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Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry

It is observed that the HRM has a vital aspect of providing high quality service in the service sector. Employed staff will be responsible in providing excellent service so that the customer satisfaction is achieved by the hotels. In most service industries, it is HR that creates the goodwill, brand image, and popularity of the organization. When we glance in the past HRM was not in practice scientifically. Various theories developed implemented and redeveloped. Many hotels justify the absence or...
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Human Resources Planning in the Armed Forces: Analytical Essay

Introduction In order to successfully solve the tasks and achieve the goals set out in the concept (doctrine) of the Armed Forces, the proper management of human resources is crucial. In this sense, human resources management is an activity that is a combination of flexible and logically justified application of specific methods and tools from different spheres of the socio-economic specter-economy, law, psychology, military affairs, and others. As a result, the effectiveness of human resource planning as a tool for...
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Analysis of Human Resources Manager: Job Requirements and Qualifications, Main Duties and Responsibilities

Introduction Refers to the Cambridge dictionary, human resources manager is a person who in charge of the department that deals with the employment, training, support, records of a company’s employees. In order to complete this assignment of the subject “English for management”, we are managed to conduct an interview regarding one of the business professions. This report aims to investigate the English language use in the workplace. In additional, we need to find out the job requirement and qualification, main...
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Analytical Essay on Adidas As a Multinational, Decentralized Company: The Key Points of Human Resources Practices

1.0 Introduction A multinational company is a company that operates simultaneously in many different countries. In other words, it is an enterprise that operates in more than one country. There are four categories of multinational corporations which are: A multinational, decentralized company with a strong presence in the home country A global, centralized company with a cost advantage through centralized production wherever cheaper resources are available An international company building on the technology or R&D of the parent company A...
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Critical Perspective of Strategic Human Resource Management

This paper offers structure to inspecting the ideas of suit and adaptability in the locale of Strategic Human Asset Management concentrating on HRM rehearses, representative capacity, and laborers practices and investigates going before reasonable and experimental work inside that structure. There is a creating assemblage of evidence helping an alliance between what are named high in general execution or high commitment human asset the board (HRM) rehearses and an assortment of proportions of authoritative execution. Be that as it may,...
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Attracting, Training and Development of Human Resources in Bank Service

The determinants contributed to bank service: a case of HCMC Abstract Vietnam joins in the context of international economic integration and the booming industrial revolution 4.0. Technology is an essential factor in all fields. However, human resource management (HRM) of banking activities is a critical factor. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to explore the HRM factors impacting on bank service quality of commercial banks in Vietnam. The researchers surveyed 850 managers working in commercial banks in Ho...
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Gucci: An Example of a Successful Diversity Management Policy

One of the moderators of diversity effects on performance is the organizational strategy. Research reveals that racial diversity is linked to higher productivity in firms focused on growth and to lower productivity in organizations that are focused on downsizing (Jackson & Joshi 2004). According to Gucci’s chief Marco Bizzarri, the organisation is pursuing a growth strategy through engaging in risk taking and changing the image of Gucci (The Business of Fashion 2018b). Thus, diversity would aid Gucci in becoming more...
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Analysis of Positive Impact of the Variable of Disclosure of Human Resources on the Reputation of the Institution

Through the previous results reached by the various researchers, we see the positive impact of the variable of disclosure of human resources on the reputation of the institution as well as on its image, and these results are related to the idea that the image of the institution is adapted through the perceptions of the various stakeholders, In this way, the institution discloses its commitment to its employees, its intention to increase the confidence of the various interest groups, and...
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A Study of Pop Culture: A Cross-Cultural Impact on Young Human Resources in India

Abstract The human resources are the most essential and readily available resources. The most important part of progress of any organisation and eventually, any country, depends upon the people involved in the development of the economy. Day by day, globalisation covers new areas of life and calls for the continuous learning and adjusting to new cultural dimensions, also known as, Pop Culture. Managers are expected to display adaptation to new ways of working, cultural intelligence and to posses the ability...
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Essay on Human Resource Development and the Impact of Globalization on It

