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Hybrid vehicle

A Hybrid motor uses more than one type of source for its work. It could be either diesel, electric or electric, hydraulic or diesel, hydraulic. Sometimes they work both simultaneously, and sometimes only one works at a time. The outcome of it is less gasoline burned, in that it is not only the best economy fuel but very less pollution which is a major disturbance nowadays. The term ”Hybrid”, will probably mean everything. An internal combustion engine used in a hybrid vehicle may run on Petrol or Diesel fuel.

Hybrid vehicle works on two engines-

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  1. Petrol or diesel fuel
  2. The electrical engine works on charging.

It's all that both the engines work in coordination with each other to provide to vehicles. In a parallel (hybrid) bicycle human and motor torques are mechanically coupled at the pedal or one of the wheels. In a series (hybrid) bicycle (SHB) (a kind of chainless bicycle) the user pedals a generator, charging a battery or feeding the motor, which delivers all of the torque required.

In Europe, many hybrid cars can be seen around. Hybrid trains, hybrid buses, hybrid cars, etc are available. Mahindra is an Indian company that manufactured many hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are very useful for our environment. People are preferring hybrid vehicles over petrol or diesel working vehicles as it helps in not harming our environment at an extreme level. It also has amazing efficiency.

Hybrid motors are considered to have better performance and the best fuel economy compared to conventional ones. The Addition of a battery-powered electric motor increases the fuel efficiency of the hybrid in several ways. Many hybrid vehicles can be seen around. In most of European countries trains, buses, and many cars use the hybrid system. These small things make these countries big in the field of science and technology and if these hybrid systems people would be using it will make countries in very good shape. Hybrid vehicles are very efficient means of system and bit by bit will make the world in a good phase. The hybrid vehicle is an innovative system and makes it superior to other diesel or petrol working vehicles.

Scientists are working on hybrid vehicles to make them more efficient and in better working conditions. Many companies are supporting hybrid systems. Companies are taking interest in a hybrid system. Soon we will be seeing many hybrid systems in our surroundings.

Need for a hybrid vehicle

All over the world, there is a lot of chaos among people for use of all kinds of vehicles in our day-to-day life.

People keep using their vehicles for various purposes. Hybrid vehicles have a special quality that serves it as an excellent example in the generation of cars.

Hybrid vehicles offer better power as well as better efficiency. Another need is in terms of emissions. Most vehicles have high emissions of toxic gases. So we need a kind of system which does not produce much effect on the environment. Hybrid vehicles have very low emissions of toxic gases. Generally, the vehicles need much fuel and do not accelerate much quickly hybrid vehicles can accelerate very quickly. The vehicles which run on roads affect a lot of people directly or indirectly just because of pollution but hybrid vehicles do not affect as much of the environment as other vehicles do.

The world is growing very fast and so is the population. The rapid increase in the population increases the urge of using vehicles for every small thing. If these petrol or diesel vehicles will be on the roads it will affect the environment and definitely will have a disastrous effect on the sources of petrol or diesel that are fossil fuels. So we need vehicles which consume less petrol or diesel, hybrid vehicles can precisely do that job. It can help the environment as well as a nonrenewable source of energy i.e. fossil fuel. People will have to think about this rapid growth of vehicles on roads.

Natural sources are depleting at a very high rate. Soon these fossil fuels which are nonrenewable sources of energy are going to be over and these nonrenewable sources of energy affect our surrounding very badly. Many people in countries are facing issues in their health just because of the pollution in the environment. So these things have to be stopped. Hybrid vehicles are a very interesting thing that can help people in avoiding pollution.

Hybrid vehicles minimize the pollution in our surroundings. If people will start to think about the surrounding these hybrid vehicles can do great for the environment. Carbon dioxide can cause a lot of global warming in the surrounding. Sulfur dioxide emitted from cars and trucks have made a lot of effect on people. Hybrid vehicles can control exhaust from cars as it uses an electrical engine. The goal of the hybrid is to use the electric portion of the drive train as much as possible without comprising performance. Harmful emissions from cars are reduced and efficiency is increased.

