of power control. The conflict theory views the social life as a contention among...
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The Interrelation of Teams and Conflict

The process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal is referred as team. Teamwork is often a very crucial part of any business irrespective of its geographical location, as it is very necessary for employees to work well...
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Tracking Managerial Conflict Adaptivity

Introduction Albert Einstein once said “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” But years of research have found that those in position of powers (leaders and managers) tends to get stuck in dominating and controlling approaches to negotiation and conflict. When leaders and...
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Negotiation and Conflict Resolutions

Introduction and Literature Review Although, a few investigations examine conflicts as antecedents of their administration, not very many talks about how conflict types identify with conflict the executives’ styles. A compelling conflict type was adversely identified with coordinating, abstaining from, trading off and obliging conflict...
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Experience of Conflict Resolution

Varying views on things, work processes, thought systems and cultural values are common phenomenon observed in any work environment. It would be quite dull and boring if everyone working within the organisation had the same point of view. This would simply imply that since everyone...
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