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Essay on Human Rights in China

China is known for its lack of freedom. In China you can’t say anything bad about the government or the leader of the country, Xi Jinping, you can’t really express your real thoughts and feelings. China is also a very strict country, the government controls everything and everyone. Instead of giving the population access to the western technology, they make their own. They have their own google, their own YouTube, their own Instagram, basically they have their own anything. Why...
2 Pages 1101 Words

Major Critiques On Universal Human Rights

Human rights are rights given to any or all persons by birth, irrespective of gender, position, place of residency, sex, ethnicity, religion, color or class they belong. Thus, human rights are non-discriminatory. It implies that all persons are entitled to human rights and can't be denied access from having them. Since all persons are entitled to human rights, not all persons expertise them equally throughout the globe. several governments and people ignore human rights and viciously exploit different persons. The...
3 Pages 1478 Words

Human Rights: Right to Liberty and Security

In this paper I talk about the history of human rights as a background. But mainly I focused on the right of liberty and security, which protects us against arbitrary unlawful deprivation of liberty. I chose this topic because in my thoughts it is interesting. What Are Human Rights? Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to everyone in the world, from birth until death. They are not granted by any state. These universal rights are inherent...
5 Pages 2051 Words

Universal Human Rights: Norms That Aspire To Protect All People Everywhere

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination. They are applicable everywhere and at every time in the sense of being universal, and they are egalitarian in the sense of being...
2 Pages 919 Words

Why Is the First Amendment Important: Opinion Essay

It is February 14, 2018. At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, three thousand students trudge into the building. They believe it will be just like any other day. It isn’t. At 2:19 p.m., Nikolas Cruz, carrying a rifle case, is dropped off by an Uber driver in front of the school. At 2:22 p.m., gunshots are fired. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, better known as the Parkland massacre, becomes the deadliest high school shooting in United States history. In the...
2 Pages 826 Words

Violation of Freedom of Speech on the Internet: Opinion Essay

This essay is to address the concern over the debate about policing free speech, which has intensified as 8chan, a popular forum website, struggles to stay online on being unconstitutional, violating the First Amendment right of freedom of speech and freedom of having personal property, that being in the form of data, violating the rights of all of those that utilize the Internet and the businesses that offer their services on the Internet, which should be protected by the Constitution...
1 Page 450 Words

Reasons to Become a Teacher Controversy: Persuasive Essay

Do we really understand the real meaning of a ‘teacher’? A teacher is a person in every student’s life who not only teaches the subjects of school, but a person who teaches us how to see the world. Aren’t they supposed to be our role models? As for most students, teachers are the adults we see and learn from, more than our parents, at school we are like a big family with a lot of parents and children. Teachers are...
2 Pages 852 Words

Free Speech on College Campuses as a Problem: Essay

Free speech on college campuses has been a problem that varies around the United States. The problem with the excluding of free speech on campus has resulted in protests, students having to transfer to different colleges, teachers losing their job, and censorship of T-shirts and newspapers. America’s premier editorial cartoonist, Michael Ramirez, effectively uses pathos and ethos to discuss the challenges of free speech on college campuses. Additionally, Michael Ramirez appeals to pathos in his cartoon by graphically showing a...
1 Page 401 Words

Argumentative Essay about Women's Rights

Everywhere we go, all humans carry with them personal biases. Whether those biases be against a particular race, sexuality, or gender, or in favor of one or all of those things, they are still there. These biases come from where we were raised and the way we were raised. These environments range from family values to religious beliefs. And once again, whether you realize it or not, everybody has some sort of bias. However, these biases can be much less...
3 Pages 1228 Words

Persuasive Essay on Women Have the Right to Vote

It took more than a decade for women to get the right to vote in the United States. For nearly 100 years activists and reformers fort to win the right to vote. In the year 1848, a small group of visionaries started a movement to secure equal rights for women in the United States. According to Women's Suffrage, On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was finally ratified, enfranchising all American women and declaring for the first...
1 Page 624 Words

Evaluation Essay on Abortion

Introduction: Abortion remains to be a huge public health issue that conjures social, political, legal, cultural, and religious views and controversies in all cultures. This is mainly so in countries with restraining abortion laws. In spite of variations in the legal significance of abortions in favor of restrictiveness in developing countries rivaled with developed countries, generally, rates are reasonably greater in developing countries (Omo-Aghoja, Omo-Aghoja, Feyi-Waboso, & Onowhakpor, 2010). An abortion is a medical or surgical process that ends a...
4 Pages 1833 Words

