Humanistic Theory: Abraham Maslow And Carl Rogers

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Humanistic theory gets its beliefs from the basic goodness and respect of humankind. It is based on the existence of an understanding of the acceptance of one’s life and responsibility. The two leading theorists that made the way to this theory are Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. They made it easily approachable to understand the personality and improvement of the overall satisfaction of oneself. In the humanistic view, you are responsible for how you live and the actions you take every day; it’s the freedom and will to redirect their attitudes and behavior.

Abraham Maslow's intake of the humanistic theory is self-actualization. “Self-actualization is seen as the highest level ever of personal development that can be reached only after basic needs are met.” (creativity pg13). This means that your needs are fulfilled, whether it’s your safety needs, or love life needs the list goes on, but your needs are met to your highest level. “Maslow information on need-based motivation suggests that children who are hungry or worried about their home life will have difficulty in engaging activities that focus on higher-level aesthetic needs.” (Creativity pg 13). This is to be analyzed and understood by teachers because of family situations; it is also suitable for them to provide breakfast for anyone in need if their hungry to make it through the morning today. If breakfast is skipped or any meal is skipped, the child lacks in their education. And this is a problem that has been happening for some time, and as teachers, we need to see that so the child can be successful throughout.

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In the article self-actualization, the author states that “Maslow has made a case for natural, human goodness. Man is good, not evil; he can be an efficient, healthy, and happy person. But he must nurture the capacity with awareness, honesty, introspection, and maintain his freedom: to freely respond to internal and external events (values), to be himself at all costs.” (Self-actualization pg6) So basically man is to hold their standard for what they do and how they treat others. No one is born evil, but what you do can show who you are becoming as a person. It’s good always to be honest with others but also with yourself because it’s not good to build up a wall to block out the truth. Knowing the awareness of your wrongs is critical because it shows your mistake for future references, so you don’t make the same mistake again. And the same goes for doing well. It’s essential to notice these things and keep them in mind to teach others as well to educate others on their rights and wrongs.


In conclusion, their no right or wrong answers; it’s a combination of the internal and external struggle of thoughts. Everyone experiences life differently through their own walk of the path. Abraham Maslow shows that providing a safe place for someone, especially a child, will enrich their creative side and make them grow to have self-confidence and independence.


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