Advantages of hybrid cars-

Most of the cars in this generation work on petrol or diesel which is obtained from fossil fuels. Hybrid vehicles have a great specialty in consuming less petrol or diesel and providing great efficiency. Hybrid vehicles have great quality that they accelerate faster than other vehicles. Everywhere there is pollution, we humans are not taking care of our environment

A hybrid vehicle is a masterpiece in the field of saving the environment and our surroundings. Hybrid vehicles produce very less amount of carbon dioxide. As carbon dioxide is responsible for rising the earth's temperature, hybrid vehicles save much from carbon dioxide. Automatic start or off is provided in hybrid vehicles which again is impressive work by the developer. Hybrid vehicles consist of an electric motor and a diesel or petrol engine. These engines work in coordination and provide efficiency in all ways. We don’t need to charge an electric motor, it does happen with the help of a petrol or diesel engine.

Hybrid vehicles provided low annual tax bills and maintenance of hybrid vehicles is less than any other vehicle working on petrol or diesel. Hybrid vehicles have a beautiful mechanism, as each time we apply brakes hybrid vehicles get charged. Hybrid vehicles are made from lighter materials which in turn use less power to run the vehicle.

The most tremendous use of the hybrid vehicle is that it has a higher resale value in the market. Hybrid cars have a series of benefits for the environment and people. Hybrid vehicles play an important role in the field of people day to day life. Hybrid vehicles have a lot of support from big industries of cars, trucks, and trains. Many hybrid cars are being supported by the country's government. The government provides funds for big companies. Every country is thinking about overcoming pollution. Pollution has disturbed every people in the world and the way we can help people is most probably a hybrid vehicle.

Plug-in hybrid cars have benefits not only in the environment but also in other spheres. They have superior mpg than gas automobiles. No harmful gas release and environmentally friendly. Selection of power settings, varying from eco to power for maximum performance. Tax advantages and fewer benefits in kind based on your state guidelines.

A hybrid automobile or a gasoline one depends upon your requirements and preferences. With an electric hybrid vehicle, you will be most advantageous in the field of fuel.

Disadvantages of hybrid vehicles-

Whenever we look into something there is a disadvantage in every technology. Similarly, hybrid vehicles also have a lot of disadvantages. First of all hybrid vehicles are not as eco-friendly as electric cars are. Hybrid vehicles use petrol or diesel engine also which makes them pollution-producing systems. In comparison to electric cars hybrid vehicles will have less efficiency. In the start hybrid vehicles is a boon for the market as the investment was less and maintenance was less but soon when electric cars and electric hybrid vehicles were introduced there was less investment in hybrid vehicles and resale value was also reduced.

Sometimes the maintenance price of hybrid vehicles is more than the other vehicles as hybrid vehicles consist of two engines are petrol or diesel engine and an electric engine. So maintaining both engines at the same time will be costing more. The petrol or diesel engines are smaller than electric engines so the overall power performance is not that good. Some people are meant for riding cars with fast speed as in many countries roads are very wide consisting of 8 lanes per side, in that case, hybrid vehicles are not useful and cannot provide very high speed with both the engines. For people who want cars at fast speeds hybrid vehicles aren't meant for them.

Hybrid vehicles are not exempt from taxes and charges like taxes meant on exhibiting wasteful gases in the environment. Hybrid vehicles cost more than other petrol or diesel working cars. Its about 10 to 15 percent costing more than other vehicles which make people think about buying these vehicles. People have an ideology of buying the best cars at the best rate which in turn going to affect the minds of people. The electric engines have to be replaced at regular intervals. The electrical engines are not as powerful as diesel or petrol engines.

The handling of hybrid vehicles is a bit difficult as two engines work in the same system. The suspension of hybrid vehicles does not have much support in comparison to other vehicles. Hybrid vehicles carry much current in them. So this battery has enough power to kill people inside the car only making it difficult for other people to save from that car carrying so much current. The overall powerful performance is not that good. The source of hydrogen can be obtained from the sun, wind energy, or from nonrenewable sources f energy. The sources obtained from nonrenewable sources are quite disturbing and cause effect on the environment. Hybrid vehicles need different driving than other normal vehicles.

