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The Controversies & Evolution that surround Human Sexuality

To begin this topic regarding human sexuality, I will be diving into the controversies within the field itself. I will be covering basic concepts such as, human sexuality, societies stance on the topic and general research that portray the topic in the way ...

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The Psychology Of Human Sexuality

Sexuality is a topic that cannot be discussed and understand openly sometimes, but it is very important for human being to understand what sexuality and the importance of sexuality for our life is. When I was in high school, I first attended to psychology lecture. I heard some interesting and attractive historical psychology theories, like Freud’s psychosexual theory. Then I had a crush on psychology. However, sometimes, I felt shame when people talk about human sexuality. When I was looking...
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The Understanding Of The Meaning Of Human Sexuality In Modern World

Sexuality is an integral part of the human being. Human gender will play important role in their life. Some people get attracted towards opposite gender some people get attracted toward same gender. But on the other hand, human sexuality has some illness and an unintended result that can affect our overall health. Human sexuality is important for several reasons. Human sexuality is important for those who are planning on having a child, and for those who are looking for a...
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The Concept Of Human Sexuality: Taboos And Reflections

Sexuality is something which cannot be confined; it covers a wider number of issues. It is basically a umbrella term which can have many perspectives. Sexuality is political as well as very personal and sensitive issues. Human Sexuality is something that seems to dominate a lot of the world we live in. It’s in our schools, at work, and especially in the mass media. The way your body develops and the way you feel and respond to others sexually creates...
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The Moral Codes Of Church And Its Views On Human Sexuality

Hostility towards sexuality is a reality that spans in some form or another across all religions. In terms of Christianity, there is a hostility towards women and women’s sexuality and sexual relationships that do not fit into the accepted ideal of the christian church. Because human sexuality is one of the most basic aspects of human biology, it was something that was seen as needing to be controlled and regulated. There are many ways in which religion exercises control over...
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God And Human Sexuality In Tomorrow’s Society

According to the Christianity religion, God is the supreme being that created and sustains everything in the world. Their actions and believes are anchored His wishes and commands which are structured in the holy bible. On the other hand, human sexuality is defined as sexual desires and attractions that an individual gets. Their response can be triggered by desires which are either physical, erotic, emotional, and so on. To Christianity, human sexuality is defined by God, whereby the bible stipulates...
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Teaching Human Sexuality: How Far Is Too Far?

Teachers can have a large impact on the development of a child by helping students succeed in whatever they may want to do in life. They are there to make a difference in the way that children see the world around them. Positive relationships between student and teacher help guide students on how to become a successful adult in their personal and professional lives. The best teachers are committed to their students both in the classroom and out in society...
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Theme of Female Sexuality in Rossetti's and Webster's Texts

In ‘Maude Clare’, Rossetti shows a powerful alternative type of woman – Maude Clare. The name is significant as ‘Maude’ derives from the word ‘warrior’ and connotes extreme strength and power, thus presenting women and their female sexuality as a powerful weapon that only warriors like Maude Clare and women possess. However, there are similarities between this poem and ‘The Duchess of Malfi’ as Rossetti uses the noun ‘queen’ to describe Maude Clare at the end of the first stanza...
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Issues Of Sexuality, Disguise, Marriage And Romantic Love In Twelfth Night, Or What You Will

Twelfth Night, or What You Will is one of the most challenging Shakespeare’s plays, as it explores issues of gender identity and sexual orientation, interrogates traditional representation of gender roles and suggests same-sex love and attraction between most of the characters, issues, which unfortunately, nowadays, almost 400 years later, are little debated or even considered taboo topics. Twelfth Night is with no doubt a play ahead of it is time. The innovative Elizabethan play, disturbs heteronormativity, which is the belief...
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The Effects Of The Sexual Revolution On The Breakdown Of Family And Society In Islam