Globalization is the integration of the world due to the explosion of international trade and technologies that make communication easier. Therefore, the world has become a global village in terms of values and even cultural preferences. Globalization has implication on HR practice because companies can hire global talent and use the newest technologies to manage talent. The biggest opportunity that the trend presents to HR managers is the chance to adopt global practices in human resource management and recruiting global...
3 Pages 1471 Words

Walt Disney World Best HR Practices

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. This quote by Walt Disney is one that he lived by. He made his dreams of opening a family friendly amusement park come true. Not many people know this but the first Disney park to open was Disneyland in Anaheim California. Disneyland was such a huge success that Walt and Roy Disney decided they wanted to open an even bigger and better park. They began to...
4 Pages 1865 Words

Gig Economy: Implications on Human Resource Management

This blog aims to explore implications of the gig economy on Human Resource Management as a whole, critically analysing and evaluating if the two can co-exist in the future or will HRM have to adapt and evolve into something more complex than it already is to ensure its effectiveness in the future. Although the “gig economy” lacks a concrete definition, it is a term used to define the future economy one that “comprises of intermediary platform firms that connect organisations...
2 Pages 755 Words

Diversity Problem Within the Company

Diversity is an everlasting factor of society. Diversity within a company is more than just hiring diverse people. Diversity raises important ethical and social responsibility issues that most individuals do not think about on a day to day basis. Diversity can be defined as: dissimilarities of differences among people due to age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, education, experience, physical appearance, capabilities/disabilities, and any other characteristic that is used to distinguish between people. Managers must learn to...
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Basics of Effective Human Resources Planning on the Example of M&S Company

Internal planning factors relate to what is happening inside the organization and how the organization is changing to cope with the new methods of working or demand made on it. It is also a way of considering new skills that will be needed in the future and those that existing staff already have. Furthermore, there are three internal planning factors. The first factor is called organizational needs and under this a business-like M&S, their HR department would need to be...
3 Pages 1417 Words

Strategic Contributions of Human Resource Management to Business Success: Analytical Essay

Unlike other sectors, Tourism and hospitality is dependent on the direct contact of humans with their clients. Therefore, there has to be dynamic ways of making the employee-customer experience a successful one (Kusluvan, et al., 2010). Available facts show that Tourism and hospitality is plagued with recruitment issues, high staff turnover, and challenges in attraction and retention of skilful employees, which all culminate in poor service delivery and very low business growth. Bratton and Gold (2012) believe that human resource...
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Human Resources Recruitment and Selection: Methods, Roles and Responsibilities

The way a recruiter executes roles and responsibilities affects the overall outcome an organization will have. The purpose of this paper is to introduce and deepen the understanding of human resources recruitment and selection and explain the different roles and responsibilities within recruitment in an organization. This paper also will explain the changes organizations have made to move forward from the pandemic and the different processes recruiters have adopted. Roles and Responsibilities in Recruitment The primary role of a recruiter...
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Practical Experience of Evaluating Human Resources Recruitment Workflow during Internship

The concept of human resources recruitment process The recruitment process is crucial to every business endeavors. This will determine the kind of people who will fill in the right job so he must be the best person to do the job descriptions based from the person qualifications. Almost all organizations said that people are their important assets therefore, they have to do the right thing in hiring them that truly they are the best persons found for the job. Hence,...
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Step-Wise Explanation of Recruitment Process at Human Resources Department

Inception Let me introduce you first with “the concept of recruitment process”? Recruitment means selecting the right applicant for filling up the vacancies in an association. Applicants with the required skills and attitude, which are required for achieving the aims of an association. This process undergoes an organized procedure starting from sourcing the resources to managing interviews and finally selecting the right applicants. This is managed by the HR department of the company. To increase the efficiency of hiring, it...
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