Argumentative Research Essay on Women

An important area to look at when deciding whether women need women representatives is the relationship between descriptive and substantive representation. Substantive representation looks at whether representatives ‘act for women’ in the policies that are articulated within political institutions. Descriptive representation occurs when representatives mirror the backgrounds of the represented. In some countries such as Sweden, Argentina, and Rwanda, women have made remarkable progress in participation and representation. However, in other countries, women either lack the right to vote as...
6 Pages 2842 Words

Argumentative Essay on Women's Rights

In recent years, the word 'feminism' has been very common in people's eyes, many people have to mention a few words about feminism from time to time, of course, in the film industry, feminist movies have become more and more mainstream. Once, women's status was very low, no one put women on formal occasions to say, but now, by contrast, no matter what industry is emphasizing women, women's rights. Some time ago, the release of a film reached the attention...
1 Page 398 Words

“The Chrysanthemums” and 'The Story of an Hour': Theme Essay

Theme of Analysis Equality, Equality is a right that is inalienable, a right not upheld by characters in stories and in real life. Equality is an important theme presented throughout novels. As stated in Merriam Webster “ a subject or topic of discourse or of artistic representation”, a theme is vital to the stories we read, it is the central idea of the story. In “The Chrysanthemum” by John Steinbeck, equality partakes in a huge fashion, the main character Elisa...
3 Pages 1238 Words

Non-Legal Aspects of Teenage Mothers' Right to Education: Essay

There are several factors that are non-legal that either directly or indirectly impact the right to education for teenage mothers. However, that variance is premised on a regional basis; albeit that, there are several other ancillary notions that affect the same and they inter alia comprise poverty, illiteracy, low literacy levels, and any more. This essay will explore the veracity of each of the above-mentioned notions and how they impact on the right to education for teenage mothers as enunciated...
4 Pages 1880 Words

There Cannot Be Girl Power without Brain Power: Persuasive Essay

130,000,000 girls. 130,000,000 girls who don’t have access to school. 130,000,000 girls who can’t even read the words on this page. 130,000,000 girls with no chance. 130,000,000 girls left behind ('Gender Inequality Is Keeping Girls Out of School'). Do you sense a problem? In our evolving world, uneducated people are at a catastrophic disadvantage. Without literacy, a woman cannot earn a steady income. For generations, women have been denied their fundamental right to education. This illiteracy perpetuates the cycle of...
3 Pages 1385 Words

Is the Dismissal of Equality of Opportunity a Reasonable One: Critical Essay

This essay will accentuate whether the dismissal of equality of opportunity is a reasonable one. Throughout this essay, I will be denoting fair equality of opportunity, which reaches deeper into the social background than formal equality of opportunity. Rather than clearing away any obstacles for any position, it allows itself to prevent the differential effects of the social lottery at earlier stages of individuals' lives. First, this essay will explore the arguments supporting the dismissal of equality of opportunity pioneered...
6 Pages 2856 Words

Education Is a Power to Sustain Democracy and Freedom: Persuasive Essay

In recent discussions of the true power of education, a controversial issue has been whether education is the most powerful means to sustain democracy and freedom. On the one hand, some argue that education is not the most powerful means to sustain democracy and freedom. From this perspective, people see how there could be faults in the educational system and unequal opportunities that can be found in the education system that could cause there to be other factors that carry...
2 Pages 1092 Words

Persuasive Essay on Abortion Pro-Life

Pro-life is the right choice until the day you die. The abortion rate has fallen by one-third over the past two decades! The pro-life issue means you believe that all human life is created equal regardless of size, level of development, education, and degree of dependency. This issue is so important because everyone has the right to life. Abortion is murder because a fetus has the right to life and this should not be used as birth control. Abortion is...
1 Page 408 Words

Why I Am Passionate about Pro-Life: Argumentative Essay

I am passionate about many things, but in these last few years, particularly in 2020, because of the time to think, one passion has grown. This passion is to fight one of the largest issues in the country that often gets pushed to the side among other smaller issues. I take every opportunity to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. I am choosing to speak up for the unborn. In 2016 alone, 623,471 abortions were reported....
1 Page 645 Words