INTRODUCTION Over the past thirty years, two sexual revolutions have taken place, a dramatic increase in awareness of sexual problems and the simultaneous expansion of the range of therapies for sexual ailments; and a radical change in sexual behavior and behavior. The discussion focused on the ethical implications of these changes. The standards of sexual morality in this society are derived from the Judeo-Christian tradition. In this passage, sexuality is first linked to the establishment of a permanent relationship between...
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Recognition of Gender, Sexuality and Family Choice in the Development of Citizenship

The purpose of this essay is to discuss how the development of citizenship has progressed through the recognition of gender, sexuality and family choice. The term citizenship is often used to describe the status of an individual`s residency alongside upkeeping responsibilities. The usual responsibilities include paying taxes, serving on a jury when summoned, obeying the law, and as a whole being an active member of society that positively contributes towards the economic and social growth of a country. Citizenship rights...
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Cultural Stereotypes And Sexuality In Daisy Miller And Where Angels Fear To Tread

Written by two male authors, Daisy Miller and Where Angels Fear to Tread emphasize the lives of women and men who are sexualized differently due to European stereotypes. Daisy Miller, the main character in the novel Daisy Miller, is a woman seen as an “American flirt” who shows the morality and sexual challenges faced by foreign women abroad in Europe. Gino Cerella is the male protagonist in Where Angels Fear to Tread who shows the image of the stereotypical Italian...
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Sexting Essay

· Introduction to the issue: There are suggestions that online sexual victimization can be explained as cross-gender cyberbullying while both regarded as abuses of power towards the weaker. While behaviors termed bullying are unacceptable, there is some social tolerance of sexual victimization as “normal” by adolescents and teachers. The victims are often blamed for how they have been maliciously treated (Shute, Owens, and Slee 2008, p.479). Sexting refers to the sharing of the sexual content of individuals on social media....
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Gothic Sexuality In Dracula

The few elements that make up Gothic literature, sexuality contributes to many themes of novels. While being such a controversial topic, especially during the Victorian era, many authors continued push this element in their works. Two novels that really concentrated on the theme of sexuality was Carmilla written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and Dracula by Bram Stoker. Centered around vampires, which are known for their expressing their sexualality and provoking other’s repressed desires. The ideal role of women in...
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Coming Of Age, Sexuality And Gender Identity In The Book Fun Home

The theme of sexuality and gender identity is apparent throughout the memoir, Fun Home. It introduces two distinctly different coming-to age stories of a father and daughter dealing with their sexuality. The novel highlights moments of struggle each character experiences when they discover that their identities differ from the expectations that are being promoted by their society. Much of what the novel says about what makes us who we are is contributed to the acceptance we hold true for ourselves....
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The Portrayal Of Sexuality And Disability In The Movies

Introduction In this paper I try to analyse the portrayal of sexuality and disability in the movies. I will mainly focus on two movies namely, Sixth Happiness and Scarlett Roads and the documentary called Accsex. According to Harris, most of the viewers do not relate the sexual lives of the disabled characters with their own sexuality. It is seen as a plot device and not as a component of the character’s overall identity. This attitude also reflects a common stereotype...
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Female Sexuality and Surrogacy

In this essay, I will be exploring Satz’s egalitarian argument for why we should limit markets in female reproductive labour. I will argue that Satz’s thesis is compelling, with regards to the assertion that contract pregnancy promotes the control of women’s bodies and behaviour. I will also argue that contract pregnancy exploits certain women with intersecting identities, specifically within the sphere of international surrogacy arrangements. Although I agree with Satz’s argument that contract pregnancy is counter to women’s liberation, I...
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Sexuality And Gender In Modern Gothic Literature

Introduction The contemporary gothic form deals with the feminist perspective on sexuality and gender, as well as gender roles in the sense of them being socially and culturally conditioned. Violence and the sublime are translated into the fear of consequences of the choices imposed on the female protagonists by the society and the dominating male-villains. The modern twist on the fear of the consuming male figures is transformed into fear of villain-husbands with a horrid secret threatening to destroy the...
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Gender Ambiguity And Sexuality In Othello, Twelfth Night, And Macbeth

