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Hydrogen and Recycled Materials

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The use of recycled materials and hydrogens engines can help the environment and the economy at the same time. Hydrogen engines produce less dangerous emissions than other engine technologies that are currently available to the public. Industrial processes use hydrogen for processing metal, ceramics, electronics, edible oils and other various applications. Once it is used it is then released into the atmosphere. The use of recycled materials could free up other materials to be used in building roads and other public transportation projects. If new materials do not need to be used to create transportation they could be used in other projects that the government wants to focus on instead of finding new sources of iron or coal. New technologies are becoming a reality everyday through the need for more efficient processes to better protect the environment. The recycled materials are as valuable as the jobs they will create through the amounts of new technology that will be needed to produce hydrogen powered cars. The material technology that will come out of this field of science will fuel the next generation of transportation for the future of humanity. Hydrogen powered vehicles allow for transportation that is less toxic and produce a waste product that is helpful to the environment. When cars are recyclable and able to be used in further production might allow for other industries to benefit from these advancements and let them become more efficient.

Hydrogen engines are a viable alternative for gas and diesel engines as they produce less toxic waste for the amount of energy they produce. The main byproduct of hydrogen engine or hydrogen fuel cell engine is water. The hydrogen fuel is produced by burning off oxygen gas to get the hydrogen and then storing it in storage tanks that are under immense pressure or are cryogenically stored by colder elements. Hydrogen can also be stored as a liquid and it can also be stored in a variety of solid material in which it is absorbed by the material around it. The storage of hydrogen in the solid state is the least efficient method as each material can only hold so much hydrogen before it cannot hold any more. Better technologies for the storage of hydrogen fuel are being researched and if they are achieved they will jumpstart the next generation of hydrogen powered vehicles. Scientists are testing new material storage methods already and they have made significant progress on material front. A test made material was tested to see the viability of using immense pressure to turn liquid hydrogen into a solid metal that can then be used as a fuel for hydrogen cars. There are other types of hydrogen that can be used as fuel to power vehicles such as jet cars and rockets. Scientists have been coming up with many ideas on how to produce more hydrogen more for production of hydrogen peroxide. One group from Liverpool had the idea to use fuel cells to produce hydrogen peroxide in a one-stage process

Recycled materials can replace many other materials because it has been proven that when recycled properly they are as strong as new materials. If recycled materials could be used in constructing new items then more waste will not be produced and the material that is left over can be used to produce more cars and other items. Iron and other ferrous materials are very recyclable and when recycled they are as strong as new iron or steel products. Some companies have said that products made out of recycled metal are as strong as new products.

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The use of hydrogen engines and other technologies to produce more efficient cars and public transportation systems could create more jobs and help the environment at the same time. They can produce more cars without having to find more natural resources to mine and refine to create parts for production and they could also create jobs in finding and recycling the parts that are still usable to better not produce waste. Fuel cells make power by using fuel from a tank that is pressurized hydrogen gas. A fuel cell doesn’t burn the hydrogen, instead, it’s fused chemically with oxygen from the air to make water. During this process electricity is released and this is used to power a motor that can drive a vehicle. Hydrogen fuel cells can be refuelled through hydrogen that is introduced into them and the byproducts of using them is water. This water can then be turned into more hydrogen gas by putting an electric current through it. The other by product of this process is another essential part of life and it is oxygen. Hydrogen is one of the main elements and is easily manufactured through processes that use chemical reactions or electricity to separate it out of water. This process requires energy to run and each time a car powered by hydrogen is ran the main by-product is water meaning that it always has more available water to separate into hydrogen and oxygen for fuel. The fuel cells can be used to power anything that humanity can imagine alongside other power sources like being a backup generator used when a storm hits and takes out the power to a city. Fuel cells produce power by combining hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.Liquid Hydrogen is used as a fuel in rockets alongside Liquid oxygen which when burnt produce enormous amounts of thrust to be able to life the rockets into the sky.

Less waste produced from the production of cars could lead to more area that is used for landfills not having to hold the waste products of broken vehicles that could instead be used to make newer cars out of the metal recycled from the bodies of older cars. If cars are to be produced through recycled materials they would need to be inspected for defects in the materials used to produce them. Inspectors would need to be hired to inspect the cars that are produced from recycled for defects in the new metal. Scrap Yards could be hired to transport scrapped cars to recycling plants for recycling for parts that do not need resource intensive processes to make instead they are made by finding materials that are readily melted down and remade into the appropriate parts. Scrap metal is valuable in large quantities and if someone does get the ability to sell to it they might find some valuable materials to sell.

Hydrogen recycling compressors are used in refinery processes. This includes catalytic reforming, hydrocracking, and hydro treating. These processes each have different operating pressures, temperatures, and catalysts but their basic elements are common. Each final step involves the separation of hydrogen from other materials.

The factor of hydrogen storage can be solved by many technologies that are being researched that would allow for greater amounts of hydrogen to be stored in the same area that current technologies don’t let them use yet. There is a new technology attempt to allow for the storage of hydrogen as solid metal by putting it through immense pressure. At its current state the hydrogen metal achieved is in a semisolid state and not what the material scientists want to achieve. Another scientist is testing the testbed for storage of liquid hydrogen without having to use other cold technology but instead use zero degree metals instead.

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