Humor And Laughter In Relationships

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Every relationship is different whether it may be a platonic relationship between friends or a romantic relationship between lovers. Humor has many benefits in for one’s health but also in relationships. Regarding relationships, humor can be seen in health, friendships, and romance.

Humor that makes one laugh is always good for their health. That being said a good laugh, nor a good sense of humor can relive of all health problems. However, there are both long and short-term benefits to having a good laugh. According to, laughter can increase blood flow, lower blood sugar, and regulate the immune system. This is important because, increased blood circulation is critical part of someone’s overall health and how it functions. As to lower blood sugar, this is good for those who have type 2 diabetes. There are many ways to lower blood sugar but having a laugh on the daily helps those who need it with that. The immune system is important for one’s health, so regulating it as much as possible is a great way to keep their body in the best health it can be. Laughter is not the only way to for one to get these results, it is one of the easier ways to do so without having to change to much of a routine. However, this is not something one should only do when trying to keep healthy, and this is not the only way that humor and more important laughter is to health.

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Friendships that use humor and laughter are significant in having a good bond with the other. This is good because when people joke with their friends, not only do they have a shared sense of humor but also shared experiences that make the joke funny, however when people who have friends of the opposite gender it can be harder to have a shared humor. In Males Versus Females, Gays Versus Straights, and The Varieties of Gender Humor, Leon Rappoport writes that not only do genders have a different variety of humor, but men have a different humor to women and is not likely to laugh at their jokes, where as women are more likely to laugh at jokes told by men. This is important to note because, men who have a friendship with other men will tend to tell sexist jokes that are more insensitive to women, and women do not the same jokes that men do. They tell jokes that ridicule the sexist jokes that men joke about, and they tend to joke about themselves or their experiences and make them funny. This can be seen in a television show called Hot Date, where a married couple run into an old college friend who brings up uncomfortable jokes about the couples past making the couple uncomfortable (2:26-3:35). This difference can make it difficult when finding or having a good relationship with the opposed gender. Having a shared humor and jokes is important as to not offend and or damage the relationship when regarding the opposite gender.

In romantic relationships having a good humor is good because being able to laugh at each other mistakes. Couples who can look back and laugh at the “dumb” fights they had been in is a good way to deepen or move forward in the relationship. As Bethany Butzer and Nicholas A. Kuiper (2008) write in Humor Use in Romantic Relationships: The Effects of Relationship Satisfaction and Pleasant Versus Conflict, “With regard to positive humor, several researchers have shown that individuals in romantic relationships may use humor to feel closer to one another and to help them cope with various aspects of their lives (Alberts, 1990; Bippus, 2000; Lefcourt & Martin, 1986; Ziv, 1988).” This states that those couples use a positive humor to feel closer, using this humor to help the other in the relationship is a great way to keep a relationship healthy and functional. Being able to laugh and use humor to cope in certain situations with a lover, is a great way to look at the bright side of things. Using a positive humor in romantic relationships is a way that couples can show warmth and enhance a closeness and bond with one another.

Humor has many wonderful benefits in for one’s health and in relationships and humor can be seen in health, friendships, and romance. There are more ways that humor and laughter can help with when it comes to health, burning a few calories and pain relief are just to name a few more. Having a good sense of humor can be seen in many different ways, health reasons and when forming bonds with others whether or not it is for friendships or romantic relationships. There are different ways the humor can be seen in relationships by looking at negative and avoiding humor these can be compared with positive to see how they can either be helpful or damaging.

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