The battery used in Hybrid vehicles-

Many batteries can be used in hybrid vehicles. Batteries help hybrid vehicles in the field of providing electrical power. Following are batteries that can provide electrical power-

  1. Lithium- Ion batteries - They are the most suitable batteries with excellent performance. In our day-to-day life gadgets like cell phones and our laptops contain lithium-ion batteries. They have high energy efficiency and good temperature control which makes them suitable for people. It has a low self-discharge. The best thing about this battery is that most parts in lithium-ion batteries can be recycled which is again very environment for making our environment eco-friendly. The only thing which is not good about these batteries is that they are a little bit costlier. Many ongoing types of research are there for making lithium-ion batteries of low cost.
  2. Nickel- Metal hybrid vehicles- These batteries are also used in our useful electronic gadgets like our computers. The most important use of these batteries is that they are used in medical equipment. These batteries have a very long life and can retain their charges for a very long time. These batteries are very safe for humans to use. The main cons of these batteries are their higher costs, these batteries heat up very quickly.
  3. Lead Acid batteries- These batteries have a very powerful performance. These batteries are inexpensive and very useful for people to use. Advanced lead acid batteries are being developed by scientists for people. These batteries are also used in cars and bikes.
  4. Ultracapacitor- Ultracapacitor store energy in a polarized liquid between an electrode and an electrolyte. Energy storage capacity increases as the liquid's surface area increases. Ultracapacitors can provide vehicles additional power during acceleration and hill climbing and help recover braking energy. They may also be useful as secondary energy-storage devices in electric-drive vehicles because they help electrochemical batteries level load power.

Many batteries can be recycled which is an important thing for hybrid vehicles. As it is not possible for people to buy batteries each time so recharging and long-lasting batteries are the two most important characteristics to play.

Performance of the hybrid vehicle

There has been an enormous increase in the number of vehicles over the last decade. Most people of the world want their cars or vehicles. Most people prefer to choose their means of transportation. So these things have made a hazardous effect on the environment. People aren't taking care of their environment, they just want their betterment and nothing else. People have been taking nature things for granted, they don’t care about natural things because overall these things belong to nature and are not bought by them.

These small things put a lot of pressure on the big companies which are manufacturers of cars, buses, or trucks. Most companies are thinking to develop such things which will mot make much impact on the surrounding. Hybrid vehicles emerged as one such thing. A hybrid vehicle is comprised of two engines one is an electrical engineer and the other is a petrol or diesel engine. They both work in a coordinated manner. Hybrid vehicles are performing wonderfully in the market.

The government is providing funds for the companies and keeping the high resale value of the vehicle. Hybrid vehicles have very good efficiency, as well as hybrid vehicles, exhibit less emission than other vehicles. The important thing about hybrid vehicles is that they don’t produce many emissions as harmful gases in the surrounding. They provide an average speed that may be less than other normal vehicles. In most European countries many hybrid cars are being used up by people and many hybrid trains and buses can be seen around those countries.

In our country also we can see many big industries like Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra making hybrid cars and providing less maintenance cost. Hybrid vehicles are a unique innovation for saving the environment and lowering the emission of harmful gases in the surrounding. Hybrid vehicles have been performing very well over time but many disadvantages like charging are risky all the time. The performance of charging and discharging get affected by changes in temperature. The use of hybrid vehicles has reduced the demand for petroleum in the global market which indeed is something that every country wanted. The changes in the power train components result in changes in vehicle mass and mass distribution that affects the location of the vehicle’s center of gravity amongst other things.

An approach has been proposed to obtain comparable cornering characteristics in the hybrid vehicle as compared to the engine-driven vehicle. Human life needs control over everything. Most people aren't giving care to the environment so these small things can make great changes in the minds of the people as well as in many big industries making raw materials manufacturing and figuring out things.


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