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Humanism Influence In Renaissance Education

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During the 13 hundreds till the 16 hundreds, there was a period of time in which humans suffer a drastic change in the way of thinking they had; this period of time is called the “Renaissance”. They started to think that humans were the center of all replacing God; and the intellectual movements that focused on human potential and achievements. This way of thinking is called the humanism. The main cause of why humanism began was because the dark plague forced the people that lived in the rural cities to move into urban cities because the dark plague came from the rural cities. This change helped the merchants to rise and from those merchants, that at those times they had a wealthy life, emerged the idea of living with luxuries without offending God. Humanism brought a lot of consequences to humans in those days. One of the main aspects that changed by humanism, was education, it changed in many ways, how important education was? New changes in education, etc all this will be explained later. In our daily lives were still having a little bit of humanism; and here it comes the million dollars question: How does humanism influence education?

Humanism influenced education in some way that made education introduce new subjects. For example, the Basic Latin Grammar was practiced in the home, boys were taught at home. The vernacular was not taught as a language at all. The Latin Grammar was taught because Latin was the alternate first language. The boy put in practice the latin interacting with others, this was very important because now we can answer ourselfs, how humanism influence education? one main aspect is the different and new subjects that were introduced that made everything easy in society. So we continue, after the boy had put in practice latin, he was able to read Caesar and more difficult texts so they began to read more difficult and poetic texts Aeneid, orations of Cicero, etc. After this, the boy was ready to think a little bit more deeply about some ideas present in these books texts. There also were introduced mathematics, science with a very important man called Nicolaus Copernicus. But why we only talk about latin? because latin is the base for everything, was the language all may knew.

Humanists during the Renaissance believed that humans beings could be changed by education. In education, for example, it was a big difference between education for boys, and education for girls, boys have more opportunities and receive much more education than girls. Boys who planned to go to a university studied classical education based on Latin, but there was also education through apprenticeships for boys who planned to perform a trade. Nevertheless, education taught more things. What humanists taught in the schools were “Humanities” grammar, history, poetry, etc. Humanists believed that the human body needs to be glorified, and the purpose of humanism was to create a universal man, a man combined with physical and intellectual excellence. Education mainly was based on literature and poetry.

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Schools in Renaissance took an important role in education, the basics of the schools were to create students who were well-balanced, knew all the values of their society and to focus on the new way of thinking (humanism). One of the most important schools in the Renaissance was the one created by Vittorino da Feltre in 1423. The foundation of the school was mainly to teach liberal studies which allowed humans to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Liberal studies included philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, etc. Here comes again this the real meaning of humanism “The human potential and achievements” this school based on this, giving freedom and more opportunities to humans. People who attended the schools were the children from upper-class families and females were not usually allowed to attend but were encouraged to know history, learn dance, etc. Despite, there were also different kinds of schools during the Renaissance. The Flemish Schools were not located in the Italian city-states, they were located in the “lower countries” such as the Netherlands and Belgium; this school focuses on music. There they studied all related to music and the elaboration of complex music, there they use some techniques like the imitative counterpoint, learned the harmony, what was dissonant, what was a consonant, etc. But if we talk of a humanism school or humanism teachings the first school that pops to our mind would be the school from Vittorino Da Feltre since they focused on the humans’ beings.

Now that we know what humanism is, we can affirm that the most impact humanism had in was in education. This is because when humanism started it changed the mind of people and started focusing man as the center of all, so this has a lot of repercution in education because more children started to receive education compared to the middle ages. So, with the inclusion of humanism in education, the students went out of school with another point of view of how they see the world. Also, education helped humanism to develop and spread and without the implementation of humanism in education the effect humanism had in the world wouldn’t be the same because the new generations wouldn’t have it in the mind.

In conclusion, education is the base of all. If children are well educated, they will be good adults that are not ignorant. Furthermore, education is also important because without it there will be no other careers; so, this is really relevant because the different careers make a civilization to develop. Now, we know that education is essential; so, humanism in education was the base for the new generations to took the path humanity will have in the next years. So, without humanism education, new generations would easily forget the essence of humanism, which has the human as the center of all, and this will cause that the humanism would not have the range of spread it had. In the final conclusion, the inclusion of humanism was essential not only for helping the humanism to spread but to continue with the humanist legacy.

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