Sexuality, gender, and patriarchy are all common themes in many of Shakespeare’s plays. Both gender ambiguity and sexual stereotypes are used as a means of character manipulation and plot development in several of his plays. During the Elizabethan Era, Shakespeare was influenced by social norms regarding gender, sexuality, status, etc. Both men and women accepted their roles according to the society that they lived in; which is why many of Shakespeare’s references to gender and sex were admissible in the...
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Causes Of Homosexuality

Homosexuality has been a debatable topic for hundreds of years. People have been questioning the entire concept: why people are this way, how they deal with daily life, what goes through their minds. Researchers and philosophers have tried to decode the characters who live through this phenomenon. Many people only associate sexual orientation with sexual attraction, but sexual orientation usually indicates intimate feelings, attraction, arousal, fantasy, and temptation (Benuto). Different faiths (i.e., Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism) consider having relations with...
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Sociology of Childhood: Gender and Sexuality

In this essay I am going to be writing about gender and sexuality and I will be using sociological theories to compare the differences between being a male and what is expected of them and being a female and what is expected of them and I will be writing about how sexuality is dealt with in the school curriculum. The difference between sex and gender is that sex is the biological factor for example you are born with a penis...
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The Effects Of Rousseau's Childhood On His Views On Sexuality

“‘I want to show my fellow-men a man in all the truth of nature; and this man is to be myself’” (Rousseau, p.5). In an attempt to reach his audience, Rousseau in Confessions did what most would not dare in an autobiography: reveal ‘everything’. Confessions does not follow the conventions of a traditional eighteenth-century autobiography. Rousseau’s self-portrait conveyed himself through raw emotions and distorted ways and actions rather than what society expected: a presentation of exemplary qualities. For a man...
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Discussion on the History of Sexuality by Foucault

Foucault begins a discussion on the history of sexuality by accusing our societies of hypocrisy and silence about sexuality and says that we are still under the Victorian rule in this Aspect. Then, he makes a simple comparison to sexual discourse in the early seventeenth century and after the appearance of the bourgeoisie. In this comparison, Foucault says that during the seventeenth century, the discourse on sexuality was freer and there was no strictness and reservation compared to the nineteenth...
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Ethics and Sexuality

Introduction In this paper I will discuss the immorality or premarital intercourse and the importance of abstinence, and in the case of divorce the importance of celibacy. I will approach this issue in two steps. First, I will describe my ethical theory that I believe a person, specifically a Christian, should apply when attempting to solve moral dilemmas. Then I will apply this methodology to the sexuality, specifically premarital intercourse. The position that I hope to substantiate is that, sex...
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Jane Eyre’s Passion, Sexuality and Desire

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre created quite a stir when it was published, under a false male pseudonym, in the mid 1840’s. This novel introduced the idea of the individualize women and how feminism was shifting throughout this time. She explores the undermining sexual innuendos hidden in Jane’s actions throughout the Victorian Era. From orphanhood to marriage, she shows growth in her sense of self. Jane has contradictory desires to be both independent and to serve a strong-willed man. Passion and...
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Threat of Female Sexual Expression in ‘The Bloody Chamber and ‘Dracula’

The empowerment of women has been problematic within male-dominated societies throughout history, leaving women oppressed and bound by rigid social expectations. Whilst Stoker fails to challenge this confinement in ‘Dracula’, Carter opts to demonstrate the power of female sexual expression in ‘The Bloody Chamber’. In ‘Dracula’, Stoker presents the ‘New Woman’ as a threat that must be detained and brought back into subjugation. During the Victorian era, the typical ‘New Woman’ rejected the traditional position prescribed for them, opting to...
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Theology Of Sexuality And Sex

Abstract In the Bible, God made sexuality the core of human experience. He created Adam and Eve to not only be a help mate to one another, but to also “fill the earth and subdue it.” The two main purposes of sex were for procreation and marriage. There are various passages throughout the Bible that, in general, state they run from all kinds of sexual immorality. Solomon’s Song praises the lovers ‘ sexual pleasure, while Paul explained that marital marriage...
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