Legalization of Assisted Suicide Research Paper

The word euthanasia has been around since the 17th century. The term was first used in a medical context by Francis Bacon to refer to an easy, painless, happy death, during which it was the responsibility of the physician to relieve the patient from physical suffering. Euthanasia and assisted suicide have always been a ‘hot topic’ in the medical world, “Is it ethical to contribute to your patients’ suicide?” Today, many doctors would rather not get involved because it violates...
3 Pages 1537 Words

Informative Essay on Doctor Assisted Suicide

Throughout the years, as a topic of hot debate, euthanasia has garnered much attention – rightly so, being an “act of deliberately ending a person’s life to relieve suffering” – and with it assisted suicide, a point of discussion of this essay. Thus, this essay will consider and critically analyze why it may now be time, following the failed attempts to persuade the courts to change the law on assisted suicide, to accept the opposing ethical arguments to understand why...
4 Pages 1900 Words

Informative Essay about Physician Assisted Suicide

Imagine receiving the news everyone dreads; your doctor brings you into their office and tells you “You have cancer”. In the documentary “How to Die in Oregon” this is exactly what happened to Cody Curtis. This film follows many patients and their families' lives as they make the decision to end their lives peacefully through physician-assisted suicide. Curtis was diagnosed with liver cancer. After having what was supposed to be lifesaving surgery, the cancer returned, to no avail. This is...
6 Pages 2651 Words

Freedom of Speech: Argumentative Essay on Ayn Rand

 At the end of the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand, the two protagonists, Prometheus and Gaea, decide to start a society that differs from the one they used to live in. Rather than focusing on everyone as a collective group, the society they want to start focuses on freedom and individuality. Prometheus and Gaea believe that embracing each person’s personality is better than putting everyone in a group and that all people should be able to choose what they do...
2 Pages 821 Words

Freedom of Speech Essay: Thesis Statement

Digitisation has changed our attitudes, schedule, lifestyle, and social conduct. However, every day a new sort of transition hits the market. This has changed the setting of opportunity for all. New technological advancement means a new social change in society. Freedom of speech is one big struggle in this new way of sitting information. This freedom provides individuals with the creative freedom to express themselves openly. Earlier with other forms of media communication was one-way. People had little or no...
4 Pages 2014 Words

Freedom of Speech as a Principal Pillar of a Free Government: Persuasive Essay

Liberal expression is a universal entitlement that comprises liberty to search for, obtain and communicate information and all types of thoughts, irrespective of boundaries, either verbally, in any written form, in the form of art, or through any other media of a person's preference. It is important to uphold and protect the entitlement to speak freely in any democratic society. Likewise, it is important to put a few limitations on this entitlement to preserve social good, in light of the...
2 Pages 759 Words

Essay Paper on Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia and assisted dying are two of the most taboo and controversial topics of the modern era that have polarised society. Although more nations across the world, including the Benelux countries, and mostly recently Austria, are changing their laws to accommodate euthanasia and assisted dying, the issue is still hotly debated. 'Euthanasia' is derived from the Greek words 'EU' and 'Thanatos', which together translate to 'good death'. It is defined as the act or practice of deliberately and directly ending...
6 Pages 2866 Words

Child Rights Essay

India as a country is home to a lot of regressive cultures that will be deemed to be inhumane and barbaric in most of the world. With our history being plagued by the infamous ‘sati’ system the life of some women has never been a fairy tale in this country. Jogini, Devadasi or call them ‘India’s forgotten sex slaves’, India has already become the hub of child trafficking where every eight minutes a child goes missing. “Devadasi system is a...
2 Pages 1128 Words

Charlie Hebdo Freedom of Speech Essay

This paper is mostly about the liberation to publish irreligiously and how it influenced the attacks on terrorist attacks such as Charlie Hebdo in January 2015. The author critiques that the freedom to publish cartoons of this nature should have been consoled and protected. The primary question of this article is addressed whether the freedom to publish such ‘irreligious cartoons’ is as basic and valuable as was and is suggested by some users of the Je Suis Charlie motto, and...
2 Pages 727 Words

Assisted Suicide Reaction Paper

Suicide is a topic everyone knows about, but never wants to discuss it. This topic is a public issue all over the world. Suicide victims tend to see suicide as a way to escape their suffering or pain. Suicide tends to affect close family and friends the most. It seems to be one of the most personal psychological conditions one can go through. The victim is batting so many inner thoughts and demons. Many people have contemplated suicide; It’s a...
2 Pages 1001 Words
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