Human Trafficking: Srime And Human Rights Violation

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Human trafficking has been recognized as one of the most expansive and challenging human rights issues affecting the entire community and worldwide. It involves the recruitment, movement, and exploitation of a person. There are many different types of human trafficking, but the most known ones are sex trafficking, forced labor, and forced child labor. Despite the fact that human trafficking is a major problem in today's world, human trafficking in the United States can be reduced and possibly eliminated through education and all citizens and raising awareness for this problem.

Students who are not taught about human trafficking in school can later be affected by this issue. Students are at higher risk for human trafficking due to the low amount of resources that they are receiving at school. According to an education resource article, “students are one of the highest-risk populations and traffickers are targeting them to become both victims and perpetrators” (Ellery). “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Mandela). By students not being taught the overall basis and issues of human trafficking, the students themselves will not be aware of human trafficking signs in order to be able to see them and report them. Schools have the ability to realize their human agency, which is the capacity to act in the world as an influencer to many young children and help them understand the importance of being aware of human trafficking than teachers being bystanders and not helping others. “Students and teachers can become agents of change who are discontent with the present injustice and look forward with a vision of what could be” (Ellery). Schools play an important role in promoting student health and well-being. “School programs that focus on healthy relationships and preventing adolescent dating violence can provide the opportunity to discuss sexual and labor exploitation as another form of violence against adolescents” (Marx). Also, if a child has access to the internet they may be vulnerable to trafficking because it is also known that traffickers use social media to recruit victims. Just having at least one school teach about human trafficking, can lead to other schools being in contact and also wanting to teach about this issue and inspire the children to be aware of these problems and possibly reduce and prevent them.

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If citizens from the United States do not create awareness, we're not helping others, or this issue from it being prevented to reduced. Our mission is to support the elimination of human trafficking and expose the crime and empower its victims to eliminate this crime. By having faith-based communities come together, this issue can become reduced. “Host awareness events and community forums with anti-trafficking leaders or collectively support a local victim service provider” (Politics). If there is not any type of awareness in the world, humans will not be able to reduce or prevent this issue. “Federal agencies and departments are working collaboratively to raise awareness about human trafficking and the impact on victims, reduce the prevalence of human trafficking, support victims, prosecute offenders, and provide communities with the capacity to respond to the problem” (“Trafficking Prevention”). As a community, coming together in order to reduce human trafficking in a safe way and make everyone who is there feel comfortable is a way of prevention. Having a campaign event brings a lot of people together and has them discuss the issue and how to prevent it for those who didn’t know or were not well taught. Big business companies should be part of events that will help reduce human trafficking since they have a bigger audience and can possibly reduce it and have people come and donate to those victims and create a different way to prevent the situation. According to the evidence, it is recommended that U.S citizens create a way to reduce and prevent this problem.

Although there is a little amount of education being taught in this problem, it doesn’t mean that students will automatically be trafficked but will have to learn themselves at a later time. Teachers and the staff of schools or any type of educational resources should be inspired or motivated to speak about human trafficking and have young adults also prevent this. By having campaigns or events we should at least try to decrease the percentage of human trafficking that is occurring in today's world. It does not hurt to be a part of campaigns or events that discuss this situation because there should be proud full movement knowing all this information about the situation and know what to be aware of. need to trust those who we are surrounded by and feel safe around them knowing to ensure that if anything like this happens we can at least see the signs first and then taken action right afterward. The community wants those who were victims of this issue to feel as if they have others behind their backs and know that all citizens will get through this issue and try their best to prevent it or at least reduce the number of people who have gone through it this issue. Just like in the articles, it states to be known that many of those who were trafficked had little knowledge about this situation or were trafficked at a young age. People should not have to worry about if someone is going to take them away or aggressively courage them to go with the traffickers.

Many citizens within our community think that children should be able to understand the issues of human trafficking on their own or wait until this issue is brought upon them. Many also say that it does not matter if the community has events or campaigns because nothing is being done at the end and it just creates more drama towards the community. “In any conversation about ‘raising awareness,’ it is necessary to make use of quotation marks since we don’t have evidence that these campaigns raise awareness to any degree necessary to reduce human trafficking. In addition to questions about effectiveness, we have even more troubling questions about the degree to which campaigns are actually counterproductive. Therefore, there is no need for campaigns or programs to occur about this issue since we don’t know if it is really helping the community” (Haynes). Although there is validity to the presented argument, this theory excludes the reasoning as to why these campaigns should be stopped, knowing that those who are victims of this issue will feel as if the community is supporting them and helping others make a difference and being aware of this issue. Although people within the community may think that campaigns are a waste of time, they do not understand the correct meaning behind them and do not understand how it actually is helping others around the community. Without campaigns or children being taught about human trafficking, people in the United States will not understand what human trafficking is and the major issues of this problem. People will not be aware of the signs and will, unfortunately, become victims of this issue if not taught correctly. With all this considered, human trafficking should not be ignored and should be taught to children during their education to prevent them from becoming victims and continue having campaigns to reduce or prevent this issue.

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