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Hunting vs. the Eco-System

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Traditions are past through generations of families through-out the world and it is what keeps cultures intact, but when it starts impacting the eco-system in a negative way one should rethink that tradition that has been kept in families from childhood to adult life then onto their own children. Hunting is branded as this unethical practice that should be illegal because it is obsolete, it serves no purpose to common life, and it is affecting animal population. Many believe that the United States (U.S.) is allowing such monstrosities to be done in the back yard of America but most of these beliefs are thought by people inside a liberal bubble. However, hunting should be restricted and controlled, for example where hunting can be done and how many individuals a day can participate in this activity especially during hunting season when many hunters are out.

The U.S. actually regulate their hunting policies, which probably depends on the culture of their state. In an article called “Hunter Density Across the U.S.” by Kip Adams, a wildlife biologist, he illustrates how much hunting is done in the U.S. with statistical graphs that shows that most of the hunting is done in the east coast. Individuals in areas like California that is a more liberal and is a city like state would not understand or see the need to hunt unlike the individuals in small town states. Coming from the bubble of California run by vegans and hipsters, one may conclude that hunting is an unethical practice that should be banned all together. However in Opposing viewpoints in Context named “Hunting” it explains what hunting is in the U.S. : “Hunting refers to the tracking, trapping, or killing of wild animals. Though some people hunt for food, hunting in the United States is primarily a recreational activity regulated by laws that govern which species can be hunted.” Hunting is being regulated by these states but many do not know that regulations and laws are in place. When one thinks of hunting they think of killing the animal and leaving its carcass there or taking a part of the animal as a trophy. That way of hunting is usually done in parts of Africa usually towards animals such as rhinos. However, that way of hunting may be done here in America as well.

Poaching in America is happening but it is not being legally done or even wanted by the government. By an unknown author from a website called GameWarden, “America’s Poaching Epidemic” they explain how the black market is the usual suspect for poaching in America. This article claims that, “many are simply unaware of the fact that everyday, our state and federal game wardens fight another vicious adversary that is putting additional pressure on certain species populations” meaning that the black market is the antagonist of hunting. Since this is a known fact to the U.S. government they are coming down on hunting policies and restrictions on where to hunt. In the article mentioned above they comment on the new regulations done in some States, “the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish investigate trophy poachers who kill many types of big game just for the head or horns, leaving the rest of the animal to rot… In Nevada, elk poaching is a serious issue that is met with equally serious fines and jail time”. This side of hunting is a real problem for conservationist and to the hunters that enjoy hunting in a legal manner. Poachers are giving a bad reputation to hunters because extreme animal lovers are pushing the blame on the wrong people and exerting their resources on the wrong group of hunters instead of the ones poaching animals.

Organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are the biggest exclaimers on animal conservation. In an article on P.E.T.A.’s website called, “Hunters” they use explicit language such as, “bloodthristy”, “pain and suffering”, and how animals are unable to protect themselves. P.E.T.A is known as the most empathetic organization for animals which causes some people on the internet to poke fun because of how devoted they are and the way they overreact on certain situations. In this article they explain in a deliberate way to allude to the audience to empathize on why hunting should not be done: “[h]unting is often called a sport as a way to pass off a cruel, needless killing spree as a socially acceptable, wholesome activity. However, sports involve competition between two consenting parties and the mediation of a referee”. Using words as cruel and killing spree to describe hunting to someone who does not fully understand hunting as a whole would despise the activity. This sort of word usage seems like a way to bring in individuals into the organization because they plug in their information to join right after this article. Even on their side bar to click on their piece on hunters P.E.T.A categorizes it as a “Cruel Sport”.

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An example for one of P.E.T.A.s over exaggeration a man named Steve Irwin, a famous animal conservationist known as ‘The Crocodile Hunter” even through many called him this he was protecting them. In an article called “PETA Blasted After Criticizing Google Doodle of Steve Irwin” by Abel Shifferaw, explaining what happened that made P.E.T.A. so angry. Irwin was given a tribute on googles home page and P.E.T.A exclaimed, “who commissioned these dangerous, hagiographic cartoons of a man who died while harassing a stingray, dangled his baby while feeding a crocodile, and ‘wrestled’ wild animals who were minding their own business”. Irwin was well loved by many people so of course P.E.T.A. received a lot of backlash on their comment on googles tribute. This comment was made on a social media application called “Twitter” which Shifferaw included what the people had to say about P.E.T.A.s comment. This was right after his death, as people responded toward P.E.T.A.s comment about what good Irwin did for wildlife such as claiming land for animals, risking his own life every time he went up to an animal, the beauty one can find in nature and showing people who do not get that privilege to be near wildlife to see that animal.

Again from P.E.T.A. in an article called “9 Things No One Told You About Hunting” they list the negatives of hunting and how they affect species population. Many things on this list pokes at ones emotions, a good tactic too use for persuading someone to be on their side. In this list it implies, ”when animals are killed, families are broken up, often leaving young animals to perish of starvation or attacks by other animals”. P.E.T.A humanizes animals and makes the reader pity its suffering because usually humans like to empathize with others. Animals are always on survival mode and trying to protect every animal should not be the purpose of an organization. Instead they should try and make laws go into action to preserve wildlife or help with the poaching epidemic happening in America.

Hunting has been a way of life for many people, growing up around guns and even learning to shoot a gun by the time they are ten, or maybe younger. In an article piece by Sona Superkova called “Hunting Traditions in Europe – The Way of Life for Hunters” she explains how hunting has been made into a tradition in Europe and how it is a food source for many Europeans. In one aspect of hunting it is about the feeling and not so much about survival as Superkova shows, “it is not just about the joy of the quarry, the kill, or the trophies; it is about the honor of being hunters”. Even though Superkova does not talk about hunting in America there are still similarities the U.S. has with Europe.

Hunting is not so black and white as many people make it out to be, there are things that are being done to combat unlawful hunting or more commonly poaching. Many people view one incident as and over all explanation for why hunting should not be done. Hunting has always been ingrained in people since the dawn of man. Yes, people no longer have the need to hunt anymore but it has become a way to relieve and go back into ones own roots. There is a sort of serenity in hunting in the wild, which produces adrenaline like feelings for many people. However, there should be regulations on hunting and where too hunt since many accident can occur in the wild such as shooting at another hunting group. The main group go hunters that should be run down is poachers and how they sell to the black market for their own